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Hello! How about Ten/Rose and ”What do you want to do to me?"? :)

Delayed Gratification

AO3 Teaspoon

The last few months since the Doctor’s regeneration had been a pendulum of emotions for Rose. Once she had adjusted to his new form, it only took one trip in the tardis for her feelings to come rushing back. She had long since accepted that she fancied him, but love was a new feeling for her young heart, and as deeply as she tried to keep it buried, it always found a way to claw at her insides. At first it was fun, flirting with him in such a lighthearted way as they aimlessly wandered around the universe. She often reflected on their kiss from that day in New New York, the kiss that didn’t quite belong to her, and fantasized on how it could have gone if she had been bold enough to do it herself.

Rose thought it had all fallen apart after France. She had been split in two from that ordeal; a part of her wanted to comfort her friend from the loss he seemed to be suffering from, while the other half of her wanted to scream and cry at him for being blind to what was right in front of him. Instead, she settled on giving him space and focused her emotional energy on repairing what friendship she had left with Mickey.

When Mickey stayed behind in the alternate universe, Rose could no longer hold back the bitterness and anger that came boiling to the surface. Although she didn’t blame Mickey for his choice, she still felt the loss of him like a betrayal. Paired with the Doctor’s ignorance for her feelings for him, she was ready to swear off men and romance for the rest her days. And she no longer cared to spare the Doctor from the worst of these feelings.

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