tensile tents


Olympic National Park

definitely the most varied terrain within a single national park that we’ve experienced yet. With our good friends from Philadelphia coming out for a visit, we planned a week-long tour with the goal of spending time in the mountains, along the coast, into the rainforest, and of course all of the camping along the way.

This trip was a special one for us and we documented it much better with video footage for a future video. Til then, here’s the photos:

  1. Entering into the Quinault rain forest, there were basically 2 colors out there: light green and dark green
  2. Full group shot thanks to a self timer. Set up after we hiked Hurricane Ridge.
  3. Slow mornings in camp
  4. Simple breakfasts…
  5. …cooked on the fire
  6. the view behind camp - Loop E in Heart o the hills campground
  7. Perfect spot for the tensile tree tent, not so much for a solar setup
  8. Rear door is developing a nice patina after 2+ years on the road
  9. Roger and Jamie, our original adventure crew.
  10. Mark shooting video, apparently unaware of the tides.