[ OCTOBER . 08. 2017]

LANTERN - Ahlis Ildilayan


Finally all caught back up from the weekend! Haha, take that sickness! Can’t keep this ghost in a grave! >:V Anyway! Here we have a gorgeous lady holding a dangerous lamp. Also included are spooky eldritch horror tentacles because you cant have October without some sort of Lovecraft reference, right?

DMTNT Plot Issues

AKA the “How it Should of Ended” Post?  I feel some AU fics coming on…

  1. Angsty!Will claims to Henry that the trident can never be found. But the trident’s just propped in the ocean floor. Why couldn’t they have just found Jack earlier, used his compass to find its location and then have the Dutchman search for it underwater? Problem solved.

  2. Salazar’s crew is a crew of dead men. They are said to be dead over and over. Will ferries the dead-at-sea. So why couldn’t Will just show up and shoo-shoo them away? “Off to Fiddlers’ Green with ye!” Problem solved.

  3. “Never Betray the Compass,” except Jack willingly gave it to Elizabeth in DMC and to Will in AWE, so shouldn’t have Salazar been freed all the way back during one of those two times?

  4. That ship battle leading into the finale comes after the Pearl has been restored, so they’re no longer on the Dying Gull. Rephrase: they go from one of the junkiest ships on the seas, to the supernaturally fastest. But apparently ships from the Royal Navy, Salazar’s cannibal ship and even a longboat rowed by half-drunken goofs can catch up to it now? Barbossa must’ve not cared about running very much or…?? Problem created.

  5. OKAY THE VERY END OF THE STINGER THO is problematic no matter how you tackle it. First: Davy Jones cannot walk on land, so those barnacles in Will/Elizabeth’s bedroom to imply he was actually there is a stupid tease. 

  6. Second: If the implication is that all curses are broken, and Will’s PTSD didn’t just mess with his head and the barnacles were real because Jones is for some reason still alive (and/or if it’s because Calypso brought him back from the dead to fill Will’s place since “the Dutchman must always have a captain”), and that Jones’ restriction from land is broken because all curses are broken…  then Dutchman should NOT “need” a captain anymore, and/or since Will was antifouled, Jones should also no longer be tentacly and instead be human again.

  7. Also, pretending that Jones appearing was real for some reason: Why would he just show up and disappear like that anyway without like murdering them both in their sleep? Did he feel like he had to come and apologize all of the sudden? Was he taking back his Chest since Will’s heart’s back in the right place? “Haha got my ship back a-holes, see ya!” Is he studying to be a ninja and left ‘cause he failed the test when Will woke up? What???

I got more, just gotta remember them.

paperandpencilsandskips  asked:

2 moon have appeared above skaia, derse no longer exists. All moons orbit around Skaia, which is now oddly vibrating. My fellow players have all gone silent on all fronts. quest beds and slabs do not work for ascension. The reckoning is happening but no meteors are falling. The Scratch construct has malfunctioned and is now slowly corrupting the time player's land. I have not much more time till the corruption leads to all other ones.

Look, I am not saying that your Session got infected but…

Okay, no, I am actually saying it. Your Session got infected. Someone happened to get a virus in. If you are 110% sure you are not infected, get out of there. Even the Furthrest ring with all the tentacly bfs and gfs is now a friendly place.

You have 20 minutes to do it with yourself and everyone else who also is not infected (if they are, don’t bother with them, alright?). I am deleting your session in order to prevent infection in another sessions.

SN Tech Support (Gear)

Gosh, this scene was very tense. No music… just the passive chatter of the comms room that steadily grew more panicked as Asuka continued her descent. Past levels of pressure deemed safe, past the threshhold were bits and pieces of the suit started cracking and buckling…

But she did it. She captured the Chrysalis Pod. All that’s left is to hold on tight while she’s dragged up!

Surely nothing can go wro–

Hahaha, wow, look at that. It’s hatching from its cocoon.

That’s one disturbingly fast transformation. From the human-like fetus that mirrors Adam to… a tentacly starfish lookin’ thing.

Well… Shit.