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just trying to gauge interest- would anyone be interested in acrylic charms in this sort of style?? i desperately want erasermic keychains but can’t find any for sale;;

tentatively thinking $5-$6 each for double sided 1.5" charms? i’ll go ahead w them if it seems likely i can make up for the printing cost

EDIT: ok i am gonna go ahead with these soon!! thank you so much for the interest!! (also updated the pic with sketches im using for the final ones)

Mafia Princess (6/?)

Steve x Reader
Summary You’re the well-known daughter of high-profile mob boss, Tony Stark. When Stefano “Steve” Rogers comes to town to conduct business for his father, your father insists that you spend time with him, showing him the town. You know that there’s more to it than just that and you’re determined to find out what’s going on between the families before you get in over your head with Steve but he’s certainly going out of his way to entice you. When you learn what’s in store, will you fight your fate or accept your destiny as Mafia Princess?
Warnings swearing, dry humping, slapping someone, flirting, kissing, sexual tension
AN This was supposed to be a oneshot for @whotheeffisbucky ‘s challenge but it got way out of control…. and there seems to be a slow burn happening… 
There’s Italian throughout the fic because I felt that they would speak that way (I mean, my family does so yeah…) I hope you enjoy it! There’s smut so 18+. Tags are open and feedback is always welcome!

Ciao bella, come stai?: hi sweetie, how are you?
Due arancini e una quattro stagioni, per favore: two rice balls and a quattro stagioni (pizza with artichokes, black olives, mushrooms, and proscuitto/ham)
Tesoro: darling/treasure

You found Steve waiting for you in the library; he was sitting in one of the sofa chairs reading a book. When you approached him, he looked up, his gaze taking you in.

“I’m ready.”

“I can see that.”

“What are you reading?”

He stood up and stretched, his shirt raising slightly and you caught sight of those delicious abs. He caught you staring and smirked at you, “Nothing important.”

You glanced down at the cover and chuckled, “How to Make Friends and Influence People? Really?”

He shrugged and smiled, “It was something to read.”

You took his and pulled him up, “Somehow I think that you don’t really care to make friends.”

Steve grinned at you, “That’s pretty accurate. In this line of work, friends are a liability. You know that.”

You nodded and started walking out of the library, sighing, “Unfortunately, that’s true.”

“Uh huh. Not everyone understands this lifestyle, cara, you know that.”

You sighed, “You’re telling me.” Walking to the front of the house, you turned to Steve and smiled, “Can I drive your car?”

He laughed at you, “Nope. Not today.”


When you arrived at the outdoor supply store, Steve dropped you off out front then went to park the car so you made your way towards the tent section of the store to wait for him. Looking at the different tents, a sales person approached you.

“You’ve got good taste,” he smiled at you.

Without even looking at him, you answered, “I know.”

He laughed, “It’s a great tent. Can fit up to ten people comfortably. How many people will you be going with?”

“Not that many.” You finally looked at him; he was cute but you weren’t sure if he was flirting with you.

“Well, even if you don’t have that many people, you can fit an air mattress and really stretch out.” He opened the door and made he was inside, “Come, I’ll show you.”

Holding the flap open for you, you looked around but still didn’t see Steve so letting out a small sigh, you climbed in.

The associate leaned back, putting his hands behind his head and he stretched his legs out, “See? What’d I tell you, tons of room. Here, lie down.”

You lay down next to him and looked at the ceiling, “Oh yeah, so much room. Very spacious.”

He sat up and looked down at you, “Was I right or what?”

You laughed, “Yes, yes, you were right.”

At that moment, Steve popped his head in the tent and he did not look impressed, “I thought I heard your laugh.” He looked down at the sales associate, “What were you right about, buddy?”

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Current furbies for sale
Left to right: spring furby, koala furby (Stormy), splotchy, dirty bum, pink and blue, pink (missing one eyelash), tentatively for sale is the purple baby (all work)

Tiger and gold stripe are mute, joker is untested and tentative as well. Not shown are Millie and Nox and they are tentatively for sale as well.
Message me if you’re interested in any one of them!

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shame about Sam hope she can get some help for the renovations but we know what MM is - selfish - check. cares only about fame - check. deceptive - check. crazy - check. There all sorted

I hope she does too, she asking for self-sufficiency, hygiene, basic needs of human.

As far as the cheese ball goes, she is on a slippery slope playing with fire. Ask her to start Ebaying all that merchandise or have a tent sale. 

Thanks anon 


So I found the most wonderful rainbow yarn and have been making these cute little MSD jumpers. Unfortunately I now have more than I need, which brings me to my question…

Would anyone buy these, and if so how much do you think they’re worth?

The bottom two are kinda tentatively for sale. Weirdly they’re actually the same yarn just one turned out 90% blue…with crooked sleeves that annoy me. The top one is my prototype and Quinn has claimed it so I’ll be keeping it. I am working on another in that colour though. 

They do up with hooks at the back so you shouldn’t have to take your dolls head off either. They fit Resinsoul mini boys and should fit other slim minis but I don’t have access to any to check so no guarantees. 

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In 2015 SHINee was Like the 5th highest Selling artist that year right? This year its below top 10, did 1of1 sell a lot less than Odd or was 2016s competetion just stronger

the entire top fifteen is made up of mostly bts and exo. the only artists that managed to squeeze their way into it that aren’t are: shinee, got7, seventeen and twice. so, it’s not as much that competition was higher as it was that two groups with extremely high selling artists released a lot of albums this year or different versions of albums this year. and, with tentative year end sales, 1of1 and odd basically sold the same. 1of1 is sitting at 172,278 in sales while odd sold 172,999

Have yourself some Amis dealing with the struggles of coexistence
  • The first time les Amis go on holiday together it’s Bahorel’s idea: he arrives at the Musain overexcited because he saw a 9 person tent on sale . He has always loved camping and “Come on guys, it’s a bargain!”
  • The place is beautiful, a small lake tucked away in a valley surrounded by green woods. As soon as they arrive there, all tired and sweaty after two hours walking, Bahorel drops his backpack, takes off his t-shirt and runs in the freezing water, dragging with him Enjolras and Combeferre who, in his opinion, needed a push to let themselves go. Grantaire and Courfeyrac, standing still on the shore with their mouths opened and their eyes glistening are definitely looking at the landscape. What did you think??? Crushes??? What are you talking about???
  • They spend all night chatting and playing UNO and the next day they go for a hike in the woods. Everything seems perfect.
  • But after three days the lack of proper sleep and the fact that they spend 24 hours a day together begin to create some tension.
  • Bossuet drinks the last lemon flavored beer. When Bahorel finds out he bitterly says “You could at least ask for it.” Then, he doesn’t speak for an hour.
  • Every time Courfeyrac speaks directly to Combeferre Enjolras’ face darkens and he goes to sit next to Feuilly. “They obviously like each other. I guess they don’t need a third wheel. Who cares about life-long friends anyway, am I right?”
  • Feuilly pitched the tent, hung the hammock and fished five trouts. In the evening Grantaire, proud former boy scout, is trying to light the bonfire. When Feuilly asks if he needs help he drops the matches yelling “Well, do it yourself then!” And goes to sit alone on the shore.
  • Enjolras, Joly and Grantaire go to pick pick some wild strawberries in the woods. On their way back they find a crossroads. Enjolras says they should go left, Joly says they should go right. They argue for some minutes and then ask Grantaire’s opinion. “I don’t know..I think..left?”. When the left path turns out to be undoubtedly wrong Joly, annoyed, tells R: “You know, you don’t have to follow every time his ass no matter what.” R looks at him in disbelief and steps away not to punch him.
  • In the middle of all these fights we find Jehan Prouvaire, completely at peace. They relish being surrounded by the nature, but at the same time they keep an eye on what their friends are doing.
  • The night after the fourth day the tension is tangible. They are all sitting around the bonfire, in silence. Suddenly, Jehan gets up. They open their backpack, take out their notebook, tear away eight pages and give one to each Amis.
  • “I want all of you to write down what you are feeling. All the grudges you have against the others and everything that worries you. Then you burn them.”
  • Everybody is stunned at first, but Jehan’s expression is deadly serious and no one dares to argue.
  • They spend several minutes in complete silence, just looking at the flames in the middle of the circle. Then, each in their own time, they begin to write.
  • After some time Courf begins to sob, followed suit by Joly and Bahorel.
  • Grantaire is the first one to finish. He filled both the front and the back of the page. He gets up and throws it the bonfire, stonefaced. After a few seconds Enjolras, on the opposite side of the circle, does the same. Grantaire looks at him through the flames and a few seconds later he is cringing, his hands start to fidget and he begins to cry his eyes out. Enjolras stares at him disconcerted for a second, before doing the same.
  • Soon after they are all crying and hugging one another. There are a lot of “I’m so sorry”, “I’m an idiot” and “I don’t know what came over me”. After a while the sobs become chuckles and the apologies become self-critical jokes. They all gather around Jehan and kiss their head because they are the most beautiful soul that ever existed and they are all so lucky to have them as a friend.
  • The following days are the best ever. The evening before some of them had feared that their friendship was coming to an end, but they find out they have never been better friends than now.