So I went to the museum today….
I now understand how niyuuvampire feels now …. I’m too homestuck this.
This is a 5 story tentabulge tower, and then under the tower is a room filled with them. They were on the walls, you could pick them up.
It was miraculous day.

Mr. Winkle and the magic alien love banana....?

I was in class today scrolling through tumblr when all the sudden Gamzee’s huge tentabulge appeared right when my math teacher was walking by…
Math teacher- What is that?
Me- ….
Math teacher- Is that one of your wierd anime things
Me- kinda but not really …. Its a web comic
Math teacher- *nods* Is it a gun?
Me- … No, See its about aliens and they have these wierd fruit things almost like bananas , that move when your close to the person your meant to be with…….
Math teacher- huh? Interesting… Those would be nice to have
Me- you have no idea….

[12:15:45 AM] RoboDayDreamer: They should make tentabulge dildos that actually squirm and give out a ton of different colored lubes for the one you want to ride.

[12:15:59 AM] LalickingYourLollipop: I think we have a problem.

[12:16:03 AM] RoboDayDreamer: .o.???

[12:16:15 AM] LalickingYourLollipop: We’re obsessed with Homestuck…

[12:16:20 AM] RoboDayDreamer: And porn.

[12:16:27 AM] LalickingYourLollipop: Yes. 

[12:16:30 AM] LalickingYourLollipop: Homestuck porn.