Aella was watching her without meaning to.

From the surface, the science officer seemed normal. In fact, surpassingly normal. She had a great number of crew mates that she talked to aboard the Enterprise. Aella didn’t know her scores or her classes, but the work she did was done efficiently without too much questioning or hastle. She talked to her peers, arrived to duty on time, and checked out on time. She was normal.

But there was something different.

Aella had felt presences before. She had felt people out of place, had felt uncommon emotions, had felt confusion and terror and loss. But with Callie, there was none of that. There was some sort of void, like something was missing from her life, memories or moments or thoughts.

Aella studied Callie as she made her rounds. She, unaware of how deep her Betazoid senses were sinking in, began to approach Callie, only slowing when they were a few feet from each other.


The number came to her so loudly Aella cringed. She hadn’t realized she had spoken aloud, her eyes fixed on Callie. A few of the other officers walking around glared towards her, rolling their eyes at the odd girl. That’s what she had always been dubbed on this planet—the odd one.

But Aella wasn’t focusing on them, however. She was focusing on the number that was repeating itself in her mind. Tenth. Tenth. Tenth. Not just ten, but a specification; tenth. Aella walked closer to Callie, studying her with narrowed eyes.

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Callie happened to be walking around the streets of London when she noticed him. A familiar looking man who she knew to be Khan, although, she couldn't remember much about him. Other than that. she only knew what he had done recently, and it scared her.How he had gotten out of the cryo tube, she had no idea. She hurried up to him, and nearly flinched when he spun around to look at her. "It's me, sir. Callie." she told him, her voice quivering slightly. She was a bit nervous, but didn't show it.

“… Callie?” He stopped, expression having fallen with shock at a mere glance; it had to be her, for there was no other like her. He advanced a step towards her, blinking with a thoughtfulness to his sharp features. “You were awoken. How did you… escape?”

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