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Camping Trip - Finn Balor

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Camping Trip – Finn Balor

Summary: Camping with Finn Balor and your 3-year-old daughter

Word Count: 450+

Warnings: none

“Daddy’s home!” Y|D|N, your three-year-old daughter chimed as Finn pulled into the driveway. You smiled. Finn had a few days off and you were using those days as camping days. This was your and Y|D|N’s first-time camping. Finn has done it before. You were currently packing for the road trip. Apparently, it takes an hour to get to the destination.
Y|D|N ran to greet Finn as he walked through the front door.  “Daddy!” Y|D|N squealed as Finn scooped her up in his arms.
“Hey, princess.” Finn said, tickling her sides, making her laugh. You smiled at the two. Finn then set Y|D|N down before walking over to you.
“How’s my queen?” He asked, wrapping his arms around your waist, kissing your cheek. A smile spreads across your face. 

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Yoongi Scenario: Wrapped Around Your Finger.

Request: (i even had an alarm set for 2pm GMT-4!!) can i please request a scenario with yoongi based on ‘wrapped around your finger’ by 5 seconds of summer?

Genre: Romance / Drama.

Yoongi didn’t think if what he was doing could be considered as romanticism or plain vandalism but honestly he couldn’t care less of what could be thought about him at the moment, he just knew he had to talk to you, that time was running short for him and he wouldn’t allow anyone to stop him from being with you that night.

He jumped the fence of your backyard quite easily, it was plain dark at almost midnight but Yoongi’s eyes had already adjusted to the darkness and the moon actually let him some light to guide himself with. He knew exactly where you window was as he had actually been in your room a few times before. Your room that soon wouldn’t be your room anymore.

You weren’t answering your phone since early when you told him the news and he got angry, but how could you blame him? After realizing you were someone to him you told him you were going away, it had made Yoongi think everything was a joke to you but then he realized it hadn’t been like that , so here he was, looking around for rocks to throw at your window as if he was in a movie. In a million years he saw himself doing this for anyone, but he thought about you leaving and he knew he couldn’t just let it go.

He found some rocks and aimed, he was good, as it hit your window at first try, Yoongi knew you well, and he knew that if he wanted any chance to see you he had to insist, so that he did and threw rock after rock, waiting a couple of seconds between them to see if you appeared, he was going to throw another one but then he heard a noise, the window opened and the mellow wind made your curtains flow, you appeared there making Yoongi fist the rock on his hand thinking that he surely looked just like a delinquent, and instead you looked just like an angel, you were even wearing white, and with your hair down and the moonshining in your skin you were a view Yoongi wouldn’t forget, another one of the reasons he was there at the moment.

 He was sure all the times he saw you it was a sight he wouldn’t forget, because it made his heart rate increase unmeasurably, because it made him do all kind of crazy things just to be with you.

You just stared at him and then he smiled with mischief, like you had caught him doing something bad and not like he had been desperately wanting to get your attention.

-Come down here-


Yoongi threw the rock away and licked his lips. -Just come, I want to tell you something-

-Can’t you tell me like this? It’s the middle of the night- you retorted in a rather spoiled tone that made Yoongi smirk.

-It’s a secret, if I tell you like this everyone will hear-

You raised your brows and licked your lips nodding like thinking he had won this round which made him chuckle. Then you disappeared, you took a good while to come down, around twenty minutes, or maybe it had been less but to Yoongi every minute waiting was an eternity. Then the backdoor was open and you walked out of it, he straightened his back and told himself to be calm although his heart was beating too fast. 

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What We Built

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written by: S | @kinetic-elaboration

prompt: The 100 start calling Bellamy and Clarke “mom” and “dad” at the dropship camp, and the tradition continues even after the Ark comes down, causing confusion for @a-duck-with-herpes

word count: 8504

It started with Miller, which is the hardest part to explain later, after it’s spiraled out of control. But at the time it was really no more than a joke. A throwaway joke. 

Bellamy had been distributing guns and handing out guard assignments, looking over his misfit crew of teenage criminals like they were the real deal, because they had to be, because the enemy was out there, somewhere, beyond the gate. The atmosphere was understandably tense. Some of the new guard squared their shoulders and gritted their teeth, and tried to seem bigger than they were. Others just stared at their weapons like they hardly believed the guns were real. And some, like Miller, pretended this whole thing was a joke. Pretended they were in control and not afraid. So when Bellamy told him he was on the night shift, and then dismissed him with the others, he just smirked and said, “You got it, Dad,” as he slung his gun over his shoulder. 

It was a little weird. But at least it broke the tense atmosphere, the looming threat of war and death that had tied up everyone else’s tongue, so a few of them laughed anyway, uncertain and with obvious unease, before they scattered to their various posts. 


“Why dad though?” Bellamy asked, as he finished his second circuit around the dropship ground floor.  

His tone said rhetorical but his face, when Clarke looked up from organizing their medical supplies, said explain this right now. So she thought for a moment and suggested, “Nervous joke about authority figures?” 

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  • zombie apocalypse - we all know how there’s an abundance of zombie plots out there about muse a and muse b and DUDE do you know how awesome it’d be if?? we?? do them?? all?? okay maybe not all but like maybe three’s a start U GET THE POINT. we can have one muse in one pair who’s in trouble and the muse b in that saves the day. muse c and muse d could be another pair who run into each other and almost kills one another bc they thought they were infected. muse e and muse f coulda been friends before the apocalypse and maybe they had a falling out but they’re the only ones that they knew were still alive so they team up?? at some point all of them meet ofc!! if you’re willing to plot with me annoying ass, read my 1x1 page pls and like this so i can send u an im!
  • mystery gang - could be a hit or miss if we don’t plot it enough. could work as a 2x2 based off of the original gang and i could be so much fun honestly ??? imagine them getting into trouble then trying to find a way to get out of it or finally catching the ‘scary’ being that’s been terrorizing their town only to find out the mastermind was someone they all trusted ALSO clues and mysteries and creepy situations PLEASE
  • road trip - why?? is this ?? not done often??? i had this plot before and it was really cute and awesome. it has the potential for angst and a lot of fluff??WE COULD pjust decide where they’re from and where they’re going honestly. i like thinking that they’re a group of friends off to disneyland or universal studios or smth. like what if our muses that go on a road trip together is hiding a secret from the others?? what if their best friend is fucking their sibling/ex OR EVEN THEIR OTHER BFF (who are also in the road trip??) and what if they get lost?? what if they forget someone/something?? what if they broke their tent at the camping site and have to snuggle on top of each other inside the van?? cmon guys so much potential here!! #makeRoadtripPlotsGreatAgain
  • xmen/mutant/superheroes - OAKY initially i thought of this as some sort of a rogue mutant kid who escaped a scene where they kinda committed murder and then while they’re on the run, they bump into kids who are like them and/or track down weird and unexplained incidents in the country and they save them before they get abducted by the government or smth?? and they just form an uncanny group of teens stealing and shoplifting in order to survive and stay hidden. we could totally base it off xmen and eventually have them end up at xavier’s. EITHER WAY LETS PLOT A MUMU WITh MUTANT KIDS
  • disneyland theme park mumu - THERE ARE TONS OF MASTERLIST AUS FOR THIS let’s just put them all together and work something out i bet it’ll be magical.
Sirens And Sacrifices

Request: Can you do protective prompts 2 And 5 with the reader and Pan having to deal with some angry pirates?

Summary: When Peter presents to you a special task originally intended for one of the Lost Boys to complete, you decide to take matters into your own hands for the greater good. 

Protective Prompt #2: “Good luck trying to get to him/her without fighting me first.”

Protective Prompt #5: “Get behind me, I’ll deal with this.”

Word Count: 2236

Warnings: Mild Language

Peter hadn’t slept in days. Each night, he stayed awake in his tent, formulating something unknown to you and the other Lost Boys.

He refused to tell anyone what he was doing, and eventually, you all stopped prying.

Peter could keep all the secrets he wanted to.

One day, when you were walking back from a hunt with Felix, you heard Peter call from his tent, “Y/N! Get in here!”

Your eyes widening, and you looked at Felix, panicked. “Me? I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Felix gave you a comforting pat on the back and then a slightly reassuring, “I’m sure it’s nothing-probably just some minuscule favor”, but you weren’t so sure.

Peter never asked you for favors. In fact, Peter barely even acknowledged you. Every day, you carried on with your usual work duties, usually getting them done in time to play around with the other Lost Boys. So when you walked into his tent and he was standing there looking at you all expectantly, you couldn’t help but feel…queasy.

“C-can I help you?” You asked, trying to sound relaxed despite being incredibly perplexed at why Peter chose now to have his first conversation with you.

“Yes, Y/N, you can. Please, have a seat.” He gestured to a wicker chair in the middle of the room, and as you sat, you felt your anxiety growing stronger and stronger.

“So, Y/N,” he started, walking around you in a slow, nauseating circle, “You’ve been on the island for some time now, and I can see the other boys have taken quite an…interest to you.”

He paused for a moment, looking at you, and you realized he was awaiting a response.

“Oh.” You said. “Um, yeah. I guess I’ve grown pretty close with them as well.”

Peter nodded, like this was exactly what he wanted to hear. “So, you’d say you know them quite well, yes?”

“…Yes, I suppose so…” You replied, slowly, not having any clue where this was going.

“Well, Y/N, I need your help then. You see, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been working on something quite laboriously these past few days…” Peter had completed his full circle around you, and was now taking slow strides over to the big wooden desk in his tent.

On the desk sat something big, covered in a white sheet.

“My help with…what, exactly?” You questioned, wishing he would just cut the theatrical build up and explain what in the world he meant.

“With…” Peter let one hand linger over the sheet before pulling it off, “This!

Once the cover had been removed, you had no idea what you were looking at.

Placed on the desk were five mason jars, each having its own label. Only four jars out of the five contained something in them, and you read off their labels, growing even more bewildered than before:

Salt from the sweat of the meanest pirate on the sea, a thread off the greenest curtain in Oz, a seed harvested from the most sacred tree in the Enchanted Forest, and water from the deepest well in Camelot.

The fifth jar, the empty one, read: Three scales off the most ferocious mermaids in Neverland.

Peter watched your reaction closely before giving some insight. “You see, I wanted to save the easiest task for last. However, it is only easy because of its close proximity to us. Otherwise, it may be the most fatal task of all.”

You raise your eyebrows, all too quickly starting to catch on. “So, you want me to…”

Peter nodded again, finishing a sentence but not the one you were thinking. “…help me pick which Lost Boy I should sacrifice to complete this task.”

That is not where you were expecting this to go. You stood up so fast you nearly knocked the wicker chair to the floor. “You want me to, what, pick which Lost Boy to send to his imminent doom?

The boy grimaced. “Well, when you put it like that, it sounds bad. But Y/N, I don’t think you understand. This spell is very important, and could save the entire fate of Neverland-”

“I don’t care!” You exploded. “I know the Lost Boys, and I know that their lives are not worth risking for some, some spell. For god sakes, Peter, if you’re that desperate, you might as well just send me.

Peter’s expression instantly transformed into alarm. “What? You? No! I couldn’t send you to-”

You threw your arms up in the air in exasperation. “And why not? I’ve got a hell of a better chance at survival than the rest do anyway, Peter!”

“No, Y/N!” He shouted, slamming his fist down onto the desk. “You’re not going and that’s final. Come dawn, you better have a boy’s name to give me or else…”

“Or else what?” You mimicked, putting your hands on your hips.

Peter’s eyes darkened, and you felt a chill run up your spine. “Or else I will banish you from Neverland, Y/N, and you will never return again.”

With his threatening words still dangling in the air, you spun on your heels and stormed out of the tent, Peter calling after you, “I’ll see you at dawn!”

You waited until Peter and all the other Lost Boys were asleep before rolling out of your cot and up onto your feet. You fastened your dagger into your waistband so it was secure and hidden, and then crept your way out of your tent, through the camp site, and into the woods.

No Lost Boys would be dying on your account. Not if you could help it.

Mermaid Lagoon wasn’t too far from camp, and you stealthily maneuvered through trees and shrubbery until you saw the deep blue lake, its water still glistening despite it being night time.

Your plan was a simple one, but also one that could easily go wrong.

Slowly, you walked over to the edge of the lagoon, sitting on a rock and letting your feet dip in. You tried to look sad and vulnerable, the mermaids favorite type of victim.

You sat there for almost two full minutes, and for a second, you worried something was wrong.

It’s not like mermaids migrate south for the winter, do they?

But then, you saw it: a fin, momentarily flashing above the surface of the water before dipping back down. Two more followed.

They were coming right for you.

Emerging out of the water, one of the most beautiful girls you had ever seen stared up at you, batting her eyelashes as innocently as a little kid.

As if.

She smoothed back her long, flowing blonde hair before tilting her head to the side. “Why, Lost Girl, why do you look so sad?”

Her voice was like honey, and the confidence you had in your plan began to drop rapidly.

“Oh, I’m just sad because…” You tried to match her innocent eyelash batting, even adding a small pout. “I think mean old Pan is going to kick me off the island.”

It wasn’t even a lie.

The mermaid changed her facial expression to something empathetic and compassion, reaching out a hand to place on your leg. “Aww, that’s too bad.”

You nodded, and out of the corner of your eye, saw the other two mermaids emerging too, each just as beautiful as the first.

“You know…” The first mermaid said, “You could always join ussss!” She glanced at the other two mermaids, and they nodded encouragingly, letting out delighted giggles.

Quite honestly, being a gorgeous mermaid and luring men to their death for a job didn’t seem too bad.

You put on a grin, acting thrilled with their death proposal. “Really? How do I do that?”

The three mermaids began to close in on you, their smiles growing bigger. “All you have to do is swim with us!” They said in melodic unison.

Then, the first mermaid reached her hand out, and you watched her pretty, rose painted nails turn to talons, and their pearly white teeth turned to jagged, sharp fangs.

They all extended their arms, ready to grab you and drag you to your watery tomb, when you quickly pulled the dagger out of your waistband and stabbed the first mermaid through the elbow.

She let out the most blood-curdling screech you’d ever heard, making you want to cover your ears.

Swiftly, you pulled the dagger out of the first mermaid’s arm, ready to plunge it into the second mermaid’s chest, when the third mermaid angrily yanked both of your legs down, pulling you into the water.

The gorgeous blue water began to turn red with the first mermaid’s blood, and you tried to stay afloat while the last two mermaids tried to strangle you to death.

You forcefully stabbed the water in front of you, hoping by some ray of luck that you struck something. Thankfully enough, you heard the second mermaid cry out in pain. You reached out, holding onto her fin.

Little did you know that would be the one of the last miracles fate dealt you.

Because in the moment, you saw a forth fin rise out of the water, coming toward you at an alarming rate.

Four mermaids, you realized. There weren’t just three, but four mermaids in the lagoon.

This one was angrier and fiercer than the rest, snatching the dagger out of your hands and throwing it back on shore. Then, she wrapped both hands around your neck, pushing you back towards the edge of the lagoon in an attempt to bash your head against the rock.

That’s when your last miracle happened.

Two strong hands came from behind you, lifting you from under your armpits up and out of the lagoon.

Once laid out on the ground, the oh-so familiar and bossy British accent was barking at you from above.

“You bloody idiot, Y/N! What in the world were you thinking?” Peter shouted.

You coughed out some water and then quickly stood up, backing up from the water’s edge. Gesturing to the mermaids, you fired back, “I was just doing what I had to do! So one of the other Lost Boys didn’t get killed!”

“So, what, you were gonna get yourself killed instead?” He cried.

“I knew what I was doing!”

You spotted your dagger on the ground next to you and reached for it. Re-armed, you faced the mermaids, ready to finish the fight.

“Pan!” The first mermaid shrieked. “You’re going to pay for what your pet has done to us!”

You raised your eyebrows at being called Peter’s “pet” and lurched forward, dagger raised, but Peter stopped you, putting a hand on your shoulder and moving in front of you.

“Get behind me,” he said, “I’ll deal with this.”

“Oh, boy will you!” The second mermaid hissed. “We’re going to rip her to shreds!”

Just as you were about to fire back, Peter stepped closer to the edge, the vicious look on his face deadly. “Yeah, good luck trying to get to her without fighting me first.”

This made the mermaids retreat back a few feet. Even though you just saw Peter Pan as more of an ass, you always seemed to forget he was the most dreaded force on the entire island of Neverland.

“C'mon Y'N. Let’s go.” With that, Peter turned and stormed off into the forest. With one last look at the four stunningly lethal mermaids, you followed him.

“Listen, Peter, I-” You started to explain, but Peter just shushed you.

“No, Y/N, I don’t want to hear it. What you did what incredibly stupid, and nothing you can say will make up for that.”

You went quiet for a minute, and then pulled something out of your pocket, holding it up to Peter. “So, what I did was incredibly stupid, even if I still ended up getting the three scales?”

Peter stopped dead in his tracks, whipping his head around to you. Looking down and seeing the three shimmering metallic scales in your hand, Peter’s mouth dropped open.

Then, he picked you up in his arms, twirling you around three times, all while screaming, “Y/N! You’re a genius!”

You grinned, living up the moment.

Peter set you down and looked into your eyes, and you could see his face was glowing with victory and happiness.

It’s important to note that before this exact moment, you had accepted in your head that the hug you had just received from Peter would be the last sign of affection you ever got from him. You now, however, learned that fact was wrong, as Peter tilted his head to the side and leaned in, kissing you passionately on the mouth.

Almost drowned by mermaids and now being kissed by Neverland’s boy dictator, this was easily the strangest and most wild night of your life.

Once he finally pulled back, you just stared at each other, not knowing what to say.

“Um…Peter…what was that?”

He immediately looked down at the ground, his cheeks gone full red. “Um, sorry, Y/N. I guess I just got, uh, a little carried away.” Which would have been a viable excuse, except then you both leaned in and shared your second kiss.

This time you pulled away, feeling your heart pounding ten thousand beats per minute.

Peter began walking again, but this time, he slung his arm around your shoulder, pulling you close to his body. “Well, uh, Y/N, I believe we have some magic to make.”

If you absolutely cannot wait for an official subtitled version of Shin Godzilla, Madman’s DVD and Blu-Ray hit July 19th. Some actual bonus features are (tentatively) listed on their site.

Also, there’s one that apparently came out in Hong Kong a few days ago with English subs. There are camrips from other countries that show subtitles that are more-the-less the same as Funimation’s, so perhaps the ones on this disc are up to par.
American Spy

Paring: Lafayette X Reader
Word Count: 4344 (whew)
Warnings: Language, Violence I think? I used google translate too…*awkward finger guns*


         Agent Kohana,

We are glad to inform you of your position in the continental army. As you know the information we received gave us the upper hand in the war, with more of your help we will certainly be able to become independent. You will serve as a spy but to the General’s men, you will be as high ranked as a major general.

        -Lt. Col. Alexander Hamilton.

You smirked at the letter. Pulling your hair into short braid you packed your stuff and slipped your sword into its sheath. You placed a pistol into your horse’s saddle bag with a few rounds of ammo. A tent and supplies piled on the hindquarters of the mare, you jumped onto the saddle and nicked your horse into a canter. As you rode you realized you were finally going to be able to get revenge on what the British did to your family.

When you were fourteen you were kidnapped. They killed your mother and you don’t know what happened to your father, he was captured and tied up, all because he served the rebel army. You managed to escape and after being on the run for three days, the Sioux tribe found you. They raised and cared for you, eventually, you earned the name Kohana, swift. Now you were a spy, against the British and were on your way to take up your position.

After four days of traveling, you arrived at the General’s camp, mid-day. As soon as you arrived you were stopped by a group of soldiers.

“Excuse me, you can’t be here.” One of the men said.

You dismounted your horse and held her by the reins. “I have every reason to be here.”

“You’re a woman–” he began.

“So what if I am?” Your anger fueled.

In that moment a short man with dark hair tied back into a ponytail approached you. “What’s going on here?”

You smiled, “You must be Alexander Hamilton,”

“Yes, I’m sorry, but unless you have a letter written by me or the General I can’t let you into the camp.” He told you.

You grabbed the letter from your saddlebag and handed it to him. “You wrote this to me four days ago.”

He took it with a certain amusement. He read over the letter in disbelief. “You cannot be Agent Kohana, you are a woman!”

“You don’t believe me because I am a woman?” You accused.

“Yes,” he stated, clearly unafraid to express his opinion.

Extending your hand you smiled innocently. He cautiously shook it. You smirked at him and pulled him in while turning around, you threw him over your shoulder and he hit the ground with a thud.

He groaned as he rolled onto his stomach and pulled himself up. You looked at the shocked faces behind you, “How was that for a woman?”

Once on his feet again, he caught his breath and nodded. “Nice to meet you Agent Kohana.”

He walked past you and you grabbed your horse and followed him. “The tent site is this way since you’re are a major general you will sleep over there, near the General’s tent.” He pointed to the right, where a big tent was surrounded by smaller ones.

“Thank you,” you replied.

You set to work and put up a tent for you and a tied your horse to a nearby post. Perspiration dripped down your forehead as you hammered the third to last stake into the ground. You slipped your jacket off and threw it into the tent.

“Excusez-moi mademoiselle, but this is a Majors campsite,” a French accent said.

You stood and turned to him. His dark tangles were pulled back into a ponytail, his brown eyes brimming with curiosity. “Yes, I am fully aware of that, Monsieur.”

He smiled at your use of his native language. You pulled the letter out of your pocket and handed it to him, you hammered another stake into the ground as he read. “If you doubt me you can ask the General yourself.”

He shook his head. “I don’t doubt that a woman can be this high ranked.”

Smiling at him you took the letter back. “I’m Y/N, Agent Kohana is just my undercover name.”

“Nice to make your acquaintance Miss Y/N, my name is long so you can call me Lafayette,” he smiled. “Can I ask what Kohana means?”

“It is Sioux for swift,” you told him. “The tribe raised me.”

“Intrigant, I’ll see you around then Miss Y/N,” he left you to finish setting up your tent.

It was late afternoon once you were done with your tent. You walked in and sat in a chair that you place in the corner or the tent. Relaxing into the chair, you smiled. I made it, now those British bastards are gonna pay.

“Agent Kohana?” You heard Alexander say outside your tent.

“Come in Mr. Hamilton,” You said while standing up.

He walked in and saluted to you. “Uh, ma’am? I guess, sorry I’m not used to–”

“It’s okay Hamilton, and please, it’s Y/N. Agent Kohana is simply a code name.” You reassured the flustered man.

He nodded and relaxed. “The General wants to see you now, he just arrived.”

“Lead the way,” You told him.

He nodded again and walked out of the tent with you following him. You walked to the much larger tent. The General seemed to be in deep concentration when you walked in. He was speaking with Lafayette, “General Washington, Agent Kohana is here to see you.”

That name struck you deep, Washington was your last name. The General couldn’t be… He was, The General of the Continental army was your father. He straightened his back and looked at you, the same shocked expression traced his features.

“Y–Y/N?” He stuttered. Alexander looked at Lafayette who in turn shrugged his shoulders with just as much surprise.

“Dad!” You ran to him, he opened his arms and hugged you tightly. He buried his head into your hair tears of joy and sorrow were flooding your vision.

“I thought you were dead! How did you survive?” He said after you stepped away from him.

“The Sioux, they took me in and trained me to hunt and fight. When I heard war was being established I wrote to you and asked for a position,” your voices quieted. “Of course I didn’t know you were the general and you didn’t know I was a woman but oh well.”

All three men laughed along with you at the last part of your sentence. Washington stepped back behind his desk and looked at you and the two men beside you. “Well, I guess that deserves an explanation.”

So your father when through the whole story that brought you here today. He mentioned how proud he was to have you as a daughter and that he wouldn’t have you any other way. Alexander and Lafayette smiled fondly at you.

“Incroyable,” Lafayette muttered. “Such a woman deserves mounds of respect.”

“What he said,” Alex added quickly.

You laughed softly at the two. “Aw, you flatter me.”

A couple minutes meeting with your father and discussing battle tactics, Alexander left to write a letter to congress. You slipped away to your tent and fell asleep on the low-lying cot.

In the morning you were introduced to a group of newbies. Your father entrusted them to you for training.

“Okay men, line up, at ease.” You commanded.

A few muttered and groaned as they moved. You could tell they were not very happy with taking orders from a woman. Stepping into a practice ring you turned to your men. “Show me what you got, first to disable the other wins.”

You stepped out and called the first two men into the ring. They squared up and began to throw punches. You groaned, clearly, you had a lot of work to do. “Stop!”

They both stopped and looked at you. “I said disable not kill,” you sighed, stepping into the ring. “Attack me.” You commanded the shorter man.

He stared at you confused. “I won’t hit a girl.”

“Oh don’t worry, you won’t.” You stated.

He coiled his fist back and made a puny swing towards you. You slid out of the way, and he came back to hit you again, angry this time. You turned on your heel and grabbed his wrist, pulling it behind his back and pushing his shoulder up while reaching for the other hand. You locked him in a hold and he struggled to get out. “That is how you disable.”

The men stared at you shock written in their faces. You released the man and he shook off the attack. “H–How’d you do that?” He breathed. You extended your hand to him and he did the same. You repeated the move but slower so the men could see.

“Y'all are just weaklings,” someone in the back grumbled.

“What was that? Mr. Lee, I believe?” You said inviting him into the circle.

“I wouldn’t underestimate her…” someone whispered.

“Whenever you’re ready Lee,” You said positioning yourself into a fighting stance.

He mimicked your stance and glared at you. He lunged at you, you dodged easily. He swung back up and threw a punch at you. You blocked it with your forearms and kneed him in the gut.

He let out a huff of air as he fell back. He lunged at you once again and you locked him in a sleep hold. “You done?”

He struggled in your grasp before relaxing defeat. Your arms unfolded from around his neck and he stumbled forward. “Okay, we will do simple blocks, use your forearms as I did when Lee swung at me.”

You sat back as you watched the men pair up and began blocking each other. Lafayette was watching with an approving smile on his face as you went around instructing the men.

“Y/N!” He called. You looked up at him and waved in acknowledgment.

“Alright, good work, get some rest.” You told the men. Making your way through the dispersing men to Lafayette with pride. “Hi.”

“Good work, take a walk with me?” He asked.

“Sure,” you shrugged.

As you walked the perimeter of the camp the sun began to set. Lafayette talked about France and his family. You told him about your adoptive parents and how the Sioux trained you. Subconsciously, you had moved closer to the Frenchman as you talked. You loved the spark in his eyes when he spoke of his home, you loved his loud laugh when he told you stories of his childhood. In conclusion, you were falling for the major.

You smiled to yourself as you walked. Your hands in your pockets and a shirt hung loosely from your torso. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you as you walked. The cool summer breeze ran gently over your skin as flyaways from your hair went with it. You scanned the brush as you walked and froze when you heard something rustle. Footsteps followed.

“Did you hear that?” You asked looking at Lafayette.

“It’s probably just an animal or something,” he said.

“No, it wasn’t,” you moved to the spot where the sound came from. Crouching down you heard Lafayette call for you but you were determined to figure out who or what it was.

You stepped lightly over sticks and leaf litter. You came to a clearing where you saw over five hundred British soldiers. Fear struck you as you hurriedly snuck back to where Lafayette was standing. He looked at the fear painted on your face with concern.

“Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas?” He asked.

“British, a lot of them too,” you began walking to your father’s tent. Lafayette following you closely.

You walked into your father’s tent. “Dad, the British are on the south side of the camp in a small clearing. We have to let them think they have the upper hand. They have battlements ready. They’re going to attack tonight.”

He nodded and looked to Alexander. “Warn the camp, quietly. We can’t let the British know we know but our men need to be ready.”

Rushing to your tent Lafayette pulled you aside, “Y/N, stay behind the front line,” you met his dark eyes. “S'il vous plaît…”

“Lafayette, you know I can’t do that,” you told him quietly. “This is my country and I’m going to fight for it.”

He watched you go to your tent and load your gun. You slipped your sword into its sheath and held your rifle at ready. You and the rest of the camp waited eagerly for the attack. Then you heard the gunshot. You lead some men with you to the front line. You held out while the nurses helped the wounded and moved supplies around.

A bullet whistled past your ear, you gasped and your eyes widened as a pain shot through your shoulder. You were knocked back from the force.

“Y/N!” You heard someone yell.

You clenched your hand to the wound and tears poured out of your eyes. You struggled to your feet and stumbled to the shrubbery. Your back fell against a tree and white-hot pain seared through your arm and chest.

“Y/N!” You heard again, this time right in front of you.

Strong arms picked you up and held you close, you opened your eyes and saw Lafayette. Worry and regret lined his face. He rushed back to the camp with you in his arms.

“Help her!” He cried as he barged into the nurse’s tent.

One of the nurses turned to catch the lead nurse as she was about to head out again. “It’s a major.”

She nodded and Lafayette put you on a medical cot. He watched nervously as the nurse cleaned the wound with Alcohol. He was shoved out of the tent as the nurse began to remove your shirt. Black dots blotted your vision as the bullet was pulled from your shoulder. Eventually, you passed out.

The pain is what woke you up, although less extreme than yesterday it still hurt like hell. You strained your head up to see Lafayette asleep in a chair.

“Lafayette?” You said weakly, your voice was hoarse after yesterday.

He jerked awake and looked at you. “Oh Dieu merci…” he whispered, getting up.

You attempted to sit up only to crash back down, and grunt in pain. “Take it easy,” Lafayette said. He pushed the hair out of your face and you relaxed again into the cot.

Your father walked in and Lafayette stood up. “Is she awake?” He asked.


He rushed to your side. “My brave little girl.”

“I’m not little dad,” You joked. “I’ll be okay.”

“I know you will, also your plan went very well.” He told you. “Very few casualties and the British fled in a few minutes.”

You smiled. “I told you I wouldn’t let you down.”

He nodded. He leaned down and whispered to you. “When you heal, I have a plan for you. Something that is in your comfort zone.”

You smiled at him. “I’m up for it,” you whispered. Raising your voice so people could hear. “I’m glad to hear it.” He shared your smile and left the tent.

Using your good arm you pushed yourself up and winced at the pain. Your arm was in a sling and the bandage was freshly tied. Lafayette came to your side and placed his arm around your waist.

Trying to cover your blush you looked down and spoke in his native language. “Je suis d'accord.” (i am okay)

“Je ne laisserai pas votre côté,” he stated.

You sighed. “Fine.”

The next two and a half months were painstaking because of the injury. Yet you still trained men but were less physical than most. You knew they were ready for battle. In the meantime, you gained some friends, Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and of course Lafayette.

You rolled your shoulder testing the flexibility. Sighing you stepped out into the early morning. You breathed in the fresh morning air and made your way through the fog to your father’s tent. He was waiting for you when you walked in.

“The British as insufferable as they may be are having a gala. I need you to go undercover and find as much information as you can. Look through studies, books, talk to people–”

“I know Dad,” you said. He looked at you and nodded.

He gave you the address and invitation for the gala. You silently gathered a few of your belongings and rode to Boston. Since you were already in Massachusetts it didn’t take long to arrive.

“Bonjour Mon amie!” Lafayette said, entering your tent. “Y/N?” He said looking at the vacant space.

“Is Y/N in there?” John said poking his head in.

Lafayette exited the tent. “Non.”

“Maybe she took an early patrol.” Hercules shrugged.

“She hates morning patrol,” Lafayette said. “She told me.”

Alexander smirked at him. “She tells you everything, are you sure you don’t know where she is?”

Lafayette’s cheeks heated as Alexander spoke. “Not everything…” he said quietly.

“It’s not like you’re near each other twenty-four-seven,” John laughed.

“Tais-toi,” Lafayette scolded.

“What does that mean?” John said looking to Alexander.

Lafayette brushed past his friends and to the General’s tent. “Washington?”

“Yes?” He said looking at the Frenchman.

“Do you know where Y/N is?” He asked.

“She’ll be back in a few days,” he assured.

“Pardon, but that does not answer my question, sir,” he said taking another step towards Washington.

Washington’s face hardened. “She’s doing her job.”

“Are you telling me you sent Y/N into danger even though she just recovered?” His voice dropped dangerously low.

“My daughter knows how to handle herself,” Washington said matching his tone. “I suggest you leave before you dig yourself a deeper hole.”

Lafayette held his breath and walked out of the tent. Fear for you filled his gut as his friends bombarded him with questions. He shook his head dismissively and secluded himself in his tent.

Lacing up the back of your dress that you had for “special” occasions, you examined it to make sure the secret pouches and the army clothes underneath weren’t visible. Satisfied with your work you snatched your invitation and walked the short way to the mansion it was held in.

“Invitation?” A guard asked.

You nodded and handed him the paper. “Thank you, Miss Williams.”

You offered a kind smile and stepped into the gala wasting no time looking at the pretty sights. You searched the room flooded with big puffy dresses and British uniforms. Eyeing a study upstairs in the back you walked up and leaned against the railing as men spun women through dances. A pair of guards passed and nodded to you. You smiled innocently and as soon as they passed you snuck into the study and began searching for plans, maps, orders, letters, anything that could give the continental army a leg up.

“Ah ha!” you whispered when you came up with a letter sent to a British general discussing their positions. You slipped it into a secret compartment that was sewn into your dress.

The door swung open and light hid the silhouette that advanced on you. Lifting your skirt you bolted past him but he was quicker. He called for help as you wriggled in his grasp. Once other soldiers arrived you were overwhelmed and knocked out in the struggle.


You opened your eyes in a cold sweat. You looked around and saw that you were in a circular stone structure. Most likely an old cellar of some sort. The military clothes under your dress allowed for more movement so you removed the dress and slipped the letter you found into your boot.

A guard stood at the wooden door of your cell, you searched the endless stone walls for a way out. The cellar was underground, you could tell by the small opening where they poured in grains. You felt along the stone walls for bricks that stuck out. You clawed your way up but to your disappointment, they did not go all the way up and you couldn’t reach the opening. There was no other way out other than the wooden door that was being guarded.

“Damn it,” you sighed and sunk into the floor. Your mind wandered to the Frenchman. Did he know you were gone? You buried your head in your knees.

“Get up,” someone said gruffly before yanking you up by the arm.

“What do you want,” You growled.

He noticed your change of clothes, “Came prepared huh, miss Washington?”

Your expression hardened. “What?”

“There have been reports of the rebel General’s daughter serving in his army.”

“How did you know?” You exclaimed. You froze after realizing what you had just proved.

He smiled devilishly at you, “Well,” he took a few steps towards you. “Looks like we have an advantage hm?”

“Go. To. Hell,” you whispered through gritted teeth.

He frowned and gripped your arm tightly. You hid your fear, and kept a straight face. He dragged you to another room. He tossed you in a chair and chained you down, “I’m not telling you anything,” you growled.

“Oh yes you will,” he said picking up a horse crop.

Not a day went by where Lafayette didn’t worry about you. He was more distracted and spoke less. About two weeks later a courier came to the camp and delivered a letter. While Lafayette discussed tactics and waning supplies Alexander read the letter aloud to the two.

         To The General,

I propose a trade, since forcing you to surrender to us is against the rules of war, a couple of supplies including food, medical supplies, etc will do in trade for your daughter. We have tried to force information out of her but she is strong willed.

         -Sir Jeffery Amherst

“Lafayette…” Alex trailed.

Washington straightened as Lafayette’s expression switched between worry, and anger. “She’s in danger we have to go get her.” Lafayette said.

“We can’t Gilbert, not by force,” Washington told him.

“Do you have any idea what they could be doing to her?” Lafayette said.

“Alexander, leave us,” Washington said.

“But sir-”

Washington cut him off, “Alexander.”

Alex nodded and grudgingly and left the tent.

“Gilbert, don’t,” Washington warned.

“Don’t what!” Lafayette yelled.

“You can’t go after her, I understand that you’re mad, she’s my daughter but you have to think rationally.”

“I-I, she’s-” He struggled for words. Lafayette’s voice softened. “J'aime elle.”

“What?” Washington said.

“J'aime elle, I love her…” He said quietly.

Washington stared at his Major, “That does not mean you can just leave to get her! What if you get caught as well?”

“Try and stop me,” Lafayette challenged.

Lafayette stormed out of the tent and walked in a straight path to his. Alexander ran after him and trotted against Lafayette’s long strides.

“Lafayette, you can’t go after her! It’s too risky,” Alex warned.

“That’s funny coming from someone who willing takes risks,” he grumbled.


“Non, I’m going after her and you can’t stop me.”


You were once again shoved back into your cell. You fell against the wall tears stinging at your eyes. Three weeks in this damned cell. Your fingers lightly skimmed over a fresh whip burn. The mark on your forearm was not the only wound you had gained in your time here, your stomach tightened with hunger and your throat burned for a drink that you received only twice here.  

You curled your knees to your chest and leaned your head back on the stone wall. The only things that were keeping you going was your hatred for the British, the information you had stuffed in your boot, and at the top of the list, of course, was your beloved Frenchman. You longed to see his wide smile and the sparkle in his eye. The last time you saw him he called you mon amour. Exhaustion slowed your thoughts as you closed your eyes and laid your back against the cold floor. Like every night you didn’t get the sleep your body craved. You slept with one eye open and woke up at the slightest change in the wind.

You shot up from the ground and stood, something was extremely different. “Y/N!” someone with a heavy accent whispered.

Looking up you saw Lafayette staring down at you from the grain hatch. “Laf? How?”

“I’ll tell you everything later,” he extended his arm down to you. “Can you reach me?”

You nodded. “I can try,” Climbing the stones you found at the beginning at this adventure. You reached up and grabbed his wrist, he did the same and pulled you out through the grains hatch.

You stood up feebly and enjoyed the clean air. Lafayette wrapped his arms around you tightly and held you. You sighed and relaxed into his embrace, “Thank you.”

He stood back, his hands resting on your hips. “Mon amour, you’re skin and bones, did they feed you?”

You shook your head, his face grew angry and you could tell he wanted to hit something. You put your hand on his chest and met his eyes. “We can’t, we have to go they’ll find out that I’m not in there and look for me.”

Lafayette grabbed your hand and lead you along the path he took. You sighed in relief when a camp tent came into sight. “Is this your camp?”


You smiled and turned towards Lafayette. You hugged him tightly and he wrapped his arms around you. “You know, the whole time I was in there I never stopped thinking about you.”

He pulled back and met your eyes. Leaning down he kissed you passionately. You wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. When you parted you leaned your head against his. “je t'aime,” he said softly.

You smiled and moved your arms down to his back. Leaning against him you said. “je t'aime aussi.”

Cold, Empty Mattresses and Falling Stars

So this was supposed to be my pbb fic before I dropped out bc ~reasons~ but I figured I’d still finish and post it anyway. I’m sorry this has been so long coming; I’ve been working on this on and off since july, I’ve had to weave it in and out of my suddenly hectic schedule consisting of work, a-levels, and more work ever since I’ve started college, I’ve changed and rewritten and altered so many little things it’s nearly driven me crazy over the course of those months so now I’m just so glad I’m finally able to share this with you. It isn’t much, I guess, but I hope it’s enough.

I really took to this prompt. I live in an area that stands in a strange middle ground between rural and urban. I come from a fairly big town in which I’ve lived my whole life, I’m no stranger to traffic and congestion and crowds and buildings, and London; the capital, the biggest, brightest, most densely populated city in England sits only about forty-five minutes away from me. Somehow, despite this, where I live I’m also surrounded by miles and miles of desolate countryside with no signal or sight of another person after so little as a ten minute drive out of the town; meaning I’m surrounded by the stars. Which, if you know me, subsequently means I spend a lot of time looking at them. Although they’re both polar opposites, I feel as if I relate to and make up the elements of both Dan and Phil in this fic.

(Also I had a slight obsession with this song over the summer which is why a lot of it is based on it lol)

Thank you to my lovely beta Aqua for being an absolute star with this fic. You’re literally one of the best betas I’ve ever had and I’d literally love to work with you again (pls). Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me with this fic, whether it be picking out my overuse of semi-colons or suggesting different swear words for me to use (I love being an actual sinner!). I love you so so much, and I can’t wait to actually mEET you tomorrow so we can get cheeky Nando’s and go to Waitrose like the tru Sussex ladies we are xxxxx

Thank you to my equally lovely beta readwritewatchrepeat for being so patient with me throughout this; I really really appreciate how supportive you’ve been over these past couple of months what with the dropout and stuff, and I’d love to work with you again in the future <3

Thank you to my (unofficial) artist Abi for this beautiful song. Abi, you’re the most talented person ever and I love and appreciate every single song you’ve ever written for a fic of mine. You’re one of the most incredible, beautiful, kind, caring, and just fucking adorable people I know, inside and out, and I’m still not certain what I did to deserve to have you in my life, but I’m so glad you’re here. Quite a bit of this fic was written with you in mind after the song you wrote (and the dream I had) so I hope you like it. I love you so, so much, and I’ll see you in my dreams (hehe). <3

Ok I’ll shut up now so u can read the fic instead of my emo rambles


prompt: 2009 au where phil and his family own a campground/cabins in an area that is known for stargazing and phil has lived his entire life there, therefore knowing a lot about stars. dan and his family come from the city to said campground because dan is a nerd and asked to come there for his birthday.

words: 33k (woah wtf)





1.    A person who gazes at or observes the stars

2.      A daydreamer

3.    An impractical idealist

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Raindrops and Woodsmoke, Forget Them Not

It’s in the raindrops
Outside tents in covered camping

The smell of fire burning,
Wood and moss and things.
The look in her eyes,
As she treasured just that ring.
No diamonds.

Not for it’s wealth, the gold
It held
But the pain it captured inside.

“Don’t forget the little things,
They matter most of all.”

And when she died
Her words would still ring in
My ears.

All my fears without her
Not as important, as vital
As the little things
She’d made me swear
I’d not forget.

I haven’t forgotten,
Neither have I stopped missing her.
Not yet.

It’s the little things, the ones
That are most important.
I swore I’d forget them not.

Wistfully, wistfully she said,
“For when I’m gone,
By remembering these,
You should remember me.”

i’ve decided to rework the entirety of my lore. and most of my clan tbh. here’s some info :}

the clan no longer dwells underground entirely, rather they’ve moved to a rather large ‘crater.’ surrounded by high mountains, the clan has spent much time learning the routes and secrets in order to travel swiftly in their new home. they’ve built tents from bones, skins, old cloths, basically anything they come across in their daily scavenging. 

the tents are built into shallow pits to reserve warmth during the night. nests are made of fur stolen from animals and tundras (no tundras were harmed, these tundras just shed everywhere!)

the soil within their tents is hard, cracked dirt. using this as an advantage, they (specifically, the ridgebacks) have burrowed underground in each dwelling, creating a massive system of tunnels. these tunnels are lit by candles made of animal fat, securely placed within hollow bones hung against the walls.

these tunnels have many dead ends, and even members of the clan get confused. they ultimately lead far outside of their territory.

rogues often slink in thinking the tunnels are an easy challenge. this doesn’t usually go as planned. even if they did manage to find a way out, odds are one of the clan members found them first.

the shoddy topography of the territory. the highest points are brightly colored. the white dots are bone spires and the green blobs are lakes of..plague water