ok it might just be me being paranoid but??? I’m actually sort of terrified for the next couple of chapters of Magi???

because,,,I feel like something terrible is gonna happen to Ugo,,,I can just,,,feel it man,,,

I mean Ohtaka is already pretty cruel with the plot so I wouldn’t be very surprised if she pulled another *really intense fight scene before CHARACTER DEATH* bUT,,,I don’t want Ugo to die for real this time—


UNSPKN part 45

Where Sans finally gives in.

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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Scorbus Engagement

• The easiest part by far of Albus and Scorpius’ engagement is the first part of actually asking.

•Albus fusses and frets over the logistics of it for three weeks.

• He’s beaten to the mark by Scorpius pulling out a ring the day after they get their N.E.W.T results (Albus amazed he ever did that well and Scopius abashed by the letter of praise from Headmistress McGonagall).

• Scorpius is standing in his PJs in the Potter’s kitchen when he asks Albus - through a mess of stuttering and half started the sentences the likes of which Albus hasn’t seen since their first train ride to Hogwarts - if he’d like to spend the rest of his life with him.

• Saying yes - quickly, emphatically, certainly - is easy.

• Telling their parents is harder.

• (And living through the 2024 Molly Weasley vs. Draco Malfoy wedding planning debate doesn’t bear remembering)


Water droplets don’t always immediately disappear into a pool they’re dropped onto. If the droplet is small and doesn’t have much momentum, it will join the pool gradually through a process known as the coalescence cascade, seen here in high speed video. The droplet bounces off the surface, then settles. A thin layer of air is caught between it and the pool. Slowly the weight of the drop pushes that air out until there is contact between the drop and pool. Before the drop can merge completely, though, surface tension pinches it off, creating a smaller daughter droplet. Ripples caused by the merger help bounce the little droplet, which repeats the same process until the tiniest droplet merges completely. (Video credit: B. ter Huume)