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I'm not sure if you're finished with the prompts, but if not: TenRose (or TentooRose) “Oh fuck, oh FUCK.”

I decided to do TenTooRose

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…”

Rose laughed weakly, trying to find humor in this situation. Not easy. “Why Doctor, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you swear. Another thing you got from Donna?”

The Doctor tried to smile back, but it was too preoccupied with bandaging up the giant, bleeding gash in Rose’s arm. Back up was on the way and the alien had been tranquilized, but that didn’t do much for the fact that Rose was bleeding quite profusely now.

“S’just a cut, love,” Rose tried to assure him. Never mind that she had already lost quite a bit of blood and she was starting to look a bit pale. “I’m fine, honestly.”

“Well I’m not so let me panic, alright?” He cleaned her up the best he could and checked the wound. The alien had nicked a vein when it had swiped at Rose, but as long as they got back to Torchwood soon it probably wouldn’t be life threatening.


“Did it hit you anywhere else?”

Rose shook her head, closing her eyes and leaning back against the tree they settled under. She was tired – it had been a long three days of chasing this alien all over the bloody woods and blood loss probably wasn’t helping her exhaustion.

“Rose? Stay with me, love.”

“M’with you,” she muttered. “Not goin’ anywhere. Forever, remember? I promised.”

“That’s right, you did. So I’m gonna be pretty upset you break that promise.”

A small smile pulled at her lips. “Noted.”

My Big Ass TenToo/Rose Fic-Rec List. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while so here it is!

I’m also gonna make a Nine/Rose Fic-Rec AND a Ten/Rose Fic-Rec list soon, so yay. I’ll probably also make another one for these two adorable assholes cause I love them so much <3</p>

Stories marked (M) are adult, I repeat ADULT ;)

The rest are probably T.

One Shots don’t have summaries cause I’m lazy BUT they’re all mostly fluff and Rose does NOT call him John in any of them - YEY.

I’m also too lazy to link all the Authors (wow, I’m lazy) to their Tumblr accounts so if you see your story here just know that I love it and I love you for writing it! :) xx


**means its a favorite of mine :)

One Shots:

Woodpeckers and Cream Tea

Would You Go With Me?

Almost A Prayer 

Taxi, Two A.M.

**Metabolic Efficiency

Can We?

**Not Again

**If Pastries Be The Food Of Love

A Different Sort of Shag or Die (VERY Light M?)

**Finally Yielding (M)

**Eighty-Three Miles to Aberdeen (M)

In All the Ways that Matter Most (M)

**The First Time They… Made Love" (M)

Multi Chaptered fics:

**An Unexpected Victorian Holiday: (T) - As TenII, Rose and Jackie leave the beach at Bad Wolf Bay, they realize that they are not when they should be. With no Tardis and little technology at their disposal, how will they find their way back to the correct time, to Pete, Tony and Torchwood.

**Part Human: (T) - “Well, I guess this is our Aberdeen,” she said. The part human Doctor struggles to make Rose see him how he sees himself, all while coming to terms with a new body, a new universe, no Tardis, and, oh yes, having to save the planet.

**Echoes: (M) - It’s been eight months since the accident Rose Tyler can’t remember and the blank space where her memories should be invite questions she’s not sure she wants answered.

**Public Relations: (T) - Logically, Greg knows that he has no claim to Rose Tyler’s affections, and no reason to want to wring her boyfriend’s scrawny neck every time he sees them together. Unfortunately, logic seems to have very little to do with it

**Only Human: Rose and the Doctor (T) - A series of flash fictions portraying the life that Rose and the Doctor lived in Pete’s World.

I’m With The New: (T) - Immediately post-Journey’s End. The Doctor and Rose pick up where they left off. Angst-free, in-character fluff ensues.

A Whole New Life: (M) - A misunderstanding leads Rose to believe that there is no future for her and the Metacrisis Doctor. Will he be able to convince her otherwise?

But The Story Never Ends: (T) - In the final moments of the Tenth Doctor’s life, he is given a second chance and an opportunity for the one adventure he thought he could never have.

New Years Eve: (T) (Two Shot) - It’s New Year’s Eve on Pete’s World, and the Doctor and Rose have to attend Jackie’s party. Some honest discussions and a nice dose of dancing later, and a few misunderstandings between them are cured once and for all.

So I always thought that while Tentoo and Rose were waiting for their TARDIS coral to grow, they would take up random hobbies like painting or cricket, as well as working with Torchwood. (On most occasions they would end up really messy or get distracted snogging each other or something…)

And here they are, painting New Earth!

The Hidden Tunnels of London - Chapter 3/6 (Tentoo/Rose)

Genre: Drama/Action/Angst/Romance

Rating: NC-17 - No warnings, no character death, happy ending included

Summary: As the Metacrisis Doctor and Rose deal with the events that happened on Bad Wolf Bay, the human Doctor finds distraction from his troubles by investigating a series of missing persons in the Soho area. 

Beta: Thepuddinhead 

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6

This Chapter is NSFW.

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Okay, so maybe that’s a little pompous. I just meant I included Nine, Ten, TenToo and Eleven. All in the same fic. The same, 10,000+ word fic. So please, please, please read and review. Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! <3



I was just hit by it. The Doctor was shot as he was running to Rose and then he was regenerating and he focused all his energy on his hand and then nothing. Just blackness until he suddenly wakes up naked as the TARDIS is almost melting. He’s now in a human body and Rose is no where around…just think about how confused and panicked he must have felt at first. Of course he figured it out pretty fast cos’ he is the Doctor. (I wonder if the “Oh, yes!“ comment to his nakedness was because his last thought before nothing then waking was of Rose…"Rose returned!” “Oh, yes!“ “It’s you!” “Oh, yes!“ “You’re Naked.” “Oh, yes!“)

Man, poor Tentoo. He wakes to chaos, trying to save the day, and doesn’t even get the chance to really reunite with Rose until the chaos is over and he lost the TARDIS but gained the ability to live with Rose, but she doesn’t believe he’s himself at first. The poor dude went through hell after he woke. And then Donna and Rose had voiced doubts about him being the Doctor. Just really, I feel for him and what he had to go through. But after all that, he got a happy ending.

Tentoo feelings! I want to hug him.

Headcanon that when Rose has to save the Metacrisis or the Metacrisis has to save Rose and they’re separated for a longer period of time the rescuer is like “how long did you wait” and the one being saved is like “five and a half hours” and if that was true I WOULD AWWWW FOREVER