Mike/Nathan (For DarkLitria)

     “So…let me get this straight. Ya’ cross-dress and…ya’ like it?” Mike, Tfort’s prized Tentascout, questioned, sitting beside his new-found friend, who was in very questionable attire. Said Scout was wearing a violet shirt whose sleeves hung off his shoulders, exposing his upper chest. He wore a knee-length indigo skirt with lace flitted around the ends and dark grey stalkings. On his feet he wore flats.

     “Yeah…ya’ have a problem with that squid?” Nathan replied, kicking his legs back and forth from the ledge the two were seated upon. Mike simply shook his head.

     “Not really a problem per say. Its just…ya’ actually like wearing the stuff? I mean, yeah ya’ look all…. pretty and shit…but why?”

     Nathan considered his answer. “Long story…” He began. “Ma lost her oldest daughter…So she chose her prettiest son and dressed him up everyday….until she had another daughter…” He finished, eyes glazing over as he became lost in his thoughts.

    Mike remained silent for a few minutes, pondering over Nate’s explanation. Then he smirked and looped an arm around Nate’s waist, pulling the scout close to him. “Well Nate…It suits ya’” He murmured, long tongue darting out to lick Nathan’s neck, causing Nate to squeal and a blush to form across his face. He quickly slapped his palm against Mike’s chest, irritated.

    “Dude, for the fifty-eth fuckin’ time, DON’T DO THAT!” He seethed, his blush still present. Mike simply laughed as he rested his head on his friend’s shoulder.