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I think kekashi is one of the worst teachers.he favored sasuke because they were 'alike' and then when he was gone he went on to naruto.And sakura got completely ignored,kekashi never taught her a jutsu.And don't say she already had tsunade,cus naruto had the pervert teacher and Sasuke had orochimoru.Yet he helped both of them.Plus he coddled her by telling her lies about how sasuke was fine when he knew Damn well something was up.He saw her as a baby to be coddled and protected,what faith.

*Sigh*, not this again…

Yes, he trained Sasuke because they were alike, but remember that Sasuke was still part of the Chuunin exams, he was training him for his upcoming battle against Gaara. Sakura was no longer part of the exams by that point.

I also really don’t get why this is so unforgivable. Gai almost exclusively trains Lee for that very same reason; because they’re alike. Yet I don’t hear anybody hating on Gai, saying how he ignored Neji and Tenten. Neji often trained with Hinata and Hiashi because they were alike; they were family, they knew their fighting style, and so would yield better results.

Now, because of Sasuke’s circumstances regarding his growing darkness towards the end of Part 1, Kakashi was always gonna give him a little more attention during that time period, in order to try and deter him away from that path. However, as they were similar, it makes sense that he’d opt to train Sasuke in particular, because he felt as though that would yield the best results, because they’d be able to focus on Sasuke’s particular talents.

It’s not the job of a Sensei to be constantly training their students and teaching them new techniques. Their role is to guide their students along the path of being a shinobi, by teaching them what’s truly important, teaching them the proper codes of conduct, and the moral philosophies, and Kakashi always did that. He did it as early as the Bell Test:

Also Kakashi always monitored Sakura’s growth and potential, which is also what a Sensei is supposed to do. While observing Sakura’s fight with Ino, Kakashi acknowledged her skills and complimented her abilities, as he very bluntly said that her chakra control skills surpassed that of Naruto:

And he even says that she’s above his ”favourite”, Sasuke in that regard:

He therefore obviously always had faith in her abilities. This was again proven at the beginning of Part 2 where he predicted that she’d eventually surpass Tsunade, which she did. So yeah, I think to say that he ignored her isn’t giving Kakashi enough credit. Kakashi was closely monitoring her development, as he did for each member of his team. He may not have actively trained all of them, but the attention was there.

Furthermore, Kakashi only trained Naruto because the latter was trying to infuse the Rasengan with his wind nature. It was specialised training that only Naruto could do due to the fact that he already knew that Rasengan, and he had the chakra reserves necessary to go through with the training. Not only that, but it was also fitting for Kakashi to have aided in the training since he also knew how to do the Rasengan. It’s not like Kakashi just ignored her or deemed her unworthy of training or something. It was specialised training:

This is just you being overly defensive of Sakura, because Kakashi has literally done nothing wrong to her. And as for your comment about how Kakashi apparently saw her as “a baby to be coddled and protected”, that’s just completely false. He was trying to remain positive about the situation, just like Naruto was, because they didn’t know the true extent of Sasuke’s darkness, so they truly believed that it would work out eventually. What he said to her wasn’t a lie if that’s what he believed was actually going to happen.

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The only thing I found sexist about kishi was,only the women highly prioritized romance or their romantic interest.The men dident even hint at feelings of that nature until the end.But all women obviously care about romance so much?Aparently in kishis head.Sakuras character is practically a shrine dedicated to her love for him.Hinatas only motivation was naruto,she dident even become head of her clan.And Karin,well her rape attempts disgust me,if she was a man everyone would hate her.

“The men didn’t even hint at feelings of that nature until the end”

Naruto, Lee, Jiraiya, Morio and Obito all beg to differ.

“But all women obviously care about romance so much?”

Tenten, Temari, Tsunade, Kurotsuchi, Karui and plenty of others beg to differ.

And let’s not forget Anon, that Obito was the person who caused by far the most shit in the series. And what was the entire reason for all of the trouble that he caused? His love for Rin. So I suppose in Kishi’s head, Obito’s character must also practically be a shrine dedicated to his love for Rin huh?

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I would think if SS was nearly as popular as it's fans claim that the studio would be milking the shit out of it.I mean sp steer clear of the ship,giving obvious fan service to all the other ships while they rehash sakura missing him and thinking of him with that sad look on her face.Wouldn't SS fans in Japan say something?

They haven’t rehashed anything of the sort, Every time they showed Sakura thinking about Sasuke, it actually happened in the source material. Besides, SP don’t choose to animate based on popularity. If they did, they wouldn’t have chosen to animate “Road to Tenten” fillers of all things, over Sakura Hiden, which was among the best selling novels. They may possibly even choose to overlook Gaiden, but that remains to be seen.

so what’s about my otps-

everything is fine about my otps 

absolutely perfectly fine

my children are alive and together

they are..h-happy!

i love them and a little bit dying inside

(fuck you kisimoto)