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New Doctor Who ‘Pete’s World’ photoshopped comic cover. Happy Valentine’s Day from ♡♡ Tentoo x Rose ♡♡

I’ve given you 4 freebie ideas now @titancomics trust me this has a market as long as you find someone to write it that will do it justice and won’t ‘Moffat’ Tentoo and Rose’s storyline.


Journey’s End Episode Kiss(left) vs Doctor Who Confidential Kiss(right):

I remember reading somewhere that Russell T. Davies didn’t want the kiss in Journey’s End to be too overly passionate because of the situation they were in. Which makes sense because Rose is definitely still confused about everything that’s happened and she’s still unsure about the New, New, New Doctor and it’s almost like she’s taken right back to that moment the first time she saw him regenerate, when she had to get to know him all over again, so she’s still quite skeptical in that aspect.

I do however think that by using the bit in the third gif down on the right, it would have allowed the Part Human Doctor’s emotions show just a little bit more. I mean you cut to the full Time Lord and you see how emotionally gutted he’s feeling at that moment. I mean, yes he’s comforted in knowing part of him will always be with her but he also knows that he’s never going to see her again and that pain is so unbearable all he can do is turn away.

Cut back to that third gif down on the right and you can see that there’s a bit of desperation in the way The Part Human Doctor is kissing Rose. At one point she even starts to pull back, but he tightens his hold and she melts back into the kiss as he dips her backwards. To me that just says a lot about his character’s evolvement because he’s finally allowing himself to have what he’s always so desperately wanted but never thought he could have and you can just see based on his body language that he’s finally letting some of those barriers down and giving in to his desires.

“Sunset Kiss” - Digital Oil Painting

I enjoy painting these ‘domestic’ moments between Rose and Tentoo. Here, she said something brilliant with that beautiful smile, so he just had to give her a kiss, murmuring against her hair how much he loves her.

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Rose Tyler was the first, she was dazzling but I failed at keeping her safe, lost her,“ his voice broke and he stared at his feet. ”I gave her a second chance, though, a life with a… double of me. We had everything in common, except our sensations… so I never felt the kiss she gave him after he pronounced the syllables I had imagined before he was even born of my flesh and mind.

I know what’s really preying on my mind, though, and stopping me moving onto the Christmas Special. Julie said, ‘That scene on Bad Wolf Bay isn’t working, is it?‘ And she’s absolutely right. I love a good note, because it’s like someone has articulated the voice at the back of your head. That scene doesn’t work. I have always known that, from the moment I typed it out, but I don’t know how to fix it. Rose has to be stupid to fall in love with Doctor #2. No matter what I do, that’s not her Doctor.  I can Elastoplast over it by saying that Doctor #2 needs Rose, but that’s slight. You don’t feel that. Why doesn't Rose hop into the TARDIS and go with the real Doctor?

The walls of the universe are open enough for her to pop to and fro. She’s always wanted to get him back, so why does she stay on Bad Wolf Bay? The hardest thing of all in that scene - and Billie might yet have problems with it — is getting Rose to walk away from the TARDIS in the first place, disguised by that funny Jackie dialogue. That, indeed, is the problem with the whole scene, that Rose has to act out of character to stay on Bad Wolf Bay. She’s utterly, marvellously selfish, and would push past anyone to get to her Doctor.

I have to work out whose scene it is, too. In many ways, it’s the Doctor’s, the real Doctor’s. David thinks it's a tragic scene, because it’s all about the original, but that's exactly what has reduced Rose’s intelligence; she’s doing what the plot demands, not what she’d demand. That's always wrong. But follow Rose’s impulse and we’re off
into… well, plots that we can’t shoot, pages of arguing, the Doctor denying her a life with him for no good reason other than my need to tie up the loose ends.

Oh, it’s driving me mad.

In Doomsday, Bad Wolf Bay was the best scene ever, and now I’ve made it the location of the most unconvincing scene ever — and I don’t know how to fix it. All sorts of false notes are chiming. I think I hate the kiss. That’s when Rose’s intelligence is zero. It makes me feel nothing, when I should be feeling everything.

When I get this stuck, I start lying to myself. I tell myself that the Bad Wolf Bay scene mustn’t be that sad, because the really sad scene is Donna’s departure. You can't have tragedy after tragedy. Well, there’s a certain amount of sense in that, but it’s still a lie. I’m telling myself that to soothe myself for not getting the scene right in the first place. I’m supposed to be thinking about 4.14, but this Bad Wolf Bay scene has become a logjam in my head. It’s all I can think about. Julie first made her comment about five days ago, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

One thing I do know: this isn’t a couple-of-lines rewrite. It’s more fundamental. Julie keeps e-mailing with suggestions, like Rose saying to the original, ‘But he’s not you’, which only makes me say, ‘So why stay with him?!' This isn’t a dialogue problem. There’s no sentence that will
paper over the cracks. It’s a plot rewrite. I’ve got the story wrong.


Russell T Davies - The Writer’s Tale

“Mornings With You” - Digital Oil Painting

Tentoo has other ideas about how to spend their morning.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

He gave a rumbly little growl as he came up behind her, hands finding her waist, he dipped his head to nuzzle her neck and shoulder. “Come back to bed,” he all but purred.

Rose grinned, carefully adjusting her hold on the mug she was holding so he wouldn’t make her drop it. “Doctor, I’m trying to look at the weather report,” she said, her eyes on the tablet in front of her. “And I made coffee.”

He growled again, this one more aggressive, as he fitted himself more firmly against her, trapping her between him and the counter. Her breath caught as he rutted his morning erection along the cleft of her arse. His hands slid down, his fingers finding the hem of the long t-shirt she’d worn to bed last night, beginning to pull it upward, inch by inch.

“Sod the coffee,” he said, his voice low and raspy from sleep. “You want to know the weather? We’ll do it facing the window.”

This little kiss is dedicated to lixabiz, who was so patient with me during the paintchat session it was created and encouraged me to keep trying when I was about to give up and erase the whole thing :P

And because she wrote this lovely ficlet while I was working on this ❤