Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride (Part Fourteen)

Excerpt from the episode commentary by David Tennant and Julie Gardner:

[during the TARDIS motorway car-chase]
Julie: Oh, and this great big juicy close-up, about Rose

David: Rose, of course, is still very much a presence in this episode

Julie: Absolutely 

David: The Doctor and her have parted company seconds before 

Julie: Well, you’re a single man

David: I am a single man, you’re absolutely right, and I think it makes the Doctor a slightly moodier chap than we’ve seen the Tenth Doctor be before.  And of course, as I said earlier, when we filmed this Doomsday had literally just transmitted - in fact, I think Doomsday and Army of Ghosts transmitted while we were filming this

Julie: Yep, yeah.

David: so the whole Rose story was very much in all of our minds as we were doing this - certainly in my mind through the acting of it.

[ during the flashback to Rose at the wedding party - Julie said that there was much debate as to whether or not to include the flashback ] 
David: I think it’s true and correct and proper that the Doctor, who was literally picked up seconds after we left him saying goodbye to the love of his life - it would be rather callous if that wasn’t recognized

Julie: Well it’s got to be dramatically truthful, even if you are a 900 year old Time Lord, it’s truthful.

David: Oh yeah.  Nine-hundred years gives you a lot longer to get lonely

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