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Here’s a handful of the cover art I’ve done for Titan Comics’ Doctor Who ranges since 2015!

Covers for the 2017 event The Lost Dimension, the 2017 Free Comic Book Day issue, and several individual covers for their Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctor ranges, including a special ‘linking’ set of covers, featuring scenes from some of my favourite episodes!

I love Doctor Who because it’s literally a show about a guy who stole a time machine and has spent billions of years running away from his responsibilities

Lgbt characters in Doctor Who

Doctor who isn´t perfect but it has some representation. What makes this little amount of representation so important  is that it´s a family show. A lots of kids watch doctor who. Although some characters are less explicit than others  at least the show doesn´t pretend the whole universe is heterosexual.

1) Captain Jack Harkness (omnisexual)

 He even kissed THE MAIN CHARACTER wich is a big deal for tv at the time it was aired .

2) Ianto Jones (bisexual) Doctor who/Torchwood
A BISEXUAL CHARACTER people HE WAS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A WOMAN AND AFTER SHE DIED HE FELT IN LOVE WITH JACK. this was in Torchwood series but i think its important. 

Captain Jack and Ianto had an openly relationship

3) May and Alice Cassini ( a married old lesbian couple) 

episode: Gridlock

4) Sky Silvestry (lesbian)
she talks about her wife with the tenth doctor.
episode: Midnight

5) Alonso Frame

The Doctor presented this character to Captain Jack and it´s implicit that he’s gay or bisexual.

6) Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint (lesbian married couple)

this interspecies kiss was between two canon lesbian couple and it wasnt even a real kiss because they did it to survive but people went mad because it is a kid´s show. fuck those people.
7) River Song (omnisexual)

she mentioned she married with women and men.

8) Clara Oswald (bisexual)
we´ve seen her with a boyfriend and her crush with the doctor but she also often made comentaries about she kissing Jane Austen or liking girls. EVEN IF a PERSON NEVER KISSED A SAME SEX PERSON OR LIKES ONLY ONE SAME SEX PERSON THAT MAKES THEM BISEXUAL PEOPLE so yes, she is.

9) The Doctor (omnisexual and none binary)

MAIN CHARACTER, his sexuality was always a mistery but now we know for sure 

and as the next doctor is a women and his whole race is none binary, its confirmed he´s too.

some highlights;

they are inocent kisses but being such an old and important character in british culture its really important. He´s a role model for many little children.

10) The Master/Missy (omnisexual and none binary)

11) some romans in the episode the eaters of light

All of them bisexuals and one was gay

12) Canton

He was in love with a black man and wanted to  marry him but it wasnt legal at the time.

13) The  gay married Anglican marine couple from A man goes to war episode

14) Heather (Lesbian)

Doctor´s companion love interest.
15) Bill Potts (lesbian)

She isnt just an openly lesbian who happens to be a POC companion but also she is so proud and keeps saying she´s gay in every episode. i love her. She´s so real. She´s the represantion we deserve.



After seeing season 10 fiinale with two inmortal girlfriends traveling trought space together i have so many high expectatives for next seasons and lgbt representation.


#This scene brokes my heart every time #Too many people sacrifice themselves for him and he knows every single name #When the hostes killed herself for doctor he realized that he doesn’t know her name and it hurt him #He always cares about peoples losses and he always learns the names #And finally someone asked his loss’ name #Look at him in first gif #He shocked when he heard the question #What was her name? #Finally someone cared about her name #Now look at the last gif #He gave her a smile #A very very little painful smile #And he finally said “Her name was Rose.”

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Television: Premieres on premieres!

Doctor Who’s Where, What, and Why: No. 9, this list, the tenth season premiere.
⬆ After the premiere of its fourth season, Skam is No. 1.

Movies: Trailers on trailers!

Star Wars: Episode VIII — The Last Jedi (@starwars​) released its first trailer and is appropriately No. 1.
Thor: Ragnarok’s teaser trailer brought this strong baby up to No. 2.

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Music: Big leaps and even bigger falls.

DAMN. He’s good. Kendrick Lamar jumps sixteen spots to No. 3.
⬇︎ Will Halsey still be on the list next week? She fell seventeen spots to a barely-there No. 20.

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Celebrities: Hey, this mirrors the section above on movies.

☆ The Star Wars Celebration found some old friends in high places: Carrie Fisher is No. 1 (always, tbh) and Mark Hamill is No. 3.
Tom Hiddleston, Tumblr’s OG boyfriend, jumps seven spots to No. 4.

Games: Fresh meat.

Hiveswap returns at No. 18 in anticipation of it’s eventual release.
☆ Good news: Splatoon (No. 19) is coming to Switch!

Web stuff: Making Mooves.

⬆ In celebration of the anniversary of its first panel, the main character’s birthday, and a new game based on it…Homestuck is No. 1.
☆ A sweet return: Cow Chop (No. 20) comes back for the first time in almost a year.

This episode has not only addressed that time the tenth doctor underplayed historic racism but also kept the exact directions to the tardis’ wardrobe


Doctor Who + Out Of Context DnD Quotes

Bonus Best Enemies:

👏 You 👏 can’t 👏 understand 👏 season 👏 two 👏 without 👏 watching 👏 season 👏 one 👏


Behind the Scenes of The Runaway Bride - Part Nine

Excerpt from Benjamin Cook’s “Along came a Spider” article in DWM 378

Russell is delighted: “It’s marvelous! The Empress of the Racnoss surrounded by fire, and water, and screaming,” enthuses Russell, “and what brilliant casting, and prosthetics, and model work, and digital work, and there - amongst all this destruction - is the Doctor! In that moment, he becomes an ancient Time Lord, full of revenge. Never mind the effects, never mind the water; it’s the interplay between Sarah Parish [Empress of the Racnoss], and David Tennant, and Catherine Tate, that’s what it’s about. Ooh, it’s lovely! I absolutely love it.”

“Don’t you like spiders?” the Empress asks a small boy. Actually, it’s one of Phil Collinson’s nephews. He’s visiting his uncle at work.

“No,” he answers, “cos you’re not hairy. I don’t like hairy.”

“Would you be scared if I were hairy?” she asks him.  “I’m hairy underneath the costume!”

David has starred opposite Sarah before - in the 2004 musical serial Blackpool, and the Tony Marchant drama Recovery. “I’ve known her for so long,” he says, “that it’d be slightly bizarre if I tried to turn some sort of charm offensive on her. I think she’d see through that immediately. You just try to be a nice person. You want to make everyone feel comfortable, but it’d be slightly pompous of me to see it as my job to make sure that everyone is having a good time. Hopefully, the atmosphere on set is such that people feel relaxed and happy, and that’s the best way of working. I’m not very good at working if there’s any kind of tension there.”

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