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doctor who zodiac (based on personality)

9th doctor: aries
10th doctor: libra
11th doctor: gemini
rose: pisces
mickey: scorpio
jack harkness: sagittarius
martha: aquarius
donna: leo
harold saxon (brunette): virgo
harold saxon (blond): aries
amy: cancer
rory: taurus
river song: aries
twelve: cancer
clara: capricorn

Okay so I had a dream last night and I swear it was the best ever. I was in hospital for some reason, just casually walking around and then suddenly the TENTH DOCTOR shows up and asks for my help and I’m like wtf is happening here, but I know my outer self is screaming and crying in joy because he looked so cute in his blue suit and his hair was on absolute point, kind of like how it was in Planet of the Ood.

Turns out there were two twins on the top ward who were possessed by an evil entity so Ten proceeds to give me his PSYCHIC PAPER AND SONIC BLOODY SCREWDRIVER and says he needs me to investigate and stuff for him, and I nearly faint because I’m so happy. He goes down stairs to check something out and HE GAVE ME A HUG FOR LUCK.

So skip forward after some shit went down, I find a vile of toxins that can help stop the twins, but when I try to find the Doctor, he’s been taken hostage and one of the twins NEARLY KILLS HIM BY STOPPING ONE OF HIS HEARTS AND I FLIPPED SHIT AND SORTED THEM OUT.

I also proceeded to save Ten and everything was okay because he gave me another hug. Dream over.