tenten dialogue:

I really wanna make a mini comic on the family dynamics within team Gai during the time skip, because there is so much to explore there. Neji’s identity crisis and battle with his family, Lee’s struggles to overcome his own challenges, but… mostly i want to explore Tenten’s relationship to her siblings and Gai, her frustration and anger and Gai’s reactions to her justified bitter nature and his own inability to handle her attitude.  Neji trying his best to comfort a distancing sister while Lee’s own inner focus causing him to overlook the change in their dynamic??

also, Gai asking Kakashi to help him with Tenten, ending with Kakashi and Tenten training rythmic sports gymnastics and tactical techniques??? hello??

It’s been a long time since last time I drew a fanart about “Naruto”, especially a fanart with Konoha’s girls (and I know that many of you started following me for those fanart). Somehow I miss this serie, althought I’m happy it did end (and in the best possible way, in my opinion)
p.s.: no, I’m not taking “Boruto” in consideration, I’m sorry.