fuck I wish tenten got more screentime in naruto I mean for real she’s one of the few characters with a focus on weapons and her goal is to prove girl ninjas kick as much ass as the boys ninjas and she’s just fucking awesome


Naruto: Chris Evans

Sasuke: Channing Tatum

Sakura: Jennifer Lawrence

Kakashi: Bradley Cooper

Kiba: Liam Hemsworth

Shino: Mark Ruffalo

Hinata: Mila Kunis

Kurenai: Courtney Cox

Rock Lee: Ryan Reynolds

Neji: Ezra Miller

Tenten: Zoe Kravits

Might Guy: Bryan Cranston

Chouji: Jonah Hill

Shikamaru: Shia LaBeouf

Ino: Amanda Seyfried

Asuma: Bruce Willis

Gaara: Macaulay Culkin

Kankuro: Daniel Radcliffe

Temari: Avril Levigne

If Hollywood Gets Naruto.

Naruto = Nate
Sasuke = Scott
Sakura = Sara
Hinata = Heather
Kiba = Kevin
Shino = Shaun
Shikamaru = Steve
Ino = Ashely
Chouji = Michael
Tenten = Terry
Neji = Nick
Lee = Lee (token “Asian” kid)
Karui = Karui (token black girl)


Leeten skype group (re-post): 

So I actually did create the Leeten fan group on skype that I was talking about! So far we’re already having a great time! Here you can share fanfics, fanart, ideas, music videos, anything Leeten or naruto related with eachother. You can also make great friends, if you’re up for that!

Mulitshippers are totally welcome to this group as well!

Hope to see more Leeten fans joining us!

How to join/rules:

  • Add: Mvinylscratch to skype and ask for an invitation to the group.
  • Treat other members with respect, and this is not a hate group against other ships, so we’re not up for that shit.
  • You may link anything Leeten related etc, and other Naruto related things. Please give a warning if you post nsfw before posting it. Just so everyone knows what’s coming.
  • Team Gai is good shit  ✓✓ 👌👀👌👀

   !If you’re already part of it, please do reblog and add your opinion about it!

//If i do not add you right away its because Im out or offline! Please be patient <3

Total members so far: 8

~ MidoriKonoha

anonymous asked:

The thing about Hinata being a "nice girl" while Sakura isn't, bothers me. Just because Sakura has an explosive personality doesn't mean she isn't kind. Sakura expressing herself differently doesn't equal "I don't care". Do you have to be the quiet type to be seen as nice or kind in this fandom? Yes, I know Sakura punches Naruto but that's only when he's acting reckless or being an idiot. She cares about Naruto, that's a fact. I wish people understood and appreciate her character more ...

Neither of them are particularly nice, they’re not nicer than tenten or Ino. Let’s not glorify their kindness. Naruto stans are just angry at Sakura cos Kishimoto let a chick beat up their self insert, wounding their fragile pride, well, Kishi also let Karui beat him too. They don’t care if Sakura cares about Naruto, they simply do not like her anyway. Hinata is not nice, she’s a selfish bitch, but she’s thirsty for Naruto, thinks he’s the centre of the universe, she’s the perfect material to nourish the beta male’s ego.

I love you with all my heart son 😘💖😢🍃🌺


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itskimberlyannc asked:

Could you post all your or most I guess your stories? I can never seem to find them cause they are always so far down

You can find all my stories under my Writing link on the side! Although if you’re on mobile then that would be kind of difficult for you to get to. Otherwise, here you go: 

(NH au) Lost and Found    
(NH, Sunshine Family) The Apple Never Falls Far From the Tree
(Tenten, slight NejiTen) The Gravity of Absence
(Himawari and Boruto) Linked
(Hinata) Needle
(Himawari, mild NaruHina) Coming Home
(Iruka) The Gift that Keeps Giving
(Tenten) In the Stars

Thanks so much for your interest! Hope you enjoy!