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This Night Is Wild, So Calm and Dull

Bellamy/Clarke, ~1700 words

Clarke is so sure that Bellamy isn’t the boyfriend type that when he kisses her, and it’s sweet and gentle and soft, she’s more taken aback by the careful way he lets his palm rest against her cheek than by the kiss itself. 

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Among Clarke’s idle thoughts, sometimes as she watches Bellamy walking through camp, or giving orders, or standing watch; and sometimes alone, at night, while she stares up into the red-dark shadows of her tent ceiling, is: Bellamy would not be the type of boyfriend who likes to hold hands. It’s a silly thought. Bellamy is also not the type of person who becomes a boyfriend in the first place. And she’s not the type, either, to form vague romantic fantasies—certainly not about assholes like him.

He’s probably the type who barely acknowledges the relationship. He’s probably the type who’s gruff in public, not demonstrative; who maybe, every now and then, will place a hand to her back just to let someone else know: hey, she’s taken, and that’s all. But then in private he’s harsh kisses and sex standing up, her back against the wall, her legs around his waist. Biting kisses instead of sweet kisses. And not a talker. Not a sweet talker, not much for words at all.

She’s so sure of all of this that when he does kiss her, and it is sweet, and gentle, and soft, she’s more taken aback by the careful way he lets his palm rest against her cheek than by the kiss itself. She doesn’t quite kiss back. But she doesn’t pull away. So for a long moment they just sit there side by side next to the dying fire, their knees touching, their lips touching, statue-still like they’re posing for a tableau.

Then Bellamy pulls away, and just stares at her, blinking slowly.

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Struck (Part Twelve)

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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You looked up as the rain drops pattered down on the glass panes. They streaked down the curve of the glass, pouring towards where you stood on the edge of the dome.

You gasped as you watched the sky which had been dazzling sunshine, begin to cloud over. Swathes of purple clouds began to roll over the glass ceiling, colliding with the bright sunlight to create dappled patterns of light on the floor under your feet. You saw rainbows beginning to appear between the sun and rain.

You stood up, grinning. You reached up, trying to get your face closer to the glass. It all looked beautiful.

‘Wow,’ you breathed and you heard a deep chuckle.

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In a Name: Ch 25

Last one until I write more… so now you all have to wait, sorry!

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At first you tried to stay awake, wanting to be there for the prince when he returned, but you finally gave in to the much-desired need to sleep.


Loki wandered the camp, casting a charm of invisibility on himself. A number of Jotuns were said to be skilled with seidr, but he didn’t know how skilled. It wasn’t as if he was spying or eavesdropping, though it would be hard to explain to anyone who caught him what he was actually doing: even he didn’t know.

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seliph/ares making out in the woods after a dangerous battle

basiliskdragon said: pokes you firmly: ares/seliph

gabrieelreyes said: i will also second ares/seliph pls

I was drawing blanks on relief!makeouts but then you started talking about face kisses and wwwwELP. This also turned out way longer than intended so congratulations; once again this is all your fault: 

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hi can I request a scenario where you and your boyfriend jungkook go on a camping trip with bts. you guys act all cuddly and cute together and the members tease you guys about it. you guys end up cuddling together in a tent and fall asleep and being woken up by the members taking pictures of you guys. please make it SUPER fluffy. YOUR BLOG GIVES ME LIFE 💞

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Part 1 // Part 2


Words: 1286

“Jimin is not sharing a tent with us.” Jungkook snapped, crossing his arms stubbornly. Jimin looked in between your face and Jungkook’s, pouting his lips.

“It’s just for 2 nights.” Jimin said. Jungkook would hear nothing about it. Yoongi snapped his fingers to get your attention.

“Jimin, you’re sharing with Hoseok, it’s already decided. We drew straws, don’t complain.”

“Jungkook didn’t draw straws! That’s unfair.” Jimin hissed angrily, crossing his arms and looking out the window. You pat his arm, laughing at his saddened expression. Jungkook took your hand in his, glaring in the direction of his band mate.

“I didn’t draw straws because I’m not letting anyone share a tent with my girlfriend.”

Namjoon looked in the back seat where you, Jimin and Jungkook were all sitting.

“It sounds pretty fair to me, Jimin.”

“Me too,” Taehyung piped in, playing some sort of video game on his phone. 

You were all going camping, and it was 2 to a tent each. Since there was only 7 of them, they were allowed to invite 1 extra person. Jungkook won the little game they were playing, so he invited you to come along with them.

You said yes, of course. It was only a 3 day 2 night thing, but you were utterly excited. After the little dispute with Jimin ended, you mostly rode in silence. The car ride was long, so you let Jungkook fall asleep against your shoulder for awhile. It was kind of stiff, but you ended up falling asleep by accident as well.

You woke up with your head against the window, in the exact same position as the sleeping Jungkook. Jimin was snapping pictures, and the flash was on too brightly. You were blinded by his picture taking right as your eyes opened.

“Stop taking pictures, you’re so rude.” You snapped, pushing his phone back against his nose. Jungkook stirred awake, trying to get his surroundings correct, probably.

“It was so cute, I was going to post it on snapchat.” Jimin pouted, sitting back down properly. He flashed his phone at you, and you had to admit, it was a cute picture alright.

“Okay, post it.” You gushed, ignoring the innocent glances Jungkook was giving you. He was so confused. You smirked, patting down the back of his messy hair. Jungkook blinked tiredly a few times, nodding his head in approval.

“Did we make hot chocolate?” Hoseok wondered, and Jin reached somewhere as he drove, throwing it farther back into the car. Hoseok happily sipped away at steaming hot chocolate.

You arrived at the camping spot, and you got to work setting up the tents with the boys. You’d always loved camping when you were young, and just going with a group of friends was exciting.

Yoongi mostly sat in a chair, with a small blanket wrapped around him. It was so nice out, and you were close to a lake. The thing was, it was just past 3:30 by now, and it would take a little while to get everything set up.

“No, don’t help us.” Jungkook placed both hands on either of your shoulders. He’d gotten so tall within the past few months, you were surprised by how much he now towered over you.  “I don’t want you to help, you might get hurt.”

“I’m f-” You were cut off by a teasing Hoseok.

“Oh me too, Jungkookie, me too!” He bumped his hip into Jungkook’s, sending the younger boy onto the ground. Hoseok purposely landed on him, wrapping his arms around Jungkook. “Take care of me, too!”

“Ew, hyung! Get off me, you’re so, ew.” Jungkook shoved him off, grunting. You helped Jungkook to his feet, having to get on your tip toes just to kiss his chin. He looked smugly around at everyone else, but no one was looking. Hoseok had left to go bother Yoongi, who was throwing packets of hot chocolate at him in annoyance.

“You better clean that up, Yoongi!” Jin shouted, accidentally hitting himself in the face with the wire to hold the tent ceiling up. You went over and helped everyone, besides Jungkook telling you it was fine.

Once everything was up, it was around 5. Jin had brought food in a mini freezer, and cooked it all up on a mobile camping stove for everyone. He evenly distributed food to all of you there, even handing out some hot chocolate.

“Eat it and when you’re finished put the dirty dishes in the trunk.” Jin instructed, and you all dug in. Jungkook leaned over from his pull out chair, raising his eyebrows with a mysterious smile on. He reached over with a piece of food dangling near your face.

“I’ll feed you.” He sounded very serious, making everyone sitting around the fire burst out laughing.

“No, no! Feed me, Jungkookie.” It was Taehyung bothering him, this time. He got up from his chair, falling to his knee’s in front of Jungkook and taking one of his hands.

Jungkook was pouting, and he flicked Taehyung between the eyes. “Go away, hyung…”

“Stop bothering him.” Namjoon swatted a hand through the hair, gulping for air through his laughter. Jungkook crossed his arms unhappily, looking at each face with a pout.

After eating, you helped Jin clean up while Jungkook made the beds in the tent, and you were pretty tired from helping all day. You strolled lazily over to the tent, kicked off your shoes and got in Once you zipped up the tent door, Jungkook wrapped his arms around you and threw you down playfully.

“Jungkook!” Your back hit the light air mattress, covered in blankets. He laid his head down on your chest, holding you in his arms.

“Let’s just…lay like this for a minute…” He trailed off, sighing loudly. You didn’t reply, just lightly caressed the back of his head until he rolled off of you.

“Let’s sleep, okay? Want to share our beds?” You wondered, and Jungkook nodded. He shuffled under the blankets, obviously worn out from all the teasing he’d received all day. You followed him, reaching past him to shut off the flashlight he’d had on before you climbed into the tent.

Once you were under the sheets, Jungkook pulled you against him again. You laid your head on his shoulder, intertwining your fingers with his.

You didn’t realize you fell asleep until you were woken up by the sudden light hitting your eyes. Had Jungkook opened up the tent and left it open? No. You could feel his hot breath in the nape of your neck.

You also felt someone stepping on your foot.

“Hyung, hurry up.” Jimin whispered, and you could hear a swatting noise and a small yelp.

They were flashes from a camera. The camera that was taking pictures of you and Jungkook.

Your eyes snapped open, and you punched the nearest person to you. It just so happened to be Yoongi, who held the camera. Your fist went right into his crotch, and he keeled over.

“Don’t do that! Jungkook will be cranky” You hissed, pushing Yoongi away from you. Jungkook merely stirred in his sleep, pulling you closer to him.

All the others were around, too. They were giggling at the sight before them, sounding like excited 7 year old children.

“It’s so cute, (Y/N).” Taehyung pouted his lips, poking at Jungkook’s face. You punched him away, too. 

“Mm, stop.” Jungkook whined sleepily, burrowing his face into your neck. The other boys suppressed their laughter, only because of your threatening fist. After a little while of struggling, they finally got out of the tent alive.

Jungkook lightly kissed your neck, hands tightening on you.

“Thanks.” He mumbled, before falling back asleep.

kaosstar  asked:

“Looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while.”

He sighed and shook his head. The emergency tent was a decent shelter, at least, and they’d had enough warning to put it up in time. There was a reason why he hated Hoth, even more than Tatooine. 

“Yeah. We’re just gonna have to ride this storm out,” he replied. “When this is done, we can keep goin’ to that hidden Jedi temple. You’re sure it’s still here somewhere?”

“That’s what I heard.” Naya put a hand on the lantern as it gave off a cheery glow. She reached up and took her hair down, then began to brush the long black locks. “I hope the others found a safe place.”

“Jaslim’s from Hoth. He knows where to go. I wouldn’t worry too much.” Rem sat cross-legged on the sleeping bags and shrugged his aching shoulders. The tent’s ceiling made him bend over double, and his head still touched it. 

She noticed the gesture, put down the brush and stretched out, cat-like onto the sleeping bags. “Lie down. At least you can stretch out a little bit.”

He chuckled and settled down next to her. She snuggled into his arm and pressed her body against his. He was warm, like a massive heater. It would be so easy to fall asleep here, protected from the elements.

“Y’know, I don’t mind getting stuck in the middle of an ice plain with you.”

She grinned. “Me too.”

Sleep Well - Alan Ashby

can you do a alan ashby one? you’re friends with him (but both of you have feelings for each other) and the band and you all go camping but then you have a bad nightmare and alan comes to calm you down and you kiss n stuff. he stays with you and the next morning the rest of the boys find you and they are like ‘finally you did something about your feelings’ cause they knew about it and yeah.. thank you!

Thought this one was kinda cute^-^ Hope you like reading, Written by Emma.

“I want some.” I say, holding my hands out over to Austin. He looks at me with a cheeky grin and shakes his head. 

“Sorry, there’s only enough for us.” He bares his teeth as he chuckles. Disapprovingly, I glare at him. 

“Austin, come on, I’m cold.” I tilt my head, an annoying ring to my voice. 

“Should’ve brought your own hot chocolate then.” He shrugs teasingly. I roll my eyes.

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STORY: SF Medic Packs Wound with Insurgent's own Testicles

I don’t even remember the flight or the infill. The first shots that rang out on the objective startled me awake. Ah, there is my nightly adrenaline fix! I’ve got my feet under me now and me and my boys from second squad are chasing a couple of guys through a fig orchard. The UH6 “little bird” helicopters are circling above giving us a play by play on the direction that the two squirters were headed. They started doing gun runs on those poor bastards. There really isn’t much that you can do when those guns open up, the 160th pilots are the most accurate in the world. They are the reason why a lot of special operations guys that I know are still on this earth.

For all you would be terrorists out there, just a heads up, hiding in the dark is easier when you’re not wearing a body length white tunic. We spot one guy laying on the ground to our right. Nick’s fire team goes straight for him, pouncing like a pride of lions on a fucking zebra. Joe and I advance past toward the second target. His hands are up and both of our rifle barrels are locked on his center mass. We are both at a full sprint at this point, moving toward him with the knowledge that the violence of action is the only thing that can keep us alive. I knew that Joe had him covered. In a full sprint, I dropped my rifle down to my side by way of the sling and struck that man with such force that he literally went feet over head nearly completing a full back flip. The best part was thanks to the technique that I recently learned at that tactical fighting school in Chicago it didn’t hurt my hand one bit. Thanks again Vanguard!

Joe covers me while I zip tie the man. Meanwhile one of Nick’s guys who was securing the first squirter tells him, “Sargent, my hands are all wet.” We avoided using white lights on missions because they have a tendency to make a quick target out of the person holding it. A quick check would reveal that the gun runs being made by the little bird pilots were effective. The man had a softball size exit wound on his inner left thigh. That gaping hole made it tough for him to walk all the way back to the initial target house but that was his fucking problem. None of our guys were going to carry him. Not after the reports came in from the other squads that were clearing the house letting us know that the house that they had just fled from was full of bomb making materials and pictures of high value U.S. targets. No, this shit head gets to walk. You may think that is inhumane but then again, you’ve probably never been blown up by a suicide bomber or watched as a group of your friends are erased by one.

When we got into the house I was able to see the extent of his injuries. That man’s scrotum was torn open and his left testicle had completely unraveled as a result of that helicopter raining down hate from the sky. All I could think at that moment was, holy shit that was a good shot! The man was screaming in agony by this point as I stood over him. Empathy? What the fuck is that? I had none at this point. I was perfectly content to watch that man roll around in agony until we ex-filled. He had a tourniquet on to stop any major hemorrhage but I hadn’t made any effort to pack the wound or help with pain management.

The company commander must have heard the screams from the other room. He came in and asked what the situation was. He was former Special Forces so he frequently considered the “hearts and minds” as being an important part of every mission. I’m not going to get into the dynamic of how each faction of special operations works but I will say that Green Berets in special forces typically have a slightly lighter touch than their Ranger counterparts. He told me to administer morphine to the man and pack his wounds. Now this man outranked me by a lot but not when it comes to patient treatment. On the ground the medic is the authority on all things medical. He was right though, I couldn’t just leave the guys nut dangling out and someone might trip over it. I calmly explained to the CO that I don’t carry enough morphine for him and you both so maybe I should hold on to the narcotics that I have in case one of our guys get laced open tonight.

As I knelt down over the man I wasn’t quite sure how to treat an uncoiled testicle. For all of the crazy scenarios that were drilled into us in SOMC, oddly enough, this one never came up. I decided that I would use it to help pack the wound in his leg. I can’t imagine how that must have felt packing that thing into his open wound with Kerlix then wrapping it with a trauma dressing without any morphine. A testicle when uncoiled is actually quite long. It took almost a minute to pack the entire thing into his open wound.

Just as I was finishing up I was told that there was three more squirters in the orchard that we needed to secure. We formed a small element to track them down. With the air assets that we had circling overhead we figured that it would be a quick game of hide and seek but in reality it took most of the night. We trudged through uneven muddy fields for hours taking direction from the guys overhead until we were exhausted. One by one we found all three men and they were not happy when we did, mainly because we weren’t happy that we had gone on a three hour death march to locate them.

I’m not going to sugar coat it, I punched one of them in the dick. Hard. Then placed my thumb in the wound that was created by one of our service dogs and used it like a joystick while we looked for his other two buddies. This isn’t something that I’m proud of but it isn’t something that I’m ashamed of either. It is simply the way that war is, it’s how it makes you and if you haven’t been there then you can keep your humanitarian opinion to your damn self. By the time we got back to the cluster of target houses we realized that we weren’t the only one’s putting in a nights work.

Apparently a pretty significant fire-fight went down in one of the houses. One of the snipers engaged an enemy target through the window of the house. It was an absolutely amazing shot. He was on the rooftop across the street and saw the figure running toward the front door that one of our fire teams was about to make entry on holding a rifle. One shot, straight through the neck. When I examined the person I could tell pretty quickly that, one, it was a woman and two, she was pregnant. When I informed the sniper that made the kill shot of this detail it didn’t seem to affect him in the slightest. In fact, he grinned the same grin that he did in that hangar in Balad when I handed him that atropine injector.

We piled up all of the bomb making materials and weapons and disposed of them with an incendiary grenade outside in the courtyard. We had a haul of prisoners and information that would likely lead us to the next mission, the next target house filled with people that want us to die. Nearly every night for over three straight months we punched the time card and went to work.

After the mandatory After Action Review (AAR) we headed back to our tents. It was 10am by this point and the desert sun was just starting to seep through the transparent tent ceiling. There isn’t even a point to lying down. I escape to the gym in an attempt to burn through this adrenaline. My tiny silk shorts and plain brown t-shirt would make me stick out like a sore thumb in the regular Army gym filled with squads of vibrant, well rested military personnel in their grey Army PT uniforms, complete with reflective belt and bad haircut. I get even more dirty looks as I am the sole gym occupant doing Olympic lifts and muscle ups in the corner in an attempt to cope with all that had transpired. It would be another full week and a half dozen more missions before I slept.

Mitsu - This Is Why We Don’t Go Camping

Mitsu – This Is Why We Don’t Go Camping

Ugh, how exactly did things turn out like this?

It has been one day since the two of them decided to take a camping trip together, and so far they’ve both been bitten half alive by mosquitos, tripped over rocks in the path, and almost got lost hiking.

“Why exactly did we decide to go camping this weekend, Mio?” asked Ritsu, scratching at her arm.

“Because it’s been so long since you and I have had the same day off, so I figured that we could spend some time together,” responded Mio, swatting away Ritsu’s scratching hand and rubbing ointment onto the bites.  “Hold still, I can’t get them if you’re scratching at them.”

“It feels weird, Mio, I don’t want that stuff on me!”

“Hey, don’t squirm.”

“No, don’t wanna!”

“You’re a college graduate, act your age!”

“Oh yeah?” Ritsu slid out of Mio’s grip and grabbed the tube of ointment.  Squeezing a large glob onto her hands, she lunged at Mio.

“Take … this!” she shouted, smacking both her hands on Mio’s cheeks and rubbing furiously.

“Wha? Ew, geez Ritsu, get off me!” said Mio through her squished expression. With her hands still moist from the ointment, she copied Ritsu and connected her palms with Ritsu’s cheeks.  They struggled for a little bit before the heat got to both of them and they lay sprawled on Mio’s sleeping bag.  

“Ugh, I don’t wanna do anything right now …” said Ritsu.  “Can’t we just make tea like before?”

“Why don’t you make some, then?”

“Because we were supposed to bring Mugi with us, but she got too busy and had to back out.  I was gonna make Mugi do it, but after she backed out I forgot to bring some.  Wait, what about Azusa and Yui?” asked Ritsu.

“Azusa said that she wanted to teach Yui how to drive.”

“Huh?” said Ritsu. “Yui still doesn’t have her license?”

“She has her permit, so she wants to start learning as soon as possible,” said Mio.  Rolling over, she stared at Ritsu, who continued to look at the tent ceiling.

“Remember when I was teaching you how to drive, Ritsu?”

“Yeah, that was quite the adventure, now wasn’t it?”

“Ritsu, we got pulled over by the police! I was freaking out at the moment and you were just laughing!”

“Aw, c’mon, it was in the moment, and it was the first time, I dunno what came over me, I just started laughing.”

“It wasn’t funny! We’re lucky that he let us off the hook, but next time …”

“Next time, I’ll make him laugh, and he’ll definitely let us off the hook!” interjected Ritsu, making a funny face.

“This is serious!” said Mio, trying to keep herself from bursting into giggles.

“Yeah, yeah, serious Ritsu-mode, activated,” said Ritsu sarcastically.  She turned over and kissed Mio on the cheek.

“Yuck, your face tastes weird.”

“Your fault for sliming me with the cream,” said Mio, wiping her cheek.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.  I guess I’ll kiss somewhere else then!” said Ritsu, a glint in her eyes.

“W-Wait, no!”

Too late to stop her, Ritsu started tickling Mio’s sides while kissing the side of her neck. Caught between gasping for breath from being tickled and getting chills from Ritsu’s kisses, Mio started squirming harder.  Eventually the two grew tired, as their antics made the tent heat up once more. They lay there in silence, barely noticing that a few hours had passed and they were in darkness.  The sound of insects and the night wind filled the campsite, and as the night continued, the site quieted down as the weekend campers settled down.

Ritsu and Mio fell asleep without too much trouble, with Mio clinging to Ritsu’s arm. Several times during the night, Ritsu had to reach over and push Mio’s leg out of the way, as she had a habit of clinging to Ritsu with her legs as well.

Remind me again why we’re sharing a sleeping bag? There wasn’t much room in here to begin with …

Ritsu’s glow-in-the-dark watch gave a small beep at midnight, and that was when a loud rustling sound from outside their tent startled Mio awake.

“Wh-Wha? Ritsu! Ritsu!!!” she whispered.

“C-Cabbage …”

“Don’t do that, wake up – AAAH!!!”

Hearing a louder rustling sound, Mio gave a small shout and clung to Ritsu.  The lack of oxygen forced Ritsu awake, only to make her promptly black out once more.

“Mi … ooooo” she gasped, clutching at Mio’s arm, which was wrapped tight around Ritsu’s windpipe.

“There’s something outside the tent, there’s something outside the tent!” Mio kept repeating, squeezing tighter.  Ritsu finally managed to escape the death grip that was Mio’s arm and took deep breaths.

“It’s *cough* probably nothing …” she said weakly.

“B-B-But I am like 99%sure that there’s something out there and it’s probably a bear or a mountain lion or a moose and I just want to make sure that we’re okay, and don’t scoff at me, moose are formidable creatures and maybe we should wait just so you can make sure the coast is clear, and …”

“Calm down, breathe between your sentences.  You could give those fast rappers a run for their money.”

“Go outside check for me!” said Mio, trembling.

“Go with me.”

“Don’t wanna …”

“*sigh*, fine …”

Pulling the tent zipper open, she pulled out her phone and turned on the flashlight app.  Shining it out straight into the darkness, Mio and Ritsu found that they were making eye contact with a large brown rabbit. It stared curiously back at them.

“Don’t move, I think it can smell fear,” said Ritsu sarcastically. Mio smacked Ritsu’s shoulder.

“I was genuinely terrified, don’t joke around about stuff like this!”

“Yeah yeah, I know. Can we please get back to sleep?  I still have to recover from that chokehold.”

“Y-Yeah …”

Mio fell asleep surprisingly quickly, and in her sleep wasted no time wrapping her whole body around Ritsu once more.  Given the experience that Mio had gone through that evening, Ritsu allowed her to keep her arms and legs around her.

Yeah, this is definitely why we don’t go camping.