David Tennant and Freema Agyeman
Introducing Freema photoshoot

Excerpt from DWM #381 - Freema talking about David:

“Straight away, I was a little bit in awe,” she confesses.  "I’m glad that we did a few scenes without him yesterday, to give me a chance to be calm on set.  Having said that, there was a moment today, when I looked at him and had to do a double-take.  He’s amazing.  He’s so good at what he does: a quality actor.  Being in a scene with him, I find myself watching him like a viewer, then remembering that I actually have to interact with him and say lines!”

Foundations | Part 10/10

Rating: All (this chapter)

Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Alina Tyler (OC), the TARDIS

Summary:  Rose and the Doctor decide to have a baby together. After she becomes pregnant with his first womb born child, the Doctor realizes that he wants to raise a baby with more than just his best friend.

A/N: For allegoricalrose​‘s baby!fic prompt

Thank you all for joining me on this little journey. I hope you’ll join me for more some time. : )

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I’m on a Mission

I am on a mission my fellow followers and whoever else who comes upon this post to seek a certain person who happens to really like my posts enough to share them on the David Tennant Facebook fanpage Hermits United-A Tenth Doctor/David Tennant Shrine. Anyway I have tried reaching out to them on Facebook to thank them because really it just makes my day/night a thousand times better when I see my posts being spread around. And in all honestly I just want to give them TEN GREAT BIG HUGS!  And if you are that person and you happen to come across this, then really from the bottom of both my hearts thank you so much. And lots of love to you!

-tennydr10confidential aka Katie

PS. By the way, I wasn’t kidding about the TEN GREAT BIG HUGS  thing. And even if you aren’t the person who I am seeking, and you just really need a hug from someone then feel free reblog or like this post because everyone deserves ten big hugs from him. 


     You hadn’t been traveling with the Doctor for very long when you ended up back in London, England in your own time.  Most of what he had told you was hard to understand, but apparently an old friend of the Doctor’s had contacted him asking for help.  Now, you were following the Doctor out of the TARDIS and through the streets of London.  He explained things as you both hurried down the street.  “I think you’ll like the man we’re going to see, Antoinette.  He’s a bit odd, but brilliant.  Mentioned that he thought this case he is working on falls under our area of expertise.”

     You arrived at a building with the number 221B on it as the Doctor explained.  He knocked on the door as you stood behind him, waiting.  It took a few moments, but soon a man opened the door to you.  The man was about as tall as the Doctor with messy, curly dark hair.  He barely glanced at you before turning to the Doctor, though with that glance he seemed to know everything about you.  “Doctor, you’re just in time.  This case is right up your alley.”

     Both men hurried up the stairs, leaving you in the doorway.  You heard the Doctor mention the name Sherlock as you walked in to the building. Rolling your eyes, you spoke even though neither one could hear you over their excited chatter when they were already in another room.  “Oh yeah, nice to meet you, Sherlock.  My name is Antoinette.  I’m a friend of the Doctor’s, here to help…”

     You jumped in surprise as you heard a snort of laughter coming from a nearby chair, not realizing that anyone was in the room. Even sitting, you could tell that this man was on the shorter side.  He smiled kindly at you.  “You get used to the two of them after a while.  They’re as thick as thieves and excited as schoolgirls when they’re together. I’m John Watson, by the way.  Nice to meet you, Antoinette.”



Hello David Tennant fans! So I have an idea…

As you know, this Christmas is the tenth anniversary of David Tennant’s Doctor Who debut. And I thought it would be so awesome to make a book of our messages for David, to say thank you to him for bringing us the Tenth Doctor, this amazing magical character whom we all love so much.

It’s a big anniversary for Doctor Who and for David’s Doctor, and the goal is to give back some love to this amazing man who is such an incredible actor and so generous and kind to all his fans.

There are so many people on here who are Tenth Doctor fans and I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get their message to David. So I’m ready to put together a book of our messages and get it printed and sent to him in time for the anniversary. All I need is the messages! So if you love Ten and want to send your message of thanks and congratulations to David, just head to the submit page! (Make sure to read the guidelines first).

Submissions will be open for at least a month, but the earlier you send your message, the easier it will be for me to assemble the book.

Please reblog and spread the word so as many people as possible have a chance to send David a message!

I’m intending to fund the project at least partly by myself, but depending on how big the book gets I may set up a indiegogo account or similar for anyone who wants to contribute. If you have experience in art or graphic design and are keen to help with the book design, message me here

Follow this blog and/or track the tag #tens10thanniversary to get updates.

Much love, Amy aka amyjeane