tensai shimura doubutsuen

16.12.08 PON Interview - Aiba Masaki [English translation]

(Aoki announcer came into the room singing “Hello Goodbye”)

Masaki: This is my solo song, the audience probably don’t know this song.

Aoki: You went to the Kumamoto do make a surprise of mobile zoo for the upcoming episode of “Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen”.

Masaki: Yes, when the kids are moved to the temporary houses they have no opportunity to get in touch with animals, many kids can’t live with their pets, I want to, even little bit, give some fun to them. As a Christmas present, I brought many animals to the school. Really they reacted to each animal by each and were purely joyful about this, it was great that we did this.

Aoki: So year-end is coming, for Aiba-san’s year-end, there is work on concert and TV program and I think you are very busy, though it may be early to think so, what plan do you have on Christmas Eve?

Masaki: Christmas Eve right?

Aoki: Christmas Eve is your Birthday right?

Masaki: Right. Thank you. (Stretch his hand)

Aoki: Oh?!

Masaki: It’s my Birthday…

Aoki: Right…

Masaki: Since you raised this topic, I expected if I’d get a Birthday present from you.

Aoki: (Tap his pockets, showing there is nothing with him)

Masaki: Hahaha, so today, it’s not yet Christmas right?

Aoki: I have my favourite Arashi DVD, I give it to you later.

Masaki: I have it! I am Arashi. But, every year there are various music programs in this period, Arashi members and staff surely give me blessings.

Aoki: What is the most impressive present you have ever received?

Masaki: When I was 20 years old, I received a song as present, the four other members of Arashi sang this, and made it into a CD, that was very impressive.

Aoki: It is so precious that it will not be even taken out of your house right?

Masaki: Right, it is a song that there is no chance that I’ll bring it out.

Aoki: It is surely so.

Masaki: Right.

Aoki: Please give us some exclusive news which has not been disclosed on TV before.

Masaki: Right, it’s PON-san, right. Speaking of PON it’s the exclusive news.

Aoki: To pinpoint the topic, during Jr. time, you went home together with Ninomiya-san with the same train right?

Masaki: Right.

Aoki: Any episode during that time?

Masaki: Soubusen combination right?

Aoki: Right!

Masaki: Can I not talk about the past episode but talk about something recent?

Aoki: Sure.

Masaki: Our Leader’s birthday was on 26 November, I and Nino bought the DVDs of the whole series of an overseas TV drama which we both like a lot and thought that it was interesting. We gave them to Leader as present. We agreed to share the cost. We gave the DVDs to Leader safely and took photo, and said it’s good to gift them to Leader. And one week is past, I haven’t got the share [from Nino]. It’s difficult to mention [it to him], really difficult to mention. [Nino] is the para-regular of PON right? When you meet him please mention it to him.

Aoki: When this is on-air he may be aware of it.

Masaki: Really so?

Aoki: Ninomiya-san, I think it’s good for you to pay the share.

Masaki: I wait for you🎵

16.12.10 Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen - Aiba Masaki

Aiba-san brought a mobile zoo of around 120 animals to a primary school in Iino, Kumamoto. 

Iino was the center of Kumamoto earthquake, many houses were destroyed, temporary houses were built near the destroyed ones, many kids live in these these temporary houses, watching their original houses, destroyed, everyday. The teacher in the school said that some kids do not even dare to go to toilets alone now because of the earthquake. Many pets are not taken care of.

Masaki.com in this episode was obstacle race, a system aiming to make the kids and animals have fun together. Aiba-san was tender to watch over the kid during race to make sure the kid wouldn’t fall (picture on bottom left).

Light decoration was made in the gymnasium, Aiba-san dressed as Santa Claus, Christmas gifts were given to the kids.