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Y’know what, we really need to appreciate tentacle monsters outside of the sexual and horror aspects. Tentacles, with or without suckers, thin or thick, most of the time they’re squishy, flexible, really good for wrapping around stuff , yeah?


bonus domestic Incubus!Promptis~

(this isn’t day 8! I’m doing a full kink prompt for today too! but we had this idea last night and it was adorable so I had to write it and why not share?!) 

“I got you a thing,” Noctis says, with a smile, when Prompto comes home. He’s waiting, sitting at the kitchen table, draped backwards over a chair.

Prompto’s eyes narrow, in response as he closes the door and stops, head tipping, to give Noctis a look.

Noctis is pretty damn pleased with himself, if he’s being honest. Neither of them are entirely sure of the exact year they met. Things get kinda funny and blurry when you’ve been alive so long. The exact day? No fucking way. He remembers the season though, and it’d been a cold, rainy autumn day, the sky all dreary and the first hints of frost in the air. He remembers spending those first weeks curled up in bed next to Prompto when they’d left the window open and the cold had crept in and they’d woken up tangled together for extra warmth.

“A thing,” Prompto parrots back at Noctis, and he looks torn between excitement and wariness. Prompto, in a lot of ways, is like an excitable kitten. Restless and easily entertained, but also easily bored, with a short attention span and deadly claws, underneath the cute. It’s all part of why Noctis loves him.

And he really does love him, goddamnit.

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{synopsis} your pure and vanilla stevie surprises you when he suggests trying something new in the bedroom

{warnings} mutant!reader who has powers like wanda, sub!steve, idk if this counts as tentacle porn WHOOPSIES, dirty talk, dom!reader, a type of mutant handjob, light masturbation, lowkey public sex, no penetration, this is probably the most vividly descriptive stuff i’ve EVER written lol

{pairing} sub!steve x neutral + mutant!reader

{word count} 2908

{requested by} a very lovely nonnie

{permanent tags} @melconnor2007 @kellieabro @damneronpoe @buckys-perfect-storm @hardcollectiontrashworld @hotbootybebe @swimminginsalvator

   A/N - i just realized this is lowkey tentacle porn… whoops! reader has powers similar to wanda and uses them to their advantage.

   Steve Rogers was an absolutely devastating lover, no doubt. He knew what made you tick and was able to use that ever flowing knowledge to his advantage. But, he was a very traditional lover. Sure, he had no problem pinning you to the bed while fucking you senseless, whispering dirty nothings in your ear until you came all over his cock… but that was it. So, when he came into your room one night and suggested that you spice things up a bit, you were both surprised and ecstatic.

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anonymous asked:

Imagines for a werewolf girlfriend? Or merfolk with tentacles bc thats my jam but its your choice^^

(little girl from that one el paso commercial voice) why don’t we have both?

Werewolf girlfriend:

- that’s like,, 8 tiddys,,

- “if you say ‘it’s that time of the month’ again I’m going to step on you”

- She’s big and warm and sweet and you two love to go out hiking in the woods, and when you get tired she’ll let you hold onto her and sleep while she walks you back to the car, werewolves just plain don’t get tired. 

- She is most definitely a top, a gentle top, but still a top.

- Oral is incredible, she’s talented with her tongue and will quite honestly lick you anywhere you want.

-She’s pretty loud, but the sound is unique and invigorating, think of deep growls but the kind that sound hollow and infinite, kind of like this or better yet this


(I was thinking like a squid mer if that’s not what you were goin’ for lemme know!)

- Squid mers are very mushy, and their skeletons are cartilage, so being out of the water they just kinda plorbthjhTM

- They prefer to cuddle with you in the bath, where they can hold you and just kind of relax with you in a small, private place

- They love it when you lay on them and just kinda sink into them, they find it intimate and comforting

- Sometimes, they’ll sneak a tentacle into your bathing suit and just pretend not to know what you’re talking about

- “Tentacle? What tentacle? You’ll have to be more specific than that, darling.”

- in their natural habitat, they like to bring you little gifts that they find in the sea

- They love seeing your face when you’re stuffed to the brim with their tentacles, and they most definitely move a lot inside you, it’s kind of a one of a kind experience, and they wouldn’t want anyone but you to share it with.

Instead of calling bi people “half gay and half straight,” here are some more accurate descriptions of what bi people are “half of” :

  • Half reptilian current overlord and half reptilian future overlord
  • Half bemes (bi memes) and half physical embodiment of meme appropriation
  • Half spineless space monster and half writing mass of tentacles
  • Half “better than being described as half straight” and half “completely done with being referred to as Gay-Lite
  • Add your own examples! (:

so it’s hotter than satan’s butthole and i’m sitting on the rooftop with cheap sangria and my regrets, blasting veggie tales songs because at some point my life went very wrong, and all of a sudden i’m thinking; hey, remember the tons of badlit you downloaded and never actually got around to reading because being a teacher is actually a terrible job that drains the life out of you? 

well, here we go

Businessman Paul is on a beachside vacation to unwind and enjoy the sun, the sand and the surf - sometimes from below the waves. While scuba diving, he encounters a trio of cuttlefish that turn out to be much more than they seem: they’re shapeshifters, and they want Paul for their own! Warning: 18+ only! Contains partial shifting, hot gay sex, and a cuttlefish shifter gangbang!

sure why not   

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i tried making an “octoling boy” based on my personal tastes and general knowledge of male octopi.

the octolings’ japanese name is a portmanteau of octopus and amazones, which implies they’re female only, but if you look at sunken scroll 16, having a human form isn’t exclusive to female octarians.

but why don’t any octoboys appear in combat? i don’t know

For the Love of Honey by LadyLondonderry

Happy Birthday tippingvelvets you asked for bees so I gave you bees.

Louis looks like he’s going to topple over, arms filled with planks and mesh.

“What’s this for?” Liam asks, rushing to take the weight away before Louis hurts himself.

“The bees, Liam!” Louis motions vaguely around himself to where there are definitely no bees.

Liam frowns. His large fuzzy eyebrows (good landing spots for bees) furrowing. “There are no bees here, Louis.”

“Not yet, there’re not.”


octopi are generally considered the most intelligent invertebrate on the planet. But coconut octopi are top among their eight tentacle relatives

Even though the voice-over says “octopi” instead of “octopuses” and talks about “tentacles” instead of “arms”, this video is still of good quality. And the images, oh my… beautiful !

coconut octopuses are the only invertebrates known to use tools. They are also famous for their way of “running” on the sea floor, giving birth to one of the most famous meme of all: the “nope octopus” meme (available on tumblr by the way).

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faceless monster headcannons?

Talking with one another is quite complex considering they literally have no face. No mouth, No eyes, no nose, nothing. It’s basically Slender man but he doesn’t eat you, follow you around, kill you, and have weird tentacle things.

Although talking is quite hard, communication isn’t. It’s not like he never learned to type or to write either, so you two usually write notes or sign stuff to each other (Sign language). It may be more complex for you to say anything to him, but you make it work through various ways too. Actually, communication is one of the best qualities of your relationship.

He loves to sit around and “Watch” tv with you. It’s not something that he can see, obviously, but he loves holding you in his arms and feeling the warmth resonating from your body. You, on the other hand, love to feel his fingers write words onto your skin. It makes you get goosebumps, and you absolutely love it.