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This is the life I imagine.  These things, for myself and my family.  Dream living.

Otto Hunting (Part 1)

Troy Otto Imagine 

Just a heads up! Read before continuing:

I haven’t written a fanfic in a while so sorry in advance (-:

Also, this is very morbid. Read w/ discretion.

I’m not sure if I’m the only one but I enjoy reading long fics so this is going to be part 1 of many.

I used @girlfromdiscoclub ‘s gif of Troy Otto.

If you’re reading this thank you and I hope you enjoy!

How long has it been? It feels as if a year has gone by, but you’ve been keeping a journal. Log Date: Day 35 and counting. You’ve been alone since day 20, your mom was the first to go. She passed away about 3 days into this “Rapture” that some people are calling it. She died when you guys got overrun in the warehouse you had been holding up in until it was quiet enough to go back outside… you didn’t know what was happening. How could you have known that trying to go on a food run would’ve turned into your mother no longer being a part of your life? That left you and your little brother, Sam, he was your best friend. He was so innocent and of course, this world had to take him to, leaving you and your conscience alone.

You had been in search for food for about 30 hours now. You keep telling yourself that humans can survive three weeks without food. You will survive, you will survive. Taking the woods has its perks, there’s less dead, you don’t run into as many strangers, and you can hunt, however, you haven’t had any luck catching anything. You decide to just keep walking, at this point, you don’t know why you’re walking or why you continue this journey when there is no hope. You rub your face and can feel the dried up tears reminding you of your mom and Sam. You look around and there is nothing but trees, lousy trees. Maybe this is all just a dream and you’ll wake up in that crummy little neighborhood where you never talked to any of the neighbors, even though when you drive by they greet you with a half grin and the front of their hand showing all 5 of their fingers. Maybe life is actually better now, you don’t have to pretend to like someone just because they live 10 feet away from you. You can actually be alone and not have to worry about anything else. Especially now, when all you have is yourself.

Your dad’s machete, your weapon of choice, even before. He gave it to you as a gift for your 16th birthday present, although you never thought you’d use it before now. Your mom despised it, the moment she saw it behind the wrapping paper she was already jumping down your dad’s throat. She would yell and your dad would cover little 5-year-old Sam’s ears hoping that he wouldn’t hear the curse words through the palms of his hands. You didn’t care you loved it, the machete that is, you were different from other 16-year-olds. Some would even say that you were anti-social. None of that matters now, it’s all just memories now.

All of a sudden you hear voices up ahead. You begin walking heel to toe in hopes that whoever it is wouldn’t hear you before you could see who they are and if they’re dangerous. You use the trees to your advantage, hiding behind them to get closer. All you hear is mumbling and it sounds like a man talking on a radio, you decide to try and get closer to make out what he is saying but when you reposition your foot you step on a twig resulting in the man yelling out “Who’s there!” removing a rifle from behind his back pointing it in your direction. As much as you don’t want to you come out of hiding with your hands held behind your head in surrender, “It’s just me! Lower your gun I’m not going to hurt you.” It’s hard to trust people nowadays.

“Put your weapons on the ground, now!” a man who looks to be in his twenties, wearing a tan jacket, with dark brown hair shaved in a military style, says. You obey and toss your machete and a pocket knife on the ground.

“State your name and business. Why are you out here alone?” the man asks lowering his rifle.

“My name is Y/N and I don’t have any business” you respond. “I’m just looking for food.” your stomach growls.

The man walks over to his vehicle, its tan and looks like it was just driven off of a military base, he searches his backpack for a moment and turns around to toss you a protein bar. “My names Otto, Jake Otto.”

“Thank you, Jake.” You say as you catch the protein bar quickly opening it to relieve your stomach the hunger pain.

He tells you about a ranch that his father has, “It’s just a few clicks up the road.” You’re still skeptical of Jake although he seems very sweet and genuine. You decide to go with him knowing you have nothing to lose. On the car ride, he tells you about the ranch and how his dad had been preparing for the end of days since the beginning, all of the food they have, the people there and the cabins. He must trust you, he trusts people very quickly. It’s almost night now. You drive down a long dirt road and your eyes are starting to feel heavy when was the last time you slept? You can’t remember, the days are starting to run together. “Home sweet home,” Jake says making you sit up in your seat to look around, you had almost fallen asleep. You shouldn’t let your guard down, you don’t know Jake or these people. When you rub your eyes to see more clearly it’s just as Jake has described. There it is, it looks hidden in the world itself, Broke Jaw Ranch. There is a fence that wraps around the entire property that meets a gate holding it all in, a field where crops grew, cabins, tents and a beautiful house to top it all off.

“Come on I’ll introduce you to the Clarks, they got here a few days ago. Maybe you can make friends together,” Jake jumps out of the truck and reaches out a hand to help you down. He smiles and tells you not to be afraid, that this is home.

You meet Alicia, Madison, and Nick. They’re sweet people and from what you can tell, they don’t trust easily either. You like them. Alicia tells you that there’s a “bible” study that she’d love for you to attend. Feeling overwhelmed you ask your new friend, Alicia, where you can shower and she shows you to the bath house. Everyone is being friendly towards you, probably because you came here alone and they feel bad. Alicia says they didn’t like her or her family at first. You turn the knob to the right and hot water begins to trickle down your body and you immediately get chills. It feels so good to feel clean again. Jake gives you one of his shirts and says that he doesn’t have any pants that would fit but it’s fine, you put on your boyshorts and the t-shirt is big enough to be a dress. You begin to write in your journal under the candlelight. Jake says that you keep a journal just like his brother Troy, you haven’t met him yet but he says he should be back tomorrow. It reads; Log Date: Day 35. Time 10:38 PM. I am sleeping in a bed for the first time in weeks. This place is almost too good to be true. Let the record show that the guard keeps their keys in the vehicles, as well as a handgun in the glove box at all times. Just in case. You close your eyes and fall soundly asleep.

The next morning you wake up to the sounds of birds and people talking and laughing amongst themselves. You wake up in a better mood than you were yesterday, today you woke up smiling. Jake told you to come to his cabin when you wake up so you did as such. As you walk to his living quarters you smile and wave to the people of this community and you realize that this time you’re not pretending to be happy to see strangers, this time you feel at home.

“Good morning, Jake. What do you have planned for us today?” you say greeting him with a smile outside his cabin.

“Wow, someone is very happy today” he responds, kneeled over tying his boots, preparing for what today has in store. “I was thinking we go down to the mess hall and grab some breakfast and then I can show you around some more. How does that sound?” Jake smiles.

You and Jake arrive at the mess hall and you spot your new friends Alicia and Nick. They’re talking about their old favorite movies. “Mind if I sit?” you say, already throwing over your leg to sit at the picnic table. “My favorite movie would have to be Twilight, ” you say giggling. “Really? Alicia says with a disappointed frown on her face. “Nah, I’m just messing with you guys!” you laugh. Jake pats your shoulder “I’ll meet up with you later? Deal?”

“Deal,” you say shoving your face with mashed potatoes. You, Alicia and Nick, move onto another subject but you zone out writing about your morning in your journal. You look up to let the sun hit your face when you meet eyes with a messy brown haired guy sitting next to Jake a few tables in front of you. He looks like he had been in a fight, his right eye was bruised and he was wearing a dark plaid shirt, you couldn’t help but blush as he caught you writing in your journal. You noticed yourself staring at him for a while, he was very handsome. The sun hit his face in a way that enhanced his jawline, he had his sleeves rolled up showing off his forearms, you look down at your journal and saw that you had started writing a description of him. You wrote down that he was hot, you couldn’t help it. He starts talking to Jake but you can’t hear what he is saying. You get up and head back to your bunk to lay in bed before Jake shows you around the ranch.

You hear a knock on the screen door, “Come in, Jake” you had fallen asleep and you thought Jake was coming to wake you up to give you the tour the two of you had previously talked about. When you get up you see that a 6 foot, beautiful brown haired man with a bruised right eye was standing in your doorway. “I don’t think I look like Jake,” he paused “well, after all, we are brothers so maybe I do resemble him,” the boy says.

“Sorry, I was expecting Jake, I’m Y/N,” you say blushing opening the screen door for him to come in.

“I know, Jake told me. He also said that he was busy and that I could give you the tour if that’s okay with you,” he says walking into the cabin getting closer to you by the second. You were so close that you could see his hair and all of the features that you wrote about in your journal. “Yeah that’s fine, let me grab my journal!” you smile avoiding eye contact so that you don’t blush again. Your journal was on the bedside table and he reached out to grab it for you, your hands brushed up against each other. It was gentle and innocent. You both giggled as he handed you your journal, “I also write things down, that’s something you and I have in common I guess,” he smirked while grabbing his journal out of his pocket to show you. “My names Troy, so how about that tour?” He grins leading you out of the cabin. You follow him, thinking to yourself that you’d follow this boy anywhere.

Memento || David x Reader

Prompt: You’re one of the campers from when David was a bunch younger, and one of his best friends too! You guys haven’t spoke in years, but you decided to drop in a little surprise visit. And David shows you his little memories board.

Words: 2262

Warnings: Fluff. Fluff. Fluff. A whole buncha swearing. It’s Camp Camp what the fuck did you expect?

Author’s Notes: Okay. But like. I love David and no one can break me or my love for him  j e s u s !! Also, there is a technical sequel to this that can be posed as a separate story as well, but uh, here it is !! [x]

“It’s been a while.” You breathed softly, taking in the gentle woodland air and the distinct scent of pine. The sunlight cut through the leaves, serenity absorbed about the aesthetic of the scenery.

It had been many years since you’ve been here, far too many, and you decided to check up on the old Camp Campbell you’ve spent so many years of your young summer childhood in. While the experience was on the occasion crummy, you found it rather peaceful and fun on most days.

You peeked in past the brush, seeing the camp cabin and tents in sight, grinning wide. It seemed to be empty for the time being, perhaps the lot were on a little hike trip, but nonetheless you explored for a bit.

Everything was the same as it always had been, with the addition of new activities to pander for the new rising hobbies and talents of the children. You smiled endearingly at the sights before you, tracing your fingers over the constructed sites and even over the build of the cabin.

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middlegame | ivar ragnarsson

sequel to ‘see the whole board

middlegame | the part of the game which follows the opening. plans are formed and put into action.

You goats, there is so.much.pining here. So much.

Ivar sat on the dock, staring out at the glut of boats before him. His fingers turned over, over, over the piece held between them. The ink was smudged and worn from his work over months. It had bled into the carving below it, melding the symbols into one.

He brought his eyes down to study it again. The thousandth time since it had found its place with him. It had been tucked in his shirt, stuffed in his boot, broken free to skid over almost into the waves that rocked the boat that carried it. He’d almost pitched himself into the water to save it. It lay under his pillow, turned in his hand, sat lodged in a beam in his chariot.

His finger came up to swipe over the broken edge at one side of the crown, snapped into his flesh as he’d grasped it at the news of his mother’s death. He would most likely have to kill her father. Would she hate him after that? Would she forgive him?

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Iris Cabin Headcanons

-the cabin is octagonal

-the front porch has rocking chairs and a swinging bench

-it also has homemade wind chimes strung up everywhere outside

-the inside has colorful tapestries and scarves hung up on the walls and from the rafters so it feels more like a tent than a cabin

-it’s lit by magical lanterns that don’t give off heat

-it smells subtly of incense

-they have a fountain that they can use to iris message inside (similar to percy)

-they don’t have to pay to iris message (handy on quests)

-they hang up colorful stained glass ornaments on the windows

- a glittering gold mobile hangs like a chandelier from the center of the roof, decorated with pegasi and prisms that cast rainbows

-they fly a rainbow flag from the roof

- if you make fun of rainbows for being “girly” or “gay” they’ll ask you “and what exactly is wrong with either of those things?”, stare you down, and then beat you up

-generally good with pegasi

-good sense of color and aesthetic

- they know all the camp gossip 

-they walk very quietly so they surprise people a lot accidentally 

-some more powerful iris demigods can manipulate light or create light based illusions with false images 

To Find A Home - Part Fourteen

Originally posted by bellsqueen

Summary: Stuck under a collapsed tunnel, Y/N doesn’t know if her friends are alive. Will she ever see them again?

Warning: swearing, violence, minor injury

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A/N: And here we go, the first part of season 2! Shall we get started?

I woke up to pain, darkness and the smell of burnt flesh. I couldn’t move. There was dirt everywhere, on my face, in my mouth, under my clothes. I didn’t dare open my eyes. Something heavy was pressing on my wounded thigh, a rock maybe, or perhaps it was the beam I had kicked. My entire leg was numb and I wondered if the pressure was what had kept me from bleeding out.

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I was talking to a friend about Camp Camp and I just want to throw out the idea of David actually being rich, but doesn’t live in his mansion but a tent or cabin off to the side, just so that he is always feeling like he is at camp.

anonymous asked:

Not shipshame but eli and maki? How did you come up with that? I understand some pairings just look good together regardless of actual contact or history but... I don't even see that

I MEAN there’s several reasons when it comes down to it but i think the simplest answer is i just love the type of dynamics/clash in personalities the two would have If they got more canon interactions yknow

Though to be fair, there actually are some, they just get overlooked a lot! In the anime during the halloween thing eli calls maki cute (im gay), theres the scene in the tent @ maki’s mountain cabin where she says something to maki and she immediately blushes and starts scribbling in her notepad (YES im reading into it too much but im a desperate person), theres a bunch of bibi interactions esp in sif and some audio dramas too i believe?

OH OH AND not to Mention my fave ones: not exclusively elimaki it’s nozomi too but thats just a bonus for me anyway, but theres two entire episodes centerring mostly on the three of them, the first in makis beach house where nozomi and eli encourage maki to loosen up, and secondly in nozomis home when eli tells maki whats up w nozomis past and they comfort her and whatnot. Very underrated interactions imo

But as i said there’s other lesser things too, just..idk i started liking them years ago actually but i rarely participated in the community haha
I definitely don’t self project onto maki and i’m gay for eli or anything though, obviously

I DUNNO, a lot of other pairs i’ve liked over the years have kinda similar-ish dynamics i guess. I have weird taste though i know

Camp Camp/FAHC crossover

Daniel and his cultist crew come back for revenge and kidnap Max, Neil, and Nikki, and takes them deep into the woods leaving only a note.

He threatens to kill them unless David agrees to reach ascension.

Mr. Campbell is alerted and understands he needs back up and uses a favor that a certain gang in Los Santos owes him.

The Fake AH crew comes at lightening speed, especially since children are involved.

Due to possible legal matters, Mr.Campbell leaves as to not be responsible for injuries.

David explains the situation and demands they let him come along, since he knows the woods like the back of his hand.

Geoff is like, heck no, children’s lives are at stake they can’t wait around on some camp man.

David proves how useful he by pointing out all the places on a map, where Daniel could have taken the children, and provides his knowledge on all the areas.

They reluctantly agree and the try to offer training on how to use a gun and David’s really good at it????

Meanwhile Max calms down Nikki and Neil, putting his absolute faith in David.

He also refuses to let any of the cultist touch his friends, he fights tirelessly against them when they come into the room where they have them.

Max sings the camp song to calm the others down.

As they prepare back at camp ominous messages pop up everywhere, like animals clearly killed by humans and messages painted in blood appearing on tents and on cabin walls, to show that they are running out of time.

We learn about David and how his love for his kids know no bounds, and Geoff becomes close to David because they are so alike when it comes to the kids.

Happy ending, where David shields the kids while he fights off Daniel and the FAHC crew mows down the other cultists.

David let’s Daniel go, knowing that the kids are watching him, and tells him to leave his camp and his kids alone.

Max doesn’t let go of David for the rest of the night and demands he be carried.

Geoff promises that Camp Campbell is under protection from the fahc and all their allies.

The lads want to stay for the camping experience for just a weekend, which includes ray and Jeremy clinging to Geoffs legs pleading to let them swim.

Gwen has no idea how these kids are killers, and Ryan and Jack agree.

When they’re alone Max thanks David, and David tells him how proud he is that Max took care of his friends.

Nikki makes quick friends with Gavin, and Neil appreciates Ryan’s mind.

Max and Michael argue with everyone that they do not sound alike.

Geoff agrees they can stay for one day, and is immediately swarmed by ten year olds wanting to know about his tattoos.

It’s pretty much the most eventful summer Camp Campbell has ever seen.

Am I a dog?

When I was younger, my mom took my brother and me to this one tenting/cabin place in Northern Arizona. She had made previous reservations and we finally got there at like 10 at night. My mom goes into the check in place and it turns out, someone wrote our reservation down for one adult and two dogs. They thought we were the wrong people!! It was changed, but still was so funny being reserved as a dog.

Answers to some Infinity Train Questions


I didn’t. I had to look up what that acronym stood for. Glowing things in or on people’s hands are a very old sci-fi and fantasy concept. I would say it was more inspired by Logan’s Run than anything else.


Thanks! Before I was born, my mom and dad used to watch Doctor Who together. Eventually, their schedules made it so they couldn’t do that, so my dad recorded all the episodes of Doctor Who that they couldn’t watch when they aired. I found all these tapes when I was like 4 and the handwriting on the labels of “Dr. Who” was, I’m pretty sure, one of the earliest things I learned to read. Tom Baker was my first Doctor. I used to watch the show all the time. My neighborhood friends thought I was crazy. I remember hammering a bottle cap into a piece of wood and saying I’d invented something and I was the doctor and my friends would say “What do you mean?” and I’d say “No! You’re supposed to say ‘Doctor who?’ and then I say ‘yes!’”

They didn’t get it.

I wanted to get that feeling of adventure and mystery that I felt then (though I didn’t come up with this idea until 2010). Also, I got super SUPER into Myst as a kid and other point and click adventure games. I remember one of the earliest kind of mysterious games I played when I was 5 was called Countdown. It’s a DOS game about a guy in a prison and you’re trying escape, so you search your cell and you solve various puzzles. However, if you get caught, you get a lobotomy, which my parents then had to explain the concept of to me.

So Infinity Train is just all of that stuff.

Something I just wanna point out quick: I’ve noticed a lot of people seem to assume that I was heavily affected by anime as a kid, and I was, but only in that I HATED anime. All the anime stuff I’ve done in Regular Show was based on research (given to me by @tobyjones). My sister liked anime when we were kids, and we would argue about it constantly. When we got home from school, she would want to watch Dragon Ball Z and I would want to watch Twilight Zone or Sliders. I didn’t learn to even start considering anime as a valid idea until mid-late college. I’m fine now, but it’s not where my biggest, deepest influences come from.


Thanks! And wow yeah, that face stealer is cool looking. I’ve seen people mention the face stealer and also people saying it’s inspired from no face from Spirited Away.

The Steward is actually based on a song. I thought of the steward while I was driving through Yosemite a few years ago. I had just bought OK Cowboy by Vitalic and I was blasting it while driving through the mountains. The steward was the face/robot I thought of when the song My Friend Dario popped up. I imagined her rising from the ground, nodding her head to the beat, and then when the guitar comes in, that’s when she starts shooting like crazy. I wasn’t sure what she was shooting at, just that she was shooting stuff. I thought it could be cool (in my very early ideas of what infinity train might be) if she was terrorizing some small band of villagers and someone had to go confront it. This song inspiration is also why she has a sound effect that’s like a chugging, but constant electronic beat.

I would say, design wise, she’s most influenced by the couple’s mask from Majora’s Mask mixed with @hypnothalamus‘s work. I had just discovered Lucian Stanculescu and fallen in love with his art, so it was permeating my mind at the time. When I finally thought of the corgi scenario, I realized she was the perfect monster for it. She looks so different than anything we’d seen in the world so far, that the contrast would make her feel shocking and a little scary.

Here are the two original Steward drawings I drew in a tent cabin in June 2013. She wasn’t even named Steward at this point:

As always, thanks for watching the pilot and for your continued support of Infinity Train! We’re inching ever closer to a million views!