I alternate between drawing the Batter with hair and without as the picture demands and I was talking to my sister about it once and she’s pretty sure he’s bald and while that makes sense I still picture what he’d look like if you removed his hat then and I’m just like

Put it back.

a/b/o - werewolf aus

with love comes strange currencies by @mediaville

One day One Direction will be over and Louis won’t be around Harry every waking moment. He’ll be able to finally get some space, let their bond dissipate as it’s bound to do, if they don’t mess up again. He can move to Costa Rica and forget that Harry Styles popped his first knot inside him. Until then, he’s going to have to deal with this.

or, They’re Accidentally Mated and Dealing With It Rather Badly. (16k)

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Si no lo compartía reventaba.

when people try to debunk the “lumps people w their oppressors” argument they always miss the fact that we’re discussing certain specific axes of oppression lol

like the reason “monosexual” is not an ok term but “cis” is an ok and very useful term is because the word “monosexual” groups gay and straight people together with the implication that they have power over mga people, on the axis of sexuality. people who are oppressed for their sexuality (lesbians and gay people in this case) cannot oppress others (mga people) for their sexuality.

cis doesn’t do this because sure it also groups some gay and straight people together, but the word cisgender discusses the axis of gender. people who are oppressed for their sexuality CAN oppress others for their gender.

in other words, terms that try to group oppressed people w their oppressors and imply that people oppressed for a certain trait can oppress OTHERS based on that same trait are not ok.

words that discuss one axis of oppression and happen to group oppressed people with their oppressors on DIFFERENT axes are fine.

so it’s not that all terms that group people with their oppressors are bad, it’s that terms that attribute power and oppressor status to groups who are already oppressed for that same trait are bad.


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Magnus' magic is honestly so pretty. I love that it's different colors depending on what he's doing/feeling.

it is super pretty!! i really enjoy that he has the softer blue for non-offensive magic and then the yellow for offensive magic….and then of course the fiery red for when he’s super pissed, which we’ve only seen once.

i love that his magic takes on different tones. and also when his blue shield goes up i die??? that battle sequence is my favorite bc it really shows how exceptionally quick he is, like. it’s not just the magic but his reflexes are just so fast?? i love it.

while you're here in my arms - lazulisong - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 10 of yuri!!! on ice

Victor slinks in the kitchen, looking shifty as hell and holding a plastic sack of snacks from the combini a block away.

Yuri hates that he finds it more charming than weird, but he’s still reaching out and making grabby hands toward it.

He also hates that he’s managed to avoid Victor seeing him in raccoon-and-desserts print PJ bottoms and a shirt with a trophy that says WORLD’S BEST TRASH (thanks, Phichit) on it for seven months, but failed now, three months before Victor is set to leave. It’s like skating a perfect program and then falling on your ass five seconds before the end. He’s managed to dress himself like an adult human all this time but now Victor is being treated to the Full Katsuki Yuri In Heat experience and staring at him like he can’t believe his eyes. .

“I got you purple sports drink,” says Victor, eyes slightly crazy, and Yuri hates even more that he’s into a person that likes purple sports drink.