tenth doctor x simm!master

Stockholm; The Beginning

Hello, so, um, long time no see? *Chuckles nervously* Okay, I’m sorry. But, I’ve got something to make up for my absence. This request, which was for the reader (who the Doctor is in love with) slipped into the storyline with the Master on the Valliant. It’s gonna be a three parter! Ta-daa! (Or four, depends on how it goes) Okay, you asked for angst, you’re gonna get it. Likely not the type you were thinking of, but it’s just what happened, I hope you still like it.

Blimey, this is gonna be baaaadd…

Word count: 2548

Anyway, umm…


(My first fic with the Master)

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You watched in horror as the Master took Earth once and for all. The Toclophane were zooming past the windows of the Valliant and down to the planet below. You looked around helplessly, trying to find any sign that the people you called your heroes could do something now. Jack was beside you, but the two of you were on the ground to the side watching the Earth go to hell. The Doctor was a bit away, looking very much older than he did when you boarded the Valliant. Martha shot a glance at you and you watched as she stood and looked around the room. Her eyes met yours and Jack’s before she looked back at her family. Her sister and her parents. She looked down at the Doctor one last time before she fixed her eyes on the device in her hands, making you see it for the first time. Martha activated the Vortex Manipulator and disappeared. You took a deep shaky breath, knowing if you ever saw Martha Jones again, it’d be a long time away.

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                                                     She was my first friend.
                               Always so brilliant, from the first day at the Academy.
                                                          So fast, so funny.

Don’t imagine simm!master opening up to the tenth doctor about the drums

Or the tenth doctor holding the master at night because all his friend (bf) can hear is the constant drumming and he can’t sleep with it

Definitely don’t imagine the master remembering when he got sedated in eot and his last words being ‘doctor’

The Drums : A Simm!Master Playlist  (Two Masters Playlist Series, 1 / 2)      

“See this face. Take a good, long look at it.  This is the face that didn’t listen to a word you just said.”

“Wonder what I’d be, without you.”; “Yeah.”      

i. I’m Alive – Aaron Tveit (Next to Normal)  | |  ii. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar  | |  iii. Starboy – The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk  | |  iv. Bad Guy – Eminem  | |  v. Reminder – The Weeknd  | |  vi. Power – Kanye West | |  vii. I Can’t Decide – Scissor Sisters  | | viii. The Hills – The Weeknd | |  ix. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga  | |  x. Needed Me –  Rihanna  | |  xi. Drumming Song – Florence + The Machine  | |  xii. Monster – Kanye West   | |  xiii. No Love Allowed – Rihanna | |  xiv. You Should Know Where I’m Coming From – Banks  | |  xv. Runaway – Kanye West


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I was hoping it would be these two I mean whut

  • Who cooks: I wanna say mainly the Doctor.  He is, after all, apparently a very good cook. I bet the Master would be able to whip up something good too, though, if he felt like it.
  • Who does the laundry and other chores: Honestly, between the two of them,  the Master is probably more likely to want the place clean. We all know the Doctor is…less than organized, after all. xD
  • How many children do they have: I could get into this idea I’ve had for a long while now involving them technically having a biological daughter, but I’m sure none of you want to read that whole thing. XD So I suppose none, although if they ever did…acquire a kid, probably only one.
  • Who’s more dominate: The Master likes to pretend he is but really it’s the Doctor.
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: Sitting in the library, quietly reading their own respective books together. And also watching bad telly just for the fun of it.
  • Their favorite place to be together: The library. Or at least, that’s one of them.
  • Any traditions: Sometimes, they both sit at the TARDIS door with their legs dangling off the edge, drinking tea and just looking out at the beauty that is space. They don’t say or do anything, they just sit there quietly with their tea and silently enjoy each other’s company.
  • Their “song”: Oooh, there are a couple I can think of. Kiss With a Fist, Drumming Song, War Drums, The Kill…there are more, but I won’t list all of them. XD
  • What they do for each other on holidays: I can imagine one or both of them picking something up for the other on special/random occasions and leaving it where the other will find it, but never saying it was from them even though it’s obvious. I could also imagine the Doctor taking the TARDIS somewhere nice and peaceful without really explaining why, be it a holiday, special occasion, or maybe if the Master’s been having a rough time.
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: Even if they did ever get married, I’m not sure they could agree on a place to go. XD They’d probably just stay in the TARDIS for a while and…you know.
  • Where did they first meet: On Gallifrey, sometime when they were children. I actually have no idea how/when they met. Hmm.
  • Any pets: Nope. But if they did, I can imagine the Master wanting a cat.
  • What do they fight over: Oh god, everything. xD Although, nowadays, it’s more banter and habitual bickering and the Master’s usual denial than anything serious, it seems.
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: There’s a whole universe out there, they could go anywhere. I imagine the Doctor’s usually the one to pick, seeing as how the TARDIS is probably still angry at the Master for the whole ‘Paradox Machine’ thing, and the Master just kind of goes along with it, albeit not without complaint.

So my calligraphy is hanging up in the school hall now

By the way, my calligraphy was a Gay ship of Master x Doctor ( Thoschei ) from Doctor Who with a Hamilton quote to go with it.

I’m like infinitely proud that I got gay fanart up beside actual art in my school

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