SQW Day 4 “Family Vacations”

Emma couldn’t believe her ears, she’s heard Regina sing before but if she’s being honest then she’s heard more angelic sounds coming from a running garbage disposal. She loves her wife with every fiber of her being but that absolutely gorgeous specimen couldn’t sing to save their son’s life. Yet here she was, singing her beautiful heart out at a karaoke bar in Nashville, Tennessee quickly becoming the crowd favorite as they cheered her on. The only difference between now and the other times she’s listen to the brunette sing was that Regina was completely hammered. She was swaying from side to side trying to remain upright yet somehow able to perfectly belt out “Gunpowder & Lead”. Emma really wasn’t a fan of country music but knew not to say it around these parts as she was afraid to be hanged for treason.

Finally the Queen’s song was over and Emma jumped on stage and took her hand to guide her off, fearing that if she wasn’t quick enough Regina’s newly acquired fans would beg for yet another encore. They’d already been trapped in there way longer than originally planned and Henry was getting restless, so she ignored the mayor’s feeble attempts to go back and lead them out onto the street.

“Finally! We’ve been in there forever, Ma.”

“Sorry, Kid. Your Mother’s unexpected performance threw me for a loop.”

“Yeah what’s with that? I thought Mom couldn’t sing.”

“Maybe she’s been taking lessons?”

“Ma, you and I both had to suffer in the car on our way over here. I think it’s safe to say that no lessons are involved.”

“Em-ma.” The older woman slurred out.


“Are you from Tensee cuz you’re the only ten I see!”


“I think she’s trying to flirt with you. Gross. Anyway, I have a theory on why Mom can all of a sudden sing like a professional.”

“What’s your theory?”

“Have you ever heard of Lee Hadwin?”


“He’s a pretty well known artist but only received media wide attention because of his bizarre story. He claims that he can’t draw while awake, he creates his art while he’s in a subconscious state. He’s had a bunch of tests done on him but no one’s been able to figure out why he could only do it while asleep.”

“And you’re thinking your Mom is the same way with her singing except she needs to be drunk?”


“We’ve seen weirder things so I’m not even gonna question it.”

“Escuse me, Miss but do you need help makin your way back to heaven? I promise I can take you higher than you’ve been.” Emma didn’t know whether to blush or laugh at her Wife’s attempt at drunken flirting.

“Ma, can we head over to the comic book store now?”

“Yeah, Hen lead the way.” The sheriff wrapped her arm around her wife’s waist to hold her steady. Other than a few stumbles they made it outside their son’s chosen destination just fine. “We’re gonna wait out here if that’s alright kid. I don’t think it’s a good idea for her to be in there with all those valuable and breakable objects and I don’t trust that she won’t wander off if left alone.” She brings the Queen to a nearby table and manages to get her to sit down in a chair.

“We should’ve brought a leash.” The blonde snorted at her son’s shit eating grin and slapped the table top in mock frustration.

“I knew we forgot something!”

“I’m going inside now. I’ll try not to take too long.”

“Take as long as you need, Kid. I think your Mom and I are benched for the night so we’re fine just hanging out here until you’re done.” Her son’s eyes grew brighter as his smile grew bigger at the news of being able to explore the store and everything in it at his own pace.

“Thanks, Mom!” Her heart warms as she watches her, not so little anymore, boy take off towards the store in obvious excitement.  

“Hey there pretty lady, what’s a beautful girl like you doin in a place like thiss?”

Deciding to play along, the Sheriff answers, “I’m just out here on vacation.”

“Sshame such a breathtaking woman is single.” The blonde can’t hold her laughter back anymore as the Mayor tries to wiggle her eyebrows in what she probably things is in a seductive manner.

“Actually, I’m in a very committed and loving relationship.” Her voice takes on a teasing tone but is immediately alarmed when her lover begins to actually shed some tears. “Regina, Honey, what’s wrong?”

“I missed my chance!”

“Chance for what!?” She knew the other woman was drunk but seeing her upset always put Emma into a slight panic.

“To be with you!” The older woman covers her face with her hands.

“Regina, We’re already married!” and just like that her wife looks up with little evidence of her previous fit and begins to laugh loudly and obnoxiously.  

“OH YEAH!!” and damn her Emma laughs along just as noisy and annoying, receiving dirty looks along with some concern over the two women who seemingly lost their minds.


This is my best friend ally. She is the reason why I made my first blog, and she is the person who encouraged me most to make my taylor blog. I’ve kept her updated as I reached my first 50 followers, then 100, then to 500, and now to 1,000. Back in May she promised me that she would bake a cake for me when I reached 1k. As nice as that sounded, I had every doubt in my mind that I could never reach it. A couple days ago, I finally did and I couldn’t be more excited to tell her.
She checks up on my blog every single day, and constantly tells me about her favorite posts of mine or asks me about how my friends are doing. It truly is a great feeling to know that just one person appreciates how much time I put into my blog and how happy it makes me. I am so grateful to call Ally someone who I can count on for anything.
Years from now, I really don’t know where this blog will go- I hope it’s still going strong. But regardless of what happens, I will always remember how I feel in this moment right now.
Thank you so much i-love-you-present-tensee for being who you are, and thank you taylorswift for making our bond grow stronger. I love you both more than you know
- julia



A-verbs- physical actions (eg to walk)

I-verbs- internal/emotional actions (eg to hope)

E-verbs- static actions (eg to see)

É-verbs- copulae (eg to be (animate))

Æ-verbs- modals and other auxiliaries (eg to like [to])

Conjugation formation


Present (no affix)

Past (add -o)

Future (add -ði)


Imperfective (no change)

Perfective (double the terminal vowel, unless it ends in -æ. In this case, add -i instead)


Punctual [single action] (no affix)

Progressive [-ing] (add te-)

Iterative [habitual action, seen in French Imparfait] (add ya-)

Inceptive [begin to~] (add o-)

Cessative [stop~] (add àxi-)


Indicative (no affix)

Conditional [would~] (add c+the terminal vowel- unless it’s æ, in which case add ci-)

Potential [can~] (add -pur)

Imperative (add -zza)

Desirative/Volitional [want to~] (add -zi)

Permissive [can~/be allowed to~] (add -reggi)

Hortative [Let’s/Permit x to~] (add -men)

Subjunctive [Complex mood expressing opinion, desires or doubt. Found in Romance languages and some remnants in older English] (add aria-)

Necessitative [should~] (add ne-)

Evidentative [adjective of my creation. x obviously~] (add ga-)

Mirative [Surprise/Sarcasm. Only sarcasm in this case] (add ee-)


Affirmative (no affix)

Negative (-x)

Tentative [may, maybe] (-lia)