just started watching Doctor Who (watching 2.02 atm) and I’m already completely in love with it… but now I don’t want to go on, I don’t want to lose Rose and Tenth and I sure do not want to watch Doomsday, I mean come on the gif- and photosets nearly made me cry before I even started watching the series ;___;

all this Doctor and Companion changes … all the pain. Is this it? Is this how it feels to be a Whovian? 

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What are you OTP's? =^w^=

UHMMMM you mean in general? well, Destiel, Sabriel (Supernatural) Hannigram is my biggest otp (Hannibal) Billdip, Macifica and Stancest (Gravity Falls) TenthxEleven, NinexRose, TenthxRose and RoryxAmy (Doctor who) Holmecest, Mystrade and Adlock (Sherlock) UsUk, FrUk, HongIce, Itacest and EngIta (Hetalia) Cecilos and KevinxDiego (Welcome to Night Vale) KondriakixClef CoolxClef (Scp Foundation) AziraphalexCrowley (Good Omens) Davekat, Rosemary, DaveJohn, Stridercest, DirkJake, DirkJane, Arasol and Erikat (Homestuck) Wholock, Superstuck, Superlock, Hannibal x Agents of Shield, Miracolous Ladybug x Avengers and Superwholock (also Superwho) (Fandomstuck)

I’m a multishiper, i need to love SO MUCH an otp to have hateships or notps

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