Wow. Look at Brooklyn 99...

Putting their romantic leads together, yet still creating stories where both leads interact with other characters, they have their own storylines, and can have fun scenes to play on their relationship instead of forced tension and drama… It’s almost as if you CAN write a romantic pairing without having the couple completely derail the storyline.

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It was strange to see the inquisitor doing public love displays, but since they returned from the Arbour Wilds, she started to feel more comfortable .

Cullen still couldn’t understand how the inquisitor chose Cole from all the candidates who pretended her. Leliana said Cole was the best thing that had happened to Maeth, Cullen said nothing but thought about all the things he didn’t know about Maeth.

16 Days of Outlander - #6  The Garrison Commander

This is one of the episodes I generally skip over. It is brilliantly written, acted, and executed but it’s just a bit more… intense and dark than I can stomach, so it was interesting to go through trying to find favorites within it.

Favorite Line: “If ye wished to hear Londoners speak, perhaps ye should have stayed in London.” The tension starts at the end of Rent and doesn’t let up for most of The Garrison Commander. Even when he’s outnumbered, Dougal won’t be intimidated and gives as good as he gets from the English officers. His quip to the complaining officers is my favorite, though a close second his agreement with the general about Claire’s ability to effectively order men about just a few lines later.

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Black Jack gets Claire to stick her foot in her mouth (like that’s too difficult). In the book the visit to the Garrison Commander is so much more straightforward because Black Jack is the Garrison Commander (and Claire wanted to see the Garrison Commander because they didn’t know that Black Jack was the one holding that position). So there’s very little from the episode that is actually in the book. It’s cunning the way that Black Jack manages to provoke Claire into defending the Scots’ beliefs/position and getting a roomful of side-eye where moments before she’d had all the soldiers eating from the palm of her hand.

Favorite Performance: Tobias Menzies as Black Jack Randall. Everything about his performance as Black Jack in this episode makes my skin crawl - just as it should. It’s calculated, deliberate, and stays on the right side of the line between over-the-top campy villain and total sociopath. As a character, Black Jack is a bit in-your-face so for Menzies to keep that so controlled and in check is amazing - and makes me never want to watch some of these scenes ever again. Aside from the flogging and the amputation, there isn’t much about this episode that can be called gory and yet I don’t know that I’ve ever cringed so much in my life. 

Favorite Minor Character: Corporal Hawkins. This was a real toss up between the Corporal and Lieutenant Foster whose interference - though kindly meant - is what landed Claire in this situation in the first place (at least, in the show’s adaptation). Ultimately, I had to give it to Corporal Hawkins whose timidity Black Jack takes full advantage of so that he isn’t just playing and abusing Claire, he’s tormenting his subordinate as well. When Black Jack screams at Hawkins to kick Claire, he is so close to tears and looks just as relieved when Dougal enters as Claire is.

Favorite Music Moment: Dougal to the rescue. As soon as Dougal bursts through the door, the musical tension breaks and I can breathe again as the tone of everything immediately begins to lighten. Even though there’s still a bit more Claire has to go through before the episode is over, it’s clear from the music at least that she is safe. The tension builds - both in the dialogue and the music - so slowly and subtly that it isn’t until the shift occurs that it can be fully appreciated. 

Favorite Location, Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation, Favorite Costume: Saint Ninian’s spring. So much about this scene is my favorite in the episode. The introductory shot (pretty sure it was filmed using a drone) is such a brilliant way to bring the audience into this legendary and powerful spring - and after spending so much time in that single room at the inn, it’s like stepping through the door and out into the open air again. The exchange as Dougal questions Claire about being a spy one last time and then lays out his proposal for how to turn her from an Englishwoman into a Scot is one of my favorite Claire/Dougal scenes from the book. And finally Claire’s blue and green tartan dress. She’s been wearing it for a while at this point of the episode but this is the first scene where we get a really good, well lit look at it and it is my favorite of all Claire’s dresses in Season 1 (yes, even counting her wedding dress). The colors are entirely my aesthetic, the symmetry with which it is constructed (especially the way the pattern is turned on its side for the stomacher), and you can’t forget that lovely knitted shawl. I’m telling you now, this dress will be making another appearance as favorite costume when we get to Lallybroch.

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment, Honorable Mention for Favorite Music Moment: Claire and Jamie chat and share a drink over the marriage contract. It’s really the only Jamie and Claire moment in the episode but it’s so good. He immediately knows that what she needs is a drink and makes sure to pour her a good-sized one to enjoy while he explains why he doesn’t object to the arrangement (without explaining all the reasons why he actively wants to marry her). The closing music track that kicks in as soon as Claire’s face registers the fact of Jamie’s virginity is another favorite and ends the episode on an up-beat (as Claire decides that she’ll need even more alcohol and takes the bottle from Dougal while the menfolk exchange some of the best facial expressions of the show). 

Normally, I wouldn't do this.

I think it’s in bad taste to show screencaps from your inflight forums, but I feel like is important regarding the recent drama. Hopefully will provide some clarity and ease tensions so this fight can be a good one. Please don’t lump Plague into one big pile. A large majority of us had no idea what was going on.

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Oberyn Martell – The Prince of Dorne would be the laid back kid who you could go to if you needed to relieve…uh…tension *wink* aided, of course, by Daario Naharis and Bronn. *drugs may be involved. He can often be found near Ellaria Sand and, suspiciously, Lyanna Stark.

Jaime Lannister - Number one rich kid in the school, he would the captain of whatever sports team was the “coolest” and he would never be without female companionship. Of course, he would have his eyes only for his step-sister (turned adopted) Cersei. Or, at least, that is until the Tully’s move to town and he notices the eldest Tully child, Catelyn.

Roose Bolton – Would be the REALLY quiet kid in the back of the classroom who “people watches” and has a weird obsession with the color pink that absolutely no one would be brave enough to tease him about. There would be rumors, starting when he was a dangerously young age, of Roose being a murderer. His best friend, the term friends being used loosely, would be Locke.

Robert Baratheon – Another one of the popular crowd, he never lacks in girls and the biggest parties are always held at his house whenever his parents are away. He can be stupid and sexist, but he’s a good hearted person deep down. He’s been in love with his best friend’s little sister since his Junior year of high school when he punched Rhaegar Targaryen for being creepy and stalkerish.

Rhaegar Targaryen – the lead in all the drama club’s plays, especially the musical numbers, Rhaegar play the harp and can speak multi languages. He spends most of his time in the library researching anything he can get his hands on. His best friends are Jon Connington and Arthur Dayne, he is moody and quiet, and always seem to be around Lyanna Stark when she’s not with Oberyn, Robert, or Ned.

Catelyn Tully – Moved to town her junior year, Catelyn “cat” quickly became one of the more popular girls in school when she was approached by “heart throb” Brandon Stark. A month later they were dating and everyone knew her name. Caring, honest, and heavily motivated toward herself made goals, she is a part of various clubs and  money raising programs. She may…or may not…have an eye out for her now ex boyfriends younger brother Eddard “Ned” who is also a junior.

Lysa Tully – Creepy, obsessed with Petyr Baelish (sophomore), Freshman, teenage mother, always tries to ruin things for Cat because Lysa is easily jealous of her older, more beautiful sister.

Cersei Lannister – Selfish, vindictive, willing to do anything to succeed. Has a secret affair with her step turned adoptive brother Jaime and cousin Lancel, but also has an open relationship on again, off again relationship with Robert Baratheon. Her enemies, because they “threaten” her “beauty” place in the school, are Lyanna and Catelyn.

Special Mentions:

Aerys Targaryen – Principle

Tywin Lannister – Vice Principle

Pycelle – Creepy Sex/Health Education teacher

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Je n'aime vraiment pas me savoir et me sentir si vulnérable et fragile car cela me demande d'être constamment en tension, sur la défensive pour me protéger. Cela me fait m'isoler et renforce mon sentiment de solitude. C'est fatigant et pénible à vivre, mais je n'ai pas vraiment le choix.
—  damnedthomas
Ease the Tension

by theothermeandyou

“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

Everything fell really silent before Clarke drew in a sharp breath. “What?” Alright, this was a bad idea. “To ease the tension, you know? I just thought, um…” Her answer was barely audible as she all but swallowed the end. “Okay.” The blonde simply stated. “What?” Now it was Lexa’s turn to be a little shocked. “I said okay. Now are you actually going to follow up on your offer and come over here or…?”

Words: 2079, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Ok Frisk time to step up to the plate already and help Sans. Wait does Frisk still have the power of reset? Or would Sans/Chara have that right now?

I can neither confirm, nor deny this comments things….. but resetting would not do too much till Frisk figures out how to help Sans in the first place…. and then all my tension would be GONE! Let’s be honest…. if Frisk can reset, then that will make things WORSE because Sans will just go on a tear immediately (well not immediately, because he’s drunk when the reset starts, but Frisk doesn’t know that) and do a ton of damage that they can’t stop anyway because they still don’t know what to do YET.

Meanwhile if Sans/Chara can reset, they have no reason to reset at all right now because everything is going Chara’s way. 

Hooray for not answering questions but answering things…. also I need excuses to avoid resets! Those are a pain! Let Aftertale have the resets! I’m going to find excuses to avoid them and keep them to a minimum!

This ginger boy got a super radical circumcision which results is such an extreme tightness that the skin is under permanent tension and the nutsack is being pulled away from the crotch.

Lucaya fics where they both get drunk at a party, hook up and have to act like nothing happened the next day and have this continuous sexual tension until they realize they’re being idiots and belong together are like the best tbh.

Worshipping You (Alvaro Morata NSFW/NC17 imagine) by @danialvesunnieswag)

NOTE: This imagine contains smut.

Worshipping You (Alvaro Morata NSFW/NC17 imagine) by @danialvesunnieswag)

There’s a welcome tension in the air. Alvaro’s gaze flits with taunting amusement, watching you on the bed as you deliberately stare back at him. Shuffling out of his dinner jacket, he folds it over a chair, undoing the first two buttons on his shirt. You kick offyour Louis Vuitton’s and lean back, silently wondering what his next move will be.

Taking his sweet ass time, he runs his hand through his hair, gracefully sweeping across the other side of the room. He pours himself a drink and in one gulp, throws back a shot of bourbon. You continue to eye him as he sets the glass down, a look of greedy starvation taking over his face. Slowly and gorgeously he strides over to you, each step more seductive than the last.

Alvaro’s hand reaches out to the zip at the side of your dress, his eyes holding yours as he unhurriedly brings it down to your waist, letting cold air brush your burning skin. A sweet giggle escaping your lips while Alvaro slips off your dress, ceases when you see his eyes darken intensely. You can’t resist the sharp inhale as he fiercely encircles his hands around your waist and tosses you down on the bed with a wolfish grin.

He grips your chin and closes his lips on yours. You gently nibble at his lower lip, coaxing husky groans from the back of his throat as you raise your pelvis to meet his thigh between your legs. His kiss grows more passionately and your body responds. Your nipples harden underneath his chest and the heat down below spreads. His erection presses firmly into you and you automatically extend your hand to feel him.

Alvaro suddenly sits up and fishes out a condom from his pocket. You eagerly grab it from him and rip it open with your teeth, watching how his jaw drops, aroused. Thoroughly pleased with yourself, you actively draw his pants down and roll the condom over his manhood. With his eyes blazing, he glides your panties off and then buries his head in your neck, his arousal softly prodding your opening as his mouth worships you.

You marvel at how much he pays attention to detail, satisfying every inch of your body and making every touch you feel stir in your groin. You wrap your limbs around him, clinging to him like a vine as you whisper the desire to have him inside you. He doesn’t wait another moment to dive in, a shocking invasion as he fills you to the brim and doesn’t move.

As your vociferous panting subdues, his hips start to roll, stroking your walls bewitchingly. Your nails clench into his arms and you’re moaning again, loudly and freely. Every solid and snapping thrust makes you hold on tighter and scream a little louder. Your release climbs, stretching higher and further before barrelling down lusciously, a warm gush exploding from your centre and out to your fingers and toes.  


note: This was a request fic originally posted sometime in April 2015. Gif above not mine.

I stopped taking the combined pill because it was a waste of money and unnecessary health risk since I’m not sexually active and I barely leave the house/see people at all. I have done this before but this time, it seems like my hormones are trying to kill me.

My skin is a mess, with 5 or so cystic spots at a time as opposed to the usual one or none. I have the most painful backache and menstrual cramps and I’m more depressed than usual. Literally I can’t walk, or even move much in bed, my back hurts so bad.

As far as I can recall, backache has never been an issue before. I always had the increased depression and some cramps but not like this. The tension is at the point were I literally can’t even use tampons, which I usually use, and I don’t keep pads around the house since I never use them so I’m just chilling on a towel in bed.

I’m wondering if anyone has any experience on other hormonal treatment that would reduce dysmenorrhea and PMS/PMDD the way the combined pull does, but without the risks associated with blood clots? All I can get prescribed here is Yasmin and it’s the most dangerous one so it makes me really paranoid.

I might be able to get an implant if I can find a clinic that does them, which would be much cheaper in the long run. But since it’s a low constant dose would it alleviate any symptoms at all? I don’t need a contraceptive for actual contraception, it’d be just so I’m not in agony/having terrible acne flare ups.

Has anyone used it? Or the shots? I think I heard about a patch or something? Or is that crazy? I dunno any insight would be welcome