Naruto Shippuden (Season 20)

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Naruto Uzumaki, is a loud, hyperactive, adolescent ninja who constantly searches for approval and recognition, as well as to become Hokage, who is acknowledged as the leader and strongest of all ninja in the village.

laria124-of-kiwi-society  asked:

I had a thought. Naruto is reincarnated!Hashi, Sasuke is Madara, but... What if Tobirama wasn't reborn as one person, but as three? Three people who instinctively know they belong together, who have natural teamwork? There's a sandoffish genius with a streak of self-sacrifice (Neji), a massive Fuinjutsu nerd who love pointy things and want to smack the head of stupid boys (Tenten), and a determined, self-improving, hard-working boy who will make his family the center of his universe (Lee)?



Oh my

Now there’s a fascinating take on things!

People should give credit to Sakura, she didn’t belong to any clan, she didn’t have any special blood that gave her advantage. Nobody taught her anything apart from the academy, like the others did. Sakura only begun to have special training when she met Tsunade and asked her to train her. Then if you considered the manga and facts she did save many lives. Sakura by the end of the manga became the strongest female medical ninja of her generation and with no upper hand. Sakura, Tenten and Rock Lee should be given credit.

anonymous asked:

Tenten just needs more love period ya'know? I was hoping she'd have like a dragon contract or something, or be related to the Uzumaki because she looks like Mito. Srsly.

This is such a cool idea and I really want to write something for it. Hmm. Maybe I really will end up writing that fic about a secret subculture of Uzumaki survivors in Konoha…

anonymous asked:

Lol you hit the arrow on the damn head. I honest to god thought Tenten was secretly part of an underground uzumaki family, as soon as I saw her. Like she looks sooo so mush like Mito to me, really, and into Seals? Loves sharp and pointy things? (Hell at one point I thought she could be Toka's granddaughter.) but alas nothing.

I am a bad person and my first thought was “Well depending on when Hashi died she could totally be a Touka/Mito lovechild or something, Tobirama definitely could have helped on that front”. 

Um. It would be a cool plot? ^^’

anonymous asked:

Does this mean in Tobirama's next life he is deathly afraid of Kiri nin then? Or just nin who have stolen bijuu chakra? Can Tobirama be Tenten?

Sealing, weaponry, and the ability to put up with idiots? I would say Tenten could definitely be Tobirama, though I don’t really see him being scared of anything?

anonymous asked:

go for it! If Hashi could have a cannon!man-crush on Madara Mito could totally have the hots for Toka. And Tenten being a creation of that love with a lil help from Tobirama? Well why not? :)

Now I just need a plot to go along with the backstory. Hmm…