My second amazing loyal-to-the-fandoms' Tentabulge review

So a few days ago I received my second Tentabulge heart from loyal-to-the-fandoms.
It Is absolutely spectacular.

The Front

The Back

It Is About 6 Inches Tall

It Just Has Terrific Detail

My PBJ Heart By My First Heart
Which Is EriSol

It Can Make Anywhere In Your Home Look Dicktacular (sorry not sorry), And Show You’re A Proud Homestuck Pervert. Also Makes Awesome Conversation Starters.

Great Communication!
Speedy, Excellent, Safe Shipping!
Great And Reasonable Price.
Plus I Got a Beautifully Ironic Letter From Dave… Who Would Not Want That?

Please Check her out! She does Commissions! Also even if your not Interested in buying one of these amazing works of art, her blog is awesome! Defiantly Buying Again. 

Warning- Keep away from all Nagging Kankri’s.

Mr. Winkle and the magic alien love banana....?

I was in class today scrolling through tumblr when all the sudden Gamzee’s huge tentabulge appeared right when my math teacher was walking by…
Math teacher- What is that?
Me- ….
Math teacher- Is that one of your wierd anime things
Me- kinda but not really …. Its a web comic
Math teacher- *nods* Is it a gun?
Me- … No, See its about aliens and they have these wierd fruit things almost like bananas , that move when your close to the person your meant to be with…….
Math teacher- huh? Interesting… Those would be nice to have
Me- you have no idea….