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Just finished watching Tensou Sentai Gosieger. Can’t believe they made a fifteen episode sentai. What are your thoughts on it?

Well, let me start off by saying I have good news for you and bad news for you.

The good news is, Tensou Sentai Goseiger is more than 15 episodes.

The bad news is, it’s one of my least favorite Sentai series.

You’ve actually pinpointed why it’s one of my least favorite in your initial submission.  It feels like it should be over about three times as it doesn’t have one continuous villain organization but three.

The Warstar (first 15 episodes)

The Yuumaju episode 17 to 32

The Matrintis episodes 33 to 44

And it ends with the one villains who has been in all these groups revealing himself to the be the big bad: Brajira

It feels like 3 or four different seasons of a show compacted down into 50 episodes.  There really isn’t much time to get to know the villains as they seem kind of disposable aside from Brajira.  The pattern goes that the heroes have trouble, gain a new power, use that power to defeat the villains and then newer, stronger villains show up so they have to get another new power to defeat that one.  It feels like lazy story construction to me.

This is not to say the show is horrible.  It has a delightful cast of adorable actors and actresses playing our leads.

They are all well suited for their roles and the story episodes they get are rather good, especially poor Gosei Blue and his sad story of why he is alone on Earth while everyone else has a partner. That episodes made him my favorite character of the show.

My biggest problems is the rotating door of villains and how it gets tedious after a while to have them show up die, get replaced, show up, die get replaced.  If you want to do a show with multiple villains groups, use GoGo Sentai Boukenger as your example.  They had four different evil groups and you were never sure which one the heroes would have to deal with from week to week.  It made things unpredictable without making the enemies seem interchangeable.

So, there are my thoughts on Tensou Sentai Goseiger.  I know a lot of folks don’t agree with me and I can see why some would love this show (the cast is, again, amazing) but it was unfortunately sandwiched between two fantastic series (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger before it and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger after) so it’s the weak link in that period of Super Sentai.


Kamen Rider & Super Sentai Ships ⇄ PTX Deluxe Album Tracklist
              ⤷ Ian/Souji (Kyoryuger) // Misbehavin’ // “A million miles away but I’m still thinking about my baby. I ain’t misbehavin’, no, you don’t need to worry.”  
              ⤷ Basco/Marvelous (Gokaiger) // Ref // “There’s a couple things that you can’t erase. You learn your place from your mistakes.”
              ⤷Ankh/Eiji (OOO) // First Things First // “First things first, all you need is love, love and humility. Take away all the animosity .”
              ⤷Hyde/Agri/Alata (Goseiger) // Water // “And so I pray I don’t drive you away. Because I’m scared of what I have to tell you.”
              ⤷Gentarou/Kengo (Fourze) // Take Me Home // “Heaven knows there’s no such thing as goodbye. Cause love, love can never die.”
              ⤷Shoutarou/Philip (W) // New Year’s Day // “Another year will dim devine. We’ll play it back in slow rewind and laugh about the cold and bitter nights.”
              ⤷Shinnosuke/Kiriko (Drive) // Cheerleader // “I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader. She is always right there when I need her.”
              ⤷Right/Hikari (ToQGer) // Lean On // “Do you recall, not long ago, we would walk on the sidewalk? Innocent, remember? All we did was care for each other.”

anonymous asked:

Hello! I know you're not the biggest fan of Goseiger but I was wondering, were there any episodes that you felt are worth recommending?

Yes there are!  I firmly believe that even series I don’t like in their entirety can have good episodes.  My favorites are actually fairly early in the show and establish a lot about the characters and how they interact.

In no real order these are:

Episode 10: “Hyde’s Partner" 

 It is established early on that each of the Gosei Tenshi has a partner, someone who shares their elemental affinity and works with them.  Hyde,  Gosei Blue, is the only solo member of the team.  Episode 10 tells the story of what happened to his partner, Gosei Green, and why Hyde hates the Warstar so much.

Just before that was Episode 9 "Gotcha☆Gosei Girls" 

This was a story about the personality conflict between the team’s two female members, Moune/Gosei Yellow and Eri/Gosei Pink.  Eri is very serious, straightforward and responsible while Eri is more relaxed and willing to let thing slide.  This creates tension between the two and leads to a fight.  We get to see them learn to appreciate each other and learn to work with each other despite their differences.  It’s good stuff.

Man, I just realized by three favorite episodes are all in a row!  Episode 11  “Spark, Landick Power” is a really cute episode!

This is an entirely Moune focused episode where she meets a girl terrified of going into surgery.  To try and cheer here up and cheer her on, Moune joins a cheerleading group. She is chided Hyde for acting like a child but her skills and what she learned as a cheerleader prove key in defeating the monster of the week.  It’s a good character episode.

That’s really when the series is at its absolute best, when it focuses on the heroes and their character.  These are good young actors and each episode they get to shine in is a good one.  It’s only the weak and constantly changing villains that drags this one down to me.  I like my antagonists to be developed as well and regular change of enemies hinders that.

ya know. this is probably how it looks like when ya sell your soul to your waifu and japanese spandexed karate stuntmen.