Kindred Spirit

Characters: Ten x Rose, Rating: All

Summary: The Doctor shares a landmark from his early traveling days with Rose, and Rose shares a secret she’s been keeping close to her chest.

A/N: For @timepetalsprompts weekly drabble theme prompted by @jeeno2​“A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” Inspired by this. Once again this utterly fails at being a drabble. Ah well. :P

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“Doctor, why’re we stopping? Thought you said we need to get to the village by sundown?”

When she turned around he was feverishly fishing for something inside his jacket and shouted, “Aha!” in triumph when he produced his specs. Shoving up his nose, he bent over and grinned, his brow arching with glee. He couldn’t really be studying a tree on the side of a road. Except this was the Doctor, so he probably was.

“It is! Awww I can’t believe it! It’s you!” He peered back at her to share in the excitement but found only confusion on her face. “Haven’t seen this little guy in hundreds of years! It’s older than I am!”

“You’re talkin’ to a tree?” Not much point in asking but she did anyway. She was exhausted and her feet were threatening to call it quits.

He rolled his eyes in disapproval. “Oh, this is so much more than a tree.”

He knocked on the wood and put his ear to the trunk, pouting his lip in concentration until he found a sweet spot and pulled. The Doctor turned to Rose again and beamed.

“So it’s got a door. That’s brilliant, that is,” she teased but smiled when just a hint of disappointment wrinkled his grin.

He beckoned her over with a quirk of his head and waggled his eyebrows while sitting down leaning up against the tree. Impatience gave way to curiosity. How could she say no when he was adorably keen on showing it to her? She was still getting to know this new face, but it was just as charming as the last.

“This, Rose Tyler, is Kindred Spirit. It’s like a post box.”

“A post box? What for?”

He shrugged. “Dunno.”

“Who collects the letters then?”

“Haven’t got a clue!” his grin grew wider.

“So then who put it here?”

“No idea.”

The more confused she got the bigger his smile grew. “You’re having me on.”

“I’m really not.”

The hollowed out hole in the trunk was full of old books, loose pieces of parchment, quills, and sheets of dust. All of them were messy with earmarks, added pages, and what looked like years of wear. The Doctor picked one up and started thumbing through it. He reminded her of a little boy at Christmas.

“Come here, take a look, Rose.”

She looked over his shoulder, nipping her lip as she breathed in his woody cologne. Just as she was beginning to read he grabbed her hand and dragged her down to the ground by his side. The Doctor began to read aloud. When his gravelly voice gave way to a warm tone Rose became lost in it and thought. He told stories of travelers from all over. She learned of their hopes and dreams; their grief and joy; the homes they left behind and their far off destinations. Some even left wishes and their hearts’ deepest desires hidden between these dusty volumes.

Their stories produced more questions than they answered. Did they know what this hollowed out tree was for? Did they know to look for it? Had the Doctor brought Rose to this planet with the expressed purpose of showing her this mysterious tree? What happened to the books and letters once the box was full? Did any of their wishes come true? Why leave their intimate thoughts here of all places, where everyone could see? Had the Doctor ever left a message in one of these books? It was all a riddle, wrapped in mystery, inside an enigma; not unlike the thoughts left on these pages inside this mysterious tree.

By the time Rose tuned back in she found herself leaning on his shoulder as he read. The sun was descending on the horizon and she knew they had to leave, but she couldn’t bring herself to break the spell of calm that fell over him as he divulged the secrets left in tree. Eventually he reached a blank page and grinned.

“Should we leave one? A message?” he asked.

“Yeah I think we should. We’ll each leave one.” She grabbed another volume from the trunk and opened it. “No Gallifreyan! It doesn’t always translate, and people have got to be able to read it.”

They sat back to back after he agreed to write it in English. Rose spent a whole minute wondering what he’d written so when he chirped, “Done!” he caught her off guard. She rushed to scrawl her own message in the book she’d grabbed.

On a quiet evening aboard the TARDIS months later, they would each confess to having left the same message inside that mysterious old tree.

Top 5 Ships

So I was tagged by @ecrivaisseur :) Thanks T-Dizzle! 

1. Hayley and Elijah-The Originals 

By far, my most favorite ship of all time, is between the werewolf queen turned hybrid, Hayley, and the original vampire, Elijah. I love how someone who grew up so unloved like Hayley, and someone who has had people he loved torn from him time and time again, can come together and learn to love again, together. One of the best examples of their love is when Hayley tells Elijah that she has to marry Jackson to protect Hope. You can see that he is heartbroken, but he says, “Do what you need to bring your daughter home. This is my wish for you.” He wants what is best for her, even if it means that he will have to step away and let someone else be with her. I’m very excited to see more of Hayley and Elijah now that there is the serious possibility of them being together in season 3 :) They sacrifice so much for each other. 

2. The Doctor (Ten mostly) and Rose-Doctor Who

Look at the dorks :’) Ok so this ship will live on forever. What I love so much about them is how they act around each other. Ten sees Rose and his face lights up. Rose sees Ten and she knows that everything will be okay. They saved each other. After the time-war, the Doctor was filled with so much guilt. He refused to let anyone get close to him. Rose was bored. She was an extraordinary girl living an ordinary existence. They found each other and it was the purest form of love. They were best friends who loved each other. 

3. Oliver and Felicity-Arrow

Well I OBVIOUSLY had to include these two.  I remember the first episode with Felicity. I knew that something about her was special. Apparently Oliver did as well! They both see the truth in the other. Felicity sees beyond Oliver and his scars. She sees someone who just wants to help the world. Oliver sees more than an IT girl. He sees someone brave and funny and kind. Felicity is Oliver’s light, and Oliver is Felicity’s adventure. They complete each other in the best way and I love that. 

4. Anne and Gilbert-Anne of Green Gables

Ah yes. My childhood ship. I’m not kidding when I say that, as a 5 five year old, I was in love with their love. Their relationship happened so incredibly normally. I love how they (well, “they” meaning Anne) hated each other as children but then grew to love each other. Through her love for Gilbert, Anne went from being stubborn and resentful to learning how to admit things. Gilbert learned patience with his love for Anne. He was completely aware that she hated him, but he waited for her and supported her for years no matter what. Anne and Gilbert grew with each other. 

5. Lizzie and Mr. Darcy-Pride and Prejudice 

Wow okay so like I love their relationship so much. They win the prize for being adorable and socially-awkward. But beyond that, there are other reasons why I like them so much :P Lizzie and Darcy learned from each other. Lizzie was judgmental. She decided the first time she met Darcy that she hated him because he seemed snobbish. Darcy was prideful. He did not want Mr. Bingly to marry Jane because he thought that SHE seemed snobbish and he felt that his best friends deserved better. Both of these characters make snap judgements about people. Through Lizzie’s feisty spirit and Darcy’s steadfast character, these two somehow realized how alike they were and how much better they are together. Lizzie and Darcy learn from each other. 

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