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i wanted to send you a prompt for neil x andrew making out a lil bit and then cats quickly interrupt them and andrew is v upset BUT MAYBE YOU SHOULD STUDY FOR YOUR AP BIO EXAM DUDE

MAYBE I SHOULD BUT GUESS WHAT I’M NOT GONNA DO?? (i am going out tmrw to study so)


  • it’s very rare when andrew and neil get alone time nowadays because they always have something exy related going on and that gets in there way
  • which means they have a lot of pent up tension
  • so they finally get their alone time and andrew is above neil and they’re on the couch with something ridiculous on the tv
  • and they’re just kissing like not-not-boyfriends do
  • but in the background…there’s this noise…it’s not the tv…
  • it’s a cat
  • they ignore it because cat can deal be independent for a while longer
  • but then
  • said cat gets louder and WITH NOT WARNING AT ALL
  • jumps onto andrew’s back
  • which is Not Okay
  • because cat didn’t ask? doesn’t cat know the rules?
  • so andrew flies back and the cat flies too
  • like a cartoon but in real time (this is supposed to be funny)
  • cat hisses at andrew and neil will swear up and down for the rest of his life that andrew hissed back at the cat
  • neil is laughing too hard and andrew is too mad to go back to what they were doing so they sit at opposite ends of the couch and half-watch the show in front of them

see?? this is better than studying. now you have angry smol and not angry smol. life is good

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is acwnr worth watching??

only if you want to see young thug levi be a reckless little kitten and adore his friends too much and then watch the compounding sexual tension between him and daddy thighs erwin smith followed by remarkable pain and then more tension

so yes absolutely