tentacles and stardust


Another day late entry into my Woman Crush Wednesday is the wonderful Luna Le Fey aka tentacles-and-stardust. She has an unearthly beauty to her that is so warm you want to just hug and at the same time you would worry that if you so much as brushed against her, that she would fade into a cloud of glitter. All I know is that the world is better with her in it. <3


Illustrations from my Mermaid project!

Hopefully the human designs look easily wearable….the idea of the look should theoretically be able to be pulled off with some things found on the high street/etc with the mermaid designs pulling elements from the human ones…

Underlying sketch some with colored pencils, dip pen and ink for the line work and watercolors and colored pencil for the rest. The last set of Sea Witch designs are of tentacles-and-stardust (Thank you for your submission- I pulled elements from both outfits you showed me to get this)

\ For more of this project //

* The comic: [Part 1] & [Part 2]

* My own Mermaid inspired outfit  [x]

* The project as a zine [x]
  -Bonus: Other pieces from the project [x]

I will be possibly making another post or zine of bits and pieces from my sketchbook- I’ve got so many background/concept/design pieces that hasn’t been shown anywhere yet…