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Nine Inch Nails: In Two (Live Tension: 2013)

The quote you’re probably thinking of is from Philip Norman’s Shout!:

Another, still deeper trough came in 1967, in the months before he met the Maharishi, when John, under Dr. Timothy Leary’s influence, tried to destroy his ego by expanding it to ludicrous proportion. He would arrive at Abbey Road dressed like Sabu the Elephant Boy in a cloak, curly slippers, and a turban. At a dinner party given by Jane Asher, a guest happened to ask for an ashtray. John crawled under the table and invited her to flick her ash into his open mouth.

I have the vaguest impression that this incident has been described in greater detail elsewhere, but nothing is coming to mind at the moment and I could very well be mistaken entirely. I do beg your pardon; I’ll edit this post if I manage to dig up a corroborating source. 😣

You may, however, be conflating this with another incident which occurred at the Speakeasy club in May 1967 in which both John and Paul were in some state, crawling under the table, taking upskirt Polaroids (prompting Jane Asher to leave the club), and being inordinately belligerent and condescending. The Turtles were in London at the time to promote ‘Happy Together’, and were invited by Graham Nash to be introduced to the Beatles (whom they all worshipped) after he’d played them an advance copy of Sgt Pepper’s (which they were floored by). Howard Kaylan of the Turtles describes it in his autobiography Shell Shocked:

Inside the Speakeasy, all the girls looked like Twiggy, the iconic pixie-haired waif model whose London fashion had taken the world by storm. We must have walked past fifteen look-alikes on our way to our next destination and we actually heard the Beatles before we saw them. It was just like being in A Hard Day’s Night.

“Aw, come on, John. Leave the candles alone. You’re gonna start a bloody fire in here.”

“I can’t see anything down here, Paul. It’s as dark as a hooker’s heart.” And then, a female voice.

“Please, Paul. Don’t humor him anymore. This is getting ridiculous. I’m going to leave.”

Graham led us around the corner, where the Fab Four were hanging with their dates at a private table in the back of the room. Well, actually it was the Fab Three—George Harrison was not in attendance. […] The deal was, Lennon was actually under the table taking Polaroid pictures up the skirts of his female companions while Paul lent a hand. Ringo laughed at everything, and Paul’s then girlfriend, Jane Asher, was doing her best to drag him out of there. Dressed in Carnaby Street’s finest, the Beatles were dimly lit, and a halo of light illuminating their mop-top hairdos added just the right ambiance to make this already bizarre scene even more surreal.

Paul was ducking under the table himself now, helping his business partner illuminate the proceedings with his disposable lighter, and Jane was searching the booth for her coat as we approached them, with Graham in the lead.

“I’ll be leaving now, Paul,” Jane said through clenched teeth as she pushed her way out of the booth and stood there, staring him down.

“Hi, Jane.” Graham was friendly but she didn’t even acknowledge his presence.

“I’m going home, Paul. And I don’t mean your home.” She made her way toward the exit as we all walked up in a pack. Jim Tucker actually grabbed her arm to stop her en route.

“Hey, Miss Asher. Hi. My name is Jim Tucker and I worked with your brother.” Jim was referring to the Dick Clark tour we had done with Peter (her brother) and Gordon. He extended his hand, only to have her push him away.

“Piss off, wanker!” Jane just blew him off and brushed past us on her way out of the club. Jim stood there examining his hand for a long moment. 

Kaylan goes on to describe his and the other Turtles’ first interactions with John and Paul after Jane’s departure, which probably warrants a quote post (or two) of its own. Suffice it to say, John is on typical vicious-hostile-asinine mode while Paul is initially convivial but (surprisingly) not at all bothered with lowering the tension.

anonymous asked:

So i feel, personally, like cashton are fucking husbands, no doubt, they are like One Person and they are everything to eachother; lashton are boyfs in puppy love, ash is completely smitten w his baby luke and luke is utterly infatuated w ash (bcos honestly WHO ISN'T); and mashton have this intense sexual thing goin on between them i kNOW IT but at the same time michael goes to ash for anything bcos he's still the band dad no matter what they say and sometimes mike needs love only ash can give

:’-))) thank u so much for this this is the sweetest thing i’ve ever read. i have the stupidest soft spot for every kind of mashton love….. and tbh yeah u could cut the 2013 sexual tension between them w a knife but honestly???? i think they love each other so much even if it is purely platonic i just fuckin CHERISH them so much i’m going to straight up sob. god bless this ask honestly i lov u