Doctor Who Gifset The Doctor’s Daughter-There’s so much pain and loss in his eyes when he tries to tell Jenny that there are other options besides just killing. That there’s always a choice. That if he could he would go back and make that make choice to change what had happened.  But he knows he can’t, and he is desperately trying to tell Jenny that killing,all that death, will haunt her and follow her for the rest of her life.

On a side note: I do really miss the writing and the heart that this show used to have. Where the consequences of ones actions whether it was the Doctor’s, a companion’s, or whoever were thought upon with careful judgement and dealt with accordingly in a manner that made you really think and care. Where one could learn a moral lesson with each episode and can still enjoy that wonderful time and space traveling charm we all come to love with Doctor Who. You just don’t see that anymore with the newer series. It’s almost like the show lost one of it’s hearts. 

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