tent of dreams

Arashi is ADORABLE!!!  This was such a super sweet dream town.   I loved the dressing room–it made me wish you could try on outfits inside houses in dream towns.  How cute would that be. :)  I love when residents are still in tents and especially when tents are on the beaches. I am not the best at landscaping, so I found Arashi to be a really good source of inspiration for placing flowers and trees.  And of course no visit would be complete with out spending some time with Mayor Aby.  



This is the life I imagine.  These things, for myself and my family.  Dream living.


Post 5x15 fic Oliver needs to talk to Felicity about Thea leaving as she is the only one who understands him. Also on AO3.

Still working through my 5x15 issues…hope you enjoy :)

After the team meeting broke up Oliver headed downstairs to his living quarters to change out of suit. It had been a long day. That was an understatement. Despite the positive spin and thank you he had given his team, he wasn’t feeling positive at all. Thea had left. Another woman he loved had left as she needed space from him. He really didn’t know how to process what had happened. He needed to talk to Felicity.

He quickly went back upstairs expecting to find her on the landing at her computers. He was a little surprised to discover she wasn’t there. The computer we stilling sorting through the petabyte of data they had retrieved from Prometheus’ mother’s house but she would have shut off the monitors if she were gone for the night, maybe she had just stepped out. He decided to wait for her, he took a seat in Felicity’s chair and waited.

Oliver wasn’t sure how long he had been waiting when he heard the elevator doors open and the familiar click of Felicity’s heels on the floor. He looked up. “Where have you been?”

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At first you didn’t regard the murmurs. Your half-asleep brain told you that the noise was an annoyance to be ignored.

Then, you heard the moaning. You rolled up, your eyes struggling to adjust to the dark. The moans were morphing into words.


You listened for Sam, wondering why he wasn’t intervening. He must have heard Dean by now. You whispered hoarsely, “Sam! What’s going on?”

A snore was your reply. Sam was out cold.

You stood, as Dean began to get louder, thrashing on his bed. You glanced at the door, worried he might wake your neighbors. 

As you followed the sound of his cries, you stumbled over what you thought to be boots and fell onto the floor. Swearing under your breath, you stretched out your hand and felt around you until your fingers found Dean’s bed.

Your knees throbbed as you crawled your way onto the bed. By now, Dean was kicking and yelling. You opened your mouth to call his name when a flying arm hit you across the jaw. The force behind the punch nearly threw you off the bed. You cried out, managing to catch yourself before your head collided with the bed frame.

After clawing your way back onto the bed, you were more careful now, doing to your best to dodge his flailing knees and fists. Someone beat on your door, but you ignored them. They’d have to wait.

“Dean! Dean! Wake up!” You shook his shoulders until you saw the green of his eyes.

He sat up, grabbing your shoulders. He wrapped his hands under your jaw as his eyes frantically inspected your face. He panted, “Y/N?”

Before you could answer, he pulled you into him, encasing you in his arms. He smelled of laundry detergent and adrenaline. “You’re okay. God, you’re okay.”

You pushed away from him, his wild demeanor scaring you. “Of course I’m okay. It was just a nightmare, Dean.”

The pounding on the door continued, but you didn’t move off of the bed. You wiped off Dean’s sweat from your face. “Man, that must have been a bad one.”

You met his eyes, which continued to search you. His thumb brushed against your cheek again as he thought out loud, “It was so real.”

The way he was looking at you made you uneasy. It was the look of someone who lost something precious. It was the look of someone seeing a ghost. 

“Dean”, you asked tentatively, “what happened in your dream?”

“You died, Y/N. I watched you die.”

Sabotage-Stiles Stilinski

Part 1:The Promise

Teen Wolf Imagine: #98

PromptAs teenagers a boy and a girl agree to marry if neither have by their 35th birthday. Follow the boy as he attempts to sabotage every relationship the girl has till then.

Word Count: 640

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: So this is part 1! I was going to write it as one long thing but I thought it would be better split up into parts. Le me know what you think!

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Day 1: Mount Rinjani

After 7 hours of hiking we finally reached the Senaru Crater Rim, where we set up camp for the night.
Here are a few pictures of our setup and the view I had from my tent.
For so long I have reblogged photos on my other blog (v-agabonnd) photos of views from the tent and it’s been a dream of mine to one day have a view like that and just sit there and indulge in the scenery.
And that is exactly what I did here.
It was magical and the best way to rest.
That night I saw the most spectacular display of stars, literally felt like I could see the entire Milky Way.

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andli replied to your post “Arshi AU: Rishtaa - Chapter 36”

Nice chapter! I did not expect one. Good job PS!! Loved this: ‘And suddenly, all her half-formed hopes and tentatives dreams seemed that much further away.’ Of course that’s how she’d react to his display of wealth.. even in so small stuff as buying tomatoes. Also the kids putting misri in Arnav’s car :)) It wasn’t Khushi this time no? Since no Lavanya. And I liked the talk about college

Hiiii @andli :D :D :D 

Honestly I didn’t expect one either!! Thank you so much for your kind words, you’re too sweet ❤️

I’m so glad you liked that line!! It was such a small moment but I wanted to show that she’s having these doubts and they’re in the back of her mind.

Hahahaha, no Khushi with the misri, thought I still like putting Arnav’s car into the shop because of misri as it gives me a few more opportunities to write Payal and Aakash meeting :D

Did you notice Payal putting sindoor on Aakash??!??! It’s not the same as Teej with Arshi but I wanted to foreshadow the future somehow :D

Yeah, I wanted to explore what Aakash’s qualifications are and what he actually does at AR, I feel the show didn’t give him enough opportunities to be his own person.

Thank you so much for the message, I really appreciate it :D