You want fries with that?

So in our party we don’t have a healer so our Sorcerer specializes in spells that buff the party or crowd control the enemy. However, the way the spells work can sometimes mess with a plan, so we got to talking about what spells he has access to.

Fighter: So I’ve seen you cast Grease a lot. And you have orb of acid for damage.

Sorcerer: Yep and I also have Enlarge Person but I haven’t gotten a good chance to use it yet.

Monk OOC: wait, so this guy just goes around spewing grease and acid and making people bigger? You have all the powers of an average McDonald’s !

The party lost their shit while the Sorcerer didn’t look amused.

*A few months and a few levels up later*

Sorcerer OOC: Since those Drow are all standing together, I’m gonna cast Evard’s Black Tentacles!

Monk: Busting out the McDonalds secret menu, are we?

Party loses their shit and the Sorcerer spite-greases the monk.


So I’ve recently joined a new group, which we are about to start a game of Storm King’s End. I will be using letter to represent random players.

A: You know, the oldest storm giant looks like Ursula.

B: She’s wearing a dress, and we can’t see her legs. She might be.

C: Please let her sing Poor Unfortunate Souls to Lemon.

((Lemon is a dragon that we homebrewed. He’s an acid dragon but his acid is lemonade. We are expected to eventually find him and have him as a pet.))

C: yeah, she can reveal under her dress that there’s really tentacles and lift us u-


C: what why?


Later we’re talking further and she goes

DM: If you want something homebrewed or added, I’ll consider… there’s just some things I won’t add.

C: so mayb-