Dear Doctor Who fandom,

Can we come up with some actual ship names?

Because like every other fandom has actual ship names and we just have Nine/Rose, Ten/Rose, Eleven/River, Doctor/Master etc.

What about like Fantastic Flower for Nine/Rose or Scottish Murse for Amy/Rory.

I mean, those are pretty lame so it doesn’t have to be exactly those, but anything is better than Character/Character.

boltxnbastard  asked:

"An emotional /vampire/." He repeated the words in a condescending manner before stepping closer, "Sounds pretentious. I don't /care/ for pretentious. Let's talk about something a bit more.. interesting! Tell me, Doctor, how did you and Lady Michelle meet? I'm curious."

The Doctor stared at the other man for several long moments before finally speaking.

“ None of your business. I’m not telling you anything. ”