tension 2013


Just a small taste of the Nine Inch Nails: Tension 2013 tour production I’ve been heavily involved with for the past few months. Creative credit for this production is shared with Trent Reznor, Roy Bennett, Paul Guthrie, Moment Factory, Brian Jenkins, Jason Baeri, Andrew Jerez, Loren Barton, and Morgan Brown, among others - and of course the massive and amazing crew that makes it actually happen every night.

Only a few shows left, try to catch it if you can. Photos by me. More photos in hi-res over on our Flickr.


Once again, Vevo filmed the arduous process of developing a Nine Inch Nails tour, and has put together another great behind-the-scenes feature. Here you’ll see me at my most tired/stressed/insane, struggling to wrap my head around the ever-changing identity of the most unique and difficult tour we’ve ever assembled.

These features are interesting (and sometimes hard for me to watch) because they’re very honest. There’s no makeup, no interview prepping, no re-shoots, these guys were in our faces while we were trying to work, catching us off guard and capturing moments that we sometimes would prefer not be filmed. We didn’t script or plan these features, these guys were annoying the hell out of us during production rehearsals - but in the end it’s nice to have a document, however personally uncomfortable, of the work we put into something like this.

Tomorrow we’re unveiling a 90 minute video of the show, filmed in LA, available to watch for free on Vevo. This was filmed and produced by the same team who did the How To Destroy Angels Coachella webcast and the NIN Lollapalooza/Outside Lands webcasts. I’m immensely proud of what we (eventually) achieved and I’m excited to have it presented professionally for the world to see.

If you missed the first part of Vevo’s behind-the-scenes NIN series (focusing on our summer 2013 festival tour), check it out here.


Watch a free 80 minute HD concert film from our recent Tension 2013 tour, presented by Vevo. Filmed at Staples Center in Los Angeles 11/8/13.

Nine Inch Nails: Tension, an expanded Blu-ray/DVD/digital release, is coming in Spring 2014 with tons of extra content, 5.1 surround sound, and more. Sign up at nin.com/tension to be notified as soon as pre-orders go live.