tentoo x rose tyler

"Oh, so I’m still the Doctor, then?”

My absolute favourite thing about Rose Tyler is the way she accepted the Doctor’s regeneration. She struggled for a bit, but in less than 24 hours, she knew he was still the same man. 

If you question my counting, remember that this exchange:

ROSE: Doctor!
(Rose throws him another sword.)
DOCTOR: Oh, so I’m still the Doctor, then?
ROSE: No arguments from me! 

Happened immediately after the Doctor stated he was in the first 15 hours of his regeneration cycle. And really, taking 12-15 hours to wrap your mind around the fact that your best mate/the man you’re head-over-heels for can completely change his appearance isn’t much at all. 

But what I love the most about this is that once she accepts it, she never waffles, never struggles, never goes back. It wasn’t, “Okay, you’re Doctor-esque at least… I can see that you have Doctor traits in you. I’ll accept you on a trial basis, but if you don’t act the way I expect you to, I’ll stop believing you’re the same man.” 

Frankly, Rose does a better job accepting regeneration than Doctor Who fans do, and we have the benefit of knowing that it’s a narrative construct. (Or maybe that makes it harder to accept? I’m not sure, but it’s an interesting contrast to note.)

And years later, when she’s standing on Bad Wolf Bay for the second time, it takes her even less time to understand and accept that Tentoo is another regeneration of the Doctor. He’s still the same man. That’s what regeneration means–he’s the same man, with a new case. 

I can’t think of a non-Time Lord who understands that *better than Rose Tyler. Her only concern, once she accepted he was still the Doctor, was if his changes were deep enough that he wouldn’t want to travel with her anymore. Once he assured her that he’d love for her to come, her last qualm was washed away. 

On New Earth, when the Doctor references back to their very first trip together, she immediately jumps in with the reminiscing and says, “That was our first date.” (emphasis mine) I don’t think it was accidental on the Doctor’s part that he mentioned something from his previous regeneration, and I love that Rose does an unspoken, “Yes, I see your reminder that you’re still the same man, and I’ll raise it with a reminder of how close we were and still are.”

I love Rose Tyler because she has such an innate understanding and acceptance of who the Doctor is that despite how bizarre the concept of regeneration is, she knew he was the same man. Not a different version of the same man, or a different man who kept his name and memories but was a completely different person. The Doctor is the same man, always. 

Rose’s understanding of that is one of the reasons I ship every Doctor x Rose Tyler. It’s not about her being more important than other companions. It’s about her knowing the Doctor, no matter his face, and loving him because she loves the deepest part of who he is. It’s canon that Rose loved three regenerations of the Doctor. Why wouldn’t she love any others she met?

And–flip side here–this is the same reason I love stories where Rose has been altered enough by Bad Wolf to regenerate. I love seeing him show the same completely non-superficial love for her. I know that it’s easier for him to accept because this is natural to him, but still. So often in media we see men who are fixated on the appearance of the women they’re dating. I want to see a man who can watch his beloved change her entire appearance and still love her just as much as he did before.

There are lots of other reasons to love Rose Tyler. Her courage, her determination to stand for what she believes in… But this is one of my favourites.

*There are a few who understand it as well as she does, or at least close to it. Sarah Jane and the Brig come to mind. But better? I’m hard-pressed to think of any.


Journey’s End Episode Kiss(left) vs Doctor Who Confidential Kiss(right):

I remember reading somewhere that Russell T. Davies didn’t want the kiss in Journey’s End to be too overly passionate because of the situation they were in. Which makes sense because Rose is definitely still confused about everything that’s happened and she’s still unsure about the New, New, New Doctor and it’s almost like she’s taken right back to that moment the first time she saw him regenerate, when she had to get to know him all over again, so she’s still quite skeptical in that aspect.

I do however think that by using the bit in the third gif down on the right, it would have allowed the Part Human Doctor’s emotions show just a little bit more. I mean you cut to the full Time Lord and you see how emotionally gutted he’s feeling at that moment. I mean, yes he’s comforted in knowing part of him will always be with her but he also knows that he’s never going to see her again and that pain is so unbearable all he can do is turn away.

Cut back to that third gif down on the right and you can see that there’s a bit of desperation in the way The Part Human Doctor is kissing Rose. At one point she even starts to pull back, but he tightens his hold and she melts back into the kiss as he dips her backwards. To me that just says a lot about his character’s evolvement because he’s finally allowing himself to have what he’s always so desperately wanted but never thought he could have and you can just see based on his body language that he’s finally letting some of those barriers down and giving in to his desires.


Doctor, wherever, whenever you are — pay close attention now, ‘cause this is a postcard from the past. Do not ask how on Earth did the Tylers manage to breach the void and end up here without causing the end of the world (we don’t know that either, and the more questions we ask, the clearer it becomes they’re not so sure themselves) or why is a fairly startled Jackie staring somewhere awfully far from where she’s supposed to (this was the only photo Jack accepted, he apparently looked hot enough so yeah, there’s that) or what’s the meaning behind our little festive decorations (we think you have a pretty good idea, actually) or are the ball bearings edible (yes, says Rose, she has checked) or how do we know when is your birthday (you told us. The single-hearted you. He’s really quite obsessed with the abundant amounts of candles). Because the point is, it is your birthday and even though we have no idea which one exactly and no idea where you are or what you’re currently feeling like (we hope you’re not sad), we still want you to know there’s still a bunch of fairly crazy and potentially jeopardy-friendly humans somewhere, somewhen in the Universe who love you a lot. Happy Birthday, Doctor! 

Signed, respectively: Sarah Jane Smith (the last remnant of sanity), The King and Queen of Pete’s World and the Rest of Everything (why, not pretentious at all), the Intergalactic Princess (don’t even ask), Martha Star Jones-Smith, Mickey Mouse, Everyone’s Favourite Reindeer and, obviously, Jackie.

I finally finished. It’s not even half as good as I would like it to be, but oh well. I hope you enjoy it. And also, I’m still upset I couldn’t include Donna properly.

Doctor Who: Titanic

AU where they never left Jack behind on Satellite 5 and go on the Titanic.

While the Doctor is busy herding people into lifeboats, Jack and Rose are reenacting the movie because Rose thought it was “meant to be.”

She does rather dramatically let go of Jack’s wrist, and he does drown, but swims up a minute later because he can’t die

gingergallifreyan  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

Squee! I’m so happy to be included! Thank you! :D I want to start this off with two of my most unusual (or ‘biggest departure from usual form’) fics -

Entwined - (NSFW) or the one where Ten and Tentoo are conjoined twins and it’s an OT3 with Rose. This story was fascinating to write and I still enjoy rereading it from time to time. Making them twin brothers with similar personalities but with their own distinct personas as well was a big challenge, as was writing the smut portions!

You Are The Music, You Are The Song - (NSFW) or the one where Ten is a brilliant pianist and Rose is a singer. It’s told entirely in first person from Ten’s POV, which was something I’d never done before, but this story just begged to be told this way. It’s very intimate, getting inside his head. I know 1st person tense turns people off, but give this one a try, it might surprise you.

Next, I want to include two I’m most proud of -

Claimed  - (NSFW) or the one where Ten is a pro-Dominant. Having been in actual BDSM relationships myself, I drew from personal experience for most of what I describe. It’s still a fantasy, but based in reality, because I wanted it to be as close to a real relationship and a real BDSM experience as possible. Rose discovers she is a switch and later it becomes an OT3 with a submissive Eleven.

Heartsmith - (ALL AGES) or the one set in a fantasy Steampunk universe. It’s a really sweet, falling-in-love story, and I love it because of the world built around it. Someday I might expand on it more, if I get the inspiration.

I couldn’t decide for the last one… I wanted to include one of my movie AUs, since I love them so much. In the end, I chose one with smut and one without -

Ship of Dreams - (NSFW) or the gender-swapped Titanic AU WITH A HAPPY ENDING! I was talked into writing it based on the epilogue alone.

The Pumpkin King and The Christmas Elf  - (ALL AGES) or the Nightmare Before Christmas AU, for those of you looking for a humorous, sweeter-than-candy story without any smut to complicate things.

I hope you find something to enjoy! Please leave me a comment if you read them, I’d love to know what you think! (Aside from the fact that it’s pretty obvious who my favorite Doctor is, LOL!)


New Doctor Who ‘Pete’s World’ photoshopped comic cover. Happy Valentine’s Day from ♡♡ Tentoo x Rose ♡♡

I’ve given you 4 freebie ideas now @titancomics trust me this has a market as long as you find someone to write it that will do it justice and won’t ‘Moffat’ Tentoo and Rose’s storyline.

Doctor Who: TARDIS

Humming in the back of your head isn’t the only thing the TARDIS can do. She can move rooms around, move objects, and bring you where you are needed

TenRose is taking it’s time, so the TARDIS puts things into her own hands. She often moves Rose’s room next to the Doctor’s so they bump into each other often, and leave notes around in each other’s handwriting to trick them into thinking it was the other flirting. No matter what she does, the Doctor and Rose always end up together, right where they’re needed

“Sunset Kiss” - Digital Oil Painting

I enjoy painting these ‘domestic’ moments between Rose and Tentoo. Here, she said something brilliant with that beautiful smile, so he just had to give her a kiss, murmuring against her hair how much he loves her.

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