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I don’t believe it’s the kind of show that says there are bitter, twisted and nasty endings because it’s not. It’s not gritty, it’s aspirational. It’s says, ‘it can work. And wisdom and kindness will triumph. And love will always come through in the end’. There aren’t enough people and enough shows saying that and I’m dammed if Doctor Who is going to join in with the general chorus of despair.


Behind the Scenes of Gridlock (Part 4)

Excerpts from DWM 382, as reported by Jason Arnopp:

David Tennant: “I’m very sorry to see the big Face go. He’s done very well for a character who started out by not getting cut during a budget meeting for The End of the World! He’s created his own mythology and there’s something remarkably personable about him. That scene at the end, where he’s dying, made us all quite emotional… about this big rubber head! It’s a big blob of latex, but it’s such a brilliant design.  There’s something about the face - it really does look like it’s got the whole universe behind its eyes. And it’s a very beautifully written scene, of course.”

Russell T. Davies: “On the day of Boe’s death scene, David actually texted me from set, to say how ridiculously sad it was! A great big lump of animatronic latex, and everyone felt sorry for him!”

Freema Agyeman: “Martha doesn’t have any sort of relationship with Boe, so she’s more confused than upset. She finally comes out of this motorway she’s been trapped on and expects to run into the Doctor’s arms, but he’s crying over this big face! But as a viewer, I remember Boe - he’s so animated that he really does touch a chord. It was all very sad!”

David Tennant: “The meaning of Boe’s secret is very clever. You assume it means there’s another Time Lord around. But we’ve already heard the Doctor say there are no more Time Lords. And neither of the statements are actually wrong. It’s a paradox wrapped within an enigma and sprinkled with paradox!”

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war veteran!reader specific. Starts out very serious and ends on a somewhat silly note because we’ve been too angsty here lately. This is a little sloppy because I wrote it in about ten minutes, but I was in the mood for speed-writing so this is what you get.

If the Doctor had ever asked you, you would have proudly told him that, yes, you had served. You were a soldier. You were one of those people who he sneered at because they held guns and took orders. You would have shoved your service record in his smug face when he acted like not using a gun or disliking salutes made him so morally superior. But he didn’t ask, so you didn’t say anything. You just waited for him to notice, and you knew the look on his face when he found out was going to be worth however long your silence lasted.

That said, the fact that the Doctor didn’t know about your military background was the only thing keeping you from slapping him. Both of him.

Well, there were three of him, at the moment. A future him and a past him. The future him, Eleven, was actually being less irksome than the present him, but they were both being rather difficult. And that was all because of the past him.

His past self, the Warrior, was achingly familiar to you. You liked him, too, as much as you liked every other version of him. And, as brusque as he acted, you had caught him shyly staring at you when he seemed to think you weren’t looking. They called him the Warrior, but all you saw was a man who just wanted the fighting to end.

And the Doctors were acting like it was all his fault. Their behavior wasn’t as surprising as it would have been if you didn’t already have the gist of their dynamic as different versions of the same man, but, oh, the anger you felt blindsided you. You hadn’t expected to feel like this, like there was fire in your chest, just because one Doctor sneered so derisively at another. But the anger was there, and you had to focus mainly on breathing evenly and not slapping either of the Doctors.

That got a little more difficult when you were all confined within a small space.

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This episode has not only addressed that time the tenth doctor underplayed historic racism but also kept the exact directions to the tardis’ wardrobe


I just want you to know, there are worlds out there, safe in the sky because of her. That there are people living in the light, and singing songs of Donna Noble. A thousand, million light years away. They will never forget her — while she can never remember. … But for one moment… one shining moment… she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.

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