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Slendy hcs?

A child tried to climb him once.
Didn’t end well.

So there was this one time he was attempting to go after a guy, showed the gross ass tentacles, and the guy made a hentai joke. He just stopped to reevaluate his life.

I can’t think of much that I haven’t done

“I’m just gonna do a little doodle and theeeeeeeeen-” 

Yea sure, why do I even believe myself anymore? It feels like I haven’t drawn in ages. I had a lot of fun doing this + trying out Krita! I should make an art blog. I’ll see about that. 

Ticci Toby belongs to Kastoway

I love this character sooo much!

My dear spawn!

I’m in vacation mode, so don’t stress if the comics are not posted on time.
Remember, I love you and I’ll make it up to you! THE TIME IS NEAR!! THE REST OF THEM WILL SUFFER!!!!

Sorry, I let the monster-me out for feeding and it kinda took over.

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Don’t think about monsters.

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Humans are weird: Fears

Like just think of how we are the dominate species on Earth, we have conquered so much and uncovered the impossible yet we are fearful of things that might seems mundane to another race.

Zar'chaken was making his rounds around the deck of the ship as per usual. After supper most of the crew retired to the cabins to prepare for bed. Of course Zar'chaken didn’t particularly participate in this activity due to the limited sleep required for his survival, resulting in his adopted duty of roaming the halls and keeping a watch on things.

As of late, Zar'chaken has become very interested in the behaviors of the Humans. He has observed them and it seems that each one seems to be different in some way, unlike the Charkren species which are very uniform.

Tonight he finds one lagging behind in the common space reading some sort of “thriller” text as the female Human had informed him earlier that day. Down the hall he could hear the image monitor, or “tv”, playing quietly as a couple Human crew members watched the screen.
As he continued, he passed the sleeping quarters where there was little noise. Except for tonight.

A startling high-pitch scream disrupted this peacefulness immediately. Zar'chaken rushed to the sound. Entering the room he turned on the light and his four eyes landed upon the being making the noise. Human Sarah was standing on an office chair dressed in her night clothing and clenching a pillow in her arms. The screams died down when she noticed the other entity in the room.

“Zar!” She half yelled half panted when she recognized him through her disorientation. She was shaking and hunched into a position unlike that of her normal fighting stance. Before he could ask her if she was not injured, she spoke again. “Help, there’s a- there’s a..” she pointed to her bed, covers thrown to the floor in a hurry. At first Zar'chaken did not understand what Human Sarah was pointing to. He cautiously moved closer to the bed until he was able to spot what she had been scared of. On top of the mattress laid a small black dot, Zar'chaken had to crouch down in order to properly examine the intruder. The spider was very small, from his guess it was no bigger that Human Sarah’s eye and yet she was afraid of it. From what he could remember, she had faced many opponents larger than she, but was firm and unintimidated by them. She is well known around the crew as fearless and incomparable in hand-to-hand combat. Which made her behavior now only further puzzling to the Charkren.

“Human Sarah, I do not understand why you are frightened. Did you have an unpleasant dream?” He offered, because how could an unimpressive creature scare a Human.
“No, Zar! The spider! Right there!” She pointed at the black spot on the mattress again, “It- it crawled on me and woke me up! I hate those things.”
“Oh I understand now. The specimen startled you awake and that is why you called out. It is okay now.”
“No, you don’t understand, it needs to go.”
Zar'chaken looked at the small insect before looking at his Human crew mate in confusion again. “The spider?” He asked to clarify.
“Yes. That disgusting thing needs to be disposed of before I’m getting off this chair.”
Still unsure of her behavior, but recognizing her resolve he reluctantly complied and scooped the arachnid into his tentacles and made his way to the door. He only glanced at Human Sarah when she made a repulsive noise.
“What are you going to do with it?” She asked curiously.
“A spider eats other insects such as flies, I’m sure it will do fine near the garbage unit. It is far from where you venture so I assume you will not see it again.”
Human Sarah let out a sigh as she climbed down from the chair. “I better not.”

As Zar'chaken departed from the Human’s chambers, he looked down at the spider still confused about the encounter. However he did learn that Humans are frightened of arachnids…unless this is a trait only Human Sarah possesses. He will only have to test the other Humans aboard the ship to know.

will you stop ✋🏻 🛑 with the stupid pioneers 👨🏻‍🌾? have you ever noticed 🤔 there are NONE 0️⃣🚷 of them left? that’s because they were lousy 😔 hitchhikers 👍🏻🚕 ate coral 🎋 and took directions 🔙🔝 from algae 🌿! and NOW 🔜 you’re telling me, they thought 💭 they could DRIVE 🚗🛣 …rocks ⛰🗻

MORE THOUGHTS: tentacled boyfriend addition 

  • A tentacled boyfriend who is really touchy feely because he doesn’t get a lot of chances to be physically affectionate with people. He’d been really timid and skittish around you in the beginning though. He’s had it rough with humans in the past, they think he’s some kind of deep sea eldritch monster but really he’s the sweetest thing. So you’ve made a habit of telling him how much you love him as often as possible and kissing all his scars. he doesn’t believe you when you call him beautiful but he still gets that silly toothy grin anyway.
  • A tentacled boyfriend who is literally an eldritch monstrosity. He brings you strange and beautiful objects from different dimensions and on your first date he cut out his massive black heart and gave it to you for safe keeping. Every night he lays with you and wraps all his tentacles and gangly limbs around you, his strange glowing eyes holding back the darkness that threatens to creep in whenever he’s around. You know he leaves in the middle of the night because sometimes you wake up and he’s not there, but he’s always right back in his spot when it’s time to get up in the morning.
  • A tentacled boyfriend who you met while spelunking, he lives in the deepest parts of the old cave system and heard your echoing voice. He has three heads, each with long necks and mouths hidden by tentacles; and each with a different personality. he has arguments more often with himself than with you. At first each head was equally unhappy that you had invaded their home, but overtime as you kept returning and conversing with them they grew more accustomed to your presence. Now they argue about who gets to kiss you first when you come home.
  • A boyfriend who doesn’t have tentacles on him HE IS LITERALLY MADE OF TENTACLES. He has a humanoid shape, but it’s odd and obviously moves in an inhuman way. He drips black slime wherever he goes. The first time you saw him was when an odd rat…thing…had somehow gotten into your apartment. Fortunately he was hiding in your vent and squeezed out, lunging at the beast and enveloping it before it bit you. You fainted and when you woke up he was gone, you were situated on the couch with a blanket thrown over you. When you got up you found the rat monster’s skull sat on your table with a bouquet of flowers. (it was gross, but sweet. You tell him not to, but he still brings you the skulls of his meals…)

     Last tuesday was my highschool carnival and I made this Ursula cosplay from the Little mermaid. I’m kinda proud of it (yeah, it don’t happen that often).

    I sewed the dress and the tentacles. I also “sculpted” the wig and made the jewelry. Sadly the foam in the tentacles fell at the botom so they looks weird.

     I’m sorry for the phone and the bandaid on my chest, but I didn’t have any pockets and I had to protect my tatoo from the sun.

      I also made an evil queen (from Snow white) cosplay for my friend. But I’m not quite sure she want her face to be show on tumblr


Squidbob moment 10/100:  Are You Happy Now? (8x30)

Squidward: I feel wonderful! This is it, my happiest memory!

Spongebob: (sighs) He’s so handsome.

I’m finally updating again! Here’s a self portrait I did for my illustration class last semester~ I feel like this is pretty appropriate for mermay