Yep, you read that right, I’ve reached 10,000 followers - haven’t stopped smiling all day long. I have the best bunch of lovely followers, and I wanted to do something for you all, so hey ho - here we go, have some blog rates! 

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Doctor Who Gifset The Doctor Trying to Offer Help (read gifs left to right)- Also on a side note if anyone of my followers or whoever sees this is having a hard time, or if they need a place to vent, or someplace where they won’t be judged, or anything like that my blog is always open.  Because I want to help out as much as possible, and just like the Doctor I will do my best to make sure that is the case, that everyone feels loved and cared for, and that all of you are safe and secure no matter what. So please feel free to message me or send me an ask  anytime day or night, and I promise I will do whatever I can to make it better even if it means just talking or something like that. Okay, I love you all with both my hearts very much, and I know that isn’t much coming from one person, but if this shows one person that they have at least one person out there who cares about them…then that is all that really matters in the end.

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Requested anoynmously :) xxx

Gif Credit: Ten.

You couldn’t help your flushed cheeks as he turned another page. He looked so concentrated annd serious, and the words he’d already said had your heart beating faster.

“Alright, next page! I love the way you giggle when I put on my glasses - you know what I am talking about, you did it just now, my dear! I love the how you’re always quick to remember something I said, and the way your eyes light up when I say something clever. Now, that one makes me really happy, too, you know? And I love your hair when it’s air-dried and all-”

“Doctor?” you interrupted him quietly, a shy smile on your lips as you watched him give you a kind but still serious look. As if he checked how you reacted to him, if you liked what he had said.

“Thank you”, you breathed out and kissed his cheek, and when you stepped back you were both slightly flushed, but with big smiles on your faces.

How you’d take care of them when they got sick

Nine: You know he’d want space so besides listening to his complaints about your ‘petty human illnesses’ you’d make him food and try to persuade him not to do anything extremely dangerous.

Ten: He’d whine the whole time about how horrible he feels and beg for your attention. You’d watch movies together in bed, even though he’s worried about you catching whatever it is he has.

Eleven: He’d drive you crazy with his constant need to be up and doing something, usually resulting in him passing out somewhere. He’d pester you until you brought him a load of candy and sat with him, reading.

Twelve: For someone who hates hugging, he’d beg for you to stay with him and cuddle. He’d curl up next to you for body heat, and nuzzle you in his sleep, not really caring if he was contagious or not. The next day he’d put it all down to the fact he was most likely delirious from the fever.

Malcolm: It would take all the strength you had to keep him in bed and to get him to actually rest. Once you got him to agree to stay home, he’d want for you to basically cater to his every will. You didn’t really mind though, as you enjoyed spending time with him and seeing him not completely grumpy for once.

Jamie: He’d ask you to bring him whiskey. Lots of whiskey. And blankets. But mostly whiskey.

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