You should meditate often on the connection of all things in the universe and their relationship to each other.  In a way all things are interwoven and therefore have a family feeling for each other: one thing follows another in due order through the tension of movement, the common spirit inspiring them, and the unity of all being.
—  Marcus Aurelius
Lucked Out

by inertia

characters/pairing: youngjae/daehyun, b.a.p
genre: canon, angst, romance, tension, pining, drama, psychological drama, angst with a happy ending
word count: 117,867w
rating: m
warnings: violence, identity crisis (?)
summary: They’ve come too far to give up who they are, regardless of how much they’re in. But with a of luck, they may be able to keep their worlds spinning.

review: honestly a masterpiece. It’s long, but the length is needed to build up that perfect level of angsty tension. The plot is so painful because of how raw and real everything feels. Not only is the writing style incredibly ambitious (+ flipping fantastic metaphors and descriptive passages), but also the writing techniques such as the alternate narratives and the intertextuality, and they all deliver, and contribute to the fic’s unique quality. I’ve never read anything quite like it.
Note: the last chapter hasn’t been posted and it’s been over a year since the fic was last updated, but I think the penultimate chapter provides enough closure.

- Admin S

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Making Horror Games is Hard!

Horror in games has had a huge increase in popularity thanks to social media and services such as twitch and Youtube, unfortunately, many of them are horrible! 

Don’t fear, there’s a reason to it; Making Good Horror Games is Hard!

Now before delving too deep into it all, let’s take a brief look at some Horror tropes and examples.

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It occurs to me that the reason Todoroki is so chill about Bakugou throwing giant fits is because he’s already faced worse at home and he knows what bluster vs. an actual threat looks like

anonymous asked:

Do you think there's sexual tension between JM and JK?

Oh boy DO I! I mean, most of the times jikook is full of adoring glances, back-hugs and heart-eyes, you can say they are a soft couple, but then…

this kind of shit happens and all I can think is “WOW, am I interrupting something? Do you need some time alone?” and that’s only from seeing them through a screen, imagine how much tension you can feel in real life, I bet the air is so heavy you can barely breathe…

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Many solids can dissolve in liquids like water, and while this is often treated as a matter of chemistry, fluid dynamics can play a role as well. As seen in this video by Beauty of Science, the dissolving candy coating of an M&M spreads outward from the candy. This is likely surface-tension-driven; as the coating dissolves, it changes the surface tension near the candy and flow starts moving away thanks to the Marangoni effect. With multiple candies dissolving near one another, these outward flows interfere and create more complex flow patterns. 

These flows directly affect the dissolving process by altering flow near the candy surface, which may increase the rate of dissolution by scouring away loose coating. They can also change the concentration of dissolved coating in different areas, which then feeds back to the flow by changing the surface tension gradient. (Video and image credit: Beauty of Science)