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Nice and early for the the Big Latch On and then we’ll be moving on to Opal’s first ever Pride Parade!! 🏳️‍🌈 I’m super excited, I think it’s ten years now since my first pride so it’s kinda nice that this is Opal’s first one! Even if it’s still rotten that we don’t have equal marriage here yet, I’ve watched Belfast pride grow for ten years and I honestly believe we’re closer than we ever have been.

I’m so excited for today!! I can’t believe I get to go indulge in two of the things I’m most passionate about in one day!!!

Borrowed Magic Excerpt

“Come along, Bowman,” he called. After a moment, he turned to look at the sprite with a lifted left eyebrow as he walked. “Actually, do you have a last name? Or is it just Bowman the Sprite?”

“My family line is Leafwing,” he replied. He allowed some pride to leak into his tone as he drifted around a low-hanging branch.

Dex realises when they get home that he’d forgotten he was even wearing the badge. He looks down at it in surprise, hardly able to believe he could be comfortable enough to just breathe and let go.

He unpins it and sets it on his desk, thinking he won’t say no if Lardo offers him another one next time.

I recently wrote Dex at his first pride-related event and I’m SUPER EMOTIONAL about it so I had to draw Dex at his idk tenth?? thousandth?? pride event and make it as GAY AS POSSIBLE 

Dex is a gay trans boy you can rip this headcanon from my cold dead hands

i can’t help falling in love with you

So in honor of Valentine’s, the Solangelo blog suggested that Solangelo shippers use prompts from the 30 Day OTP Challenge to write/draw some Solangelo cuteness. Bailci requested that I do #19 (In Formal Wear) and then I wrote this thing. I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with how this turned out (*cough* i pretty much hate this thing), but there’s a certain point where I have to stop picking apart my writing and just post it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, regardless, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Summary: Will and Nico both have a habit of blurting out things they didn’t intend to say, but it’s usually for the best. (Or the one where Nico’s proud of himself for remembering their anniversary but Will’s been acting quiet all day.)

Word Count: 1704

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Generally, Nico was pretty horrible with remembering dates. He had to set multiple alarms and reminders for anything and everything important. So it was a huge stroke of luck for him that his anniversary with Will would fall on the same day as Valentine’s Day.

The story of how they’d finally started dating was one that always made Nico smile no matter how many times he recounted it. They’d been at some Valentine’s party the Aphrodite Cabin was throwing at camp, and when Nico started feeling overwhelmed by the number of people, Will recognized it and quickly pulled him away to a secluded part of the woods. They walked for a while not saying much to each other until they reached the edge of the trees, where they sat looking out at Long Island Sound.

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each Doctor had a personal weakness:

First: A lack of compassion. His companions eventually teach him the power of humanity. 

Second: Ignorance. This is a very young Doctor who’s just stared out and doesn’t really know much about saving the world. He learns as he goes.

Third: Arrogance. Though by the end he’s come so far that he’ll sacrifice himself just admit he’s made a mistake. 

Fourth: That scarf. I mean seriously how dangerous is that thing for someone who gets into as many tough spots as he does. 

Fifth: An allergy to gasses in the ‘Praxis’ range. The celery would warn him if it was present. 

Sixth: Violent tendencies and (arguably) terrible fashion sense. 

Seventh: Was incredibly manipulative. 

Eighth: Amnesia and claustrophobia. 

Ninth: Considered himself an outcast/loner after what he’s done in the Time War. He didn’t want any of that 'domestic’ stuff. Rose cured him of that in the end. 

Tenth: Anger and Pride. Without intervention, he could have fallen a lot farther. 

Eleventh: Grief and self-loathing. After the burden of the Time War is removed he recovers a little, but this is definitely a Doctor who’s beginning to feel his age.