[A two panel comic titled “Person First Language vs. Identify First Language
Drawn in a simple cartoon style with organic and slightly messy lines

Panel 1: a human holding a dog’s leash. The human says “Come on Autism, time for a walk.”

Panel 2: A human wearing a shirt with the infinity symbol, smiling happily and flapping hands.]

This is probably a bit silly, but I got this idea when I was meant to be sleeping and/or doing homework, so I had to. 


Here’s a collaborative art meme myself, Lime and Crunchy all did. We did the same thing very close to four years ago, found here

Unlike last time, we each sketched our own oc, rather than color our own like last time. Aside from this difference in order it was exactly what we did 4 years ago. 

I think of this as a very cool product of lasting friendship which shows the combination of each individuals improvements over time. 

Chewing Stims: Good and Important

Chewing stims are so good. I don’t even need my hands to stim, I can be productive and multitask a lot, AND stim. 

Plus, there’s such a variety of things to chew. My floss, chewlry, paper, my hand/nails, there’s so much variety, that’s all just what I personally like right now. In the past I used to do fabric and headphone cords and pencils and such, too. I stopped those, for various reasons, and still I have so much left.

I used to think that chewing stims were gross and undesirable and that I should stop, but I never could/did, because they’re that important for me. 

I hope everyone else who chew stims a lot, can feel as free as I finally do, to stim whenever I want. I know not everyone is in an environment/place where that’s possible/easy and I’m glad that I am. Here’s a drawing of mine, from a month or so ago.


A drawing I did about a month ago, of the way I hold my hands. (mirrored, because I used a front facing camera to get refs, and I forgot to compensate for the mirroring, oops)

Then also something I found online today. A photo my dad took of me, in an unknown context, wherein I am doing the exact same thing. Basically, proof this has been A Thing for a while. 

I have, in the nearly 6 years since this picture, started looking like the drawing, in terms of hair and gender presentation. So I guess this is a rare chance to see a pic of me from before. (they/them)