Christmas Special *requested*(Part 2/2)

Daryl Dixon x Reader


Words: 1,300

“Good mornin’ sleepyhead.” You heard a faint gravely voice say, waking you up. You rubbed the back of your hands against your eyes and yawned, sitting up a little. Daryl was standing in front of you with a tray of food. Consisting of eggs and bacon, with some freshly squeezed orange juice. “What’s this?” You asked gaping at him. “Breakfast in bed. Don’t ya know anythin’?” He said and you just rolled your eyes and smiled at him, biting your bottom lip. He was standing there in a pair of boxers with a white t-shirt, and his hair was in a bit of disarray. You were convinced that there wasn’t a better sight in the world.

He put the tray carefully on top of your lap, and sat down next to you. “Merry Christmas, sweetheart.” He said kissing the side of your neck. “Merry Christmas to you too.” You said giving him a soft kiss. “I can’t believe you did this.” You told him, taking a bight of bacon. “I just wanted to do somethin’ nice.. I dunno..” He answered, shrugging his shoulders. You could tell when he was becoming self conscious, wondering if he had done something you didn’t like. “Well I love it, and I am going to expect this kind of treatment every morning.” You stated. “Yeah, ya wish.” Daryl answered, feeling relief that you had liked what he’d done for you. “Here have some.” You placed a piece of bacon against Daryl’s lips and he took a bight.


“Alright! Which one do you want to open first?” You asked Daryl, taking a seat on the floor next to the tree. Daryl just grunted and shrugged his shoulders. “Fine, here lets start with this one.” You said, handing the package to him. He smirked when he opened it, seeing the pants that he told you he didn’t need. You smiled at his expression and handed him the next gift.  His eyes widened when he tore off the wrapping paper, revealing a brand new crossbow. “Holy shit, where did ya get this?” He asked you, aiming it to check if the barrel was still centered. “A sports shop a few miles away from here.” You told him. “I think It’s the TenPoint Ca-.” “Carbon Xtra Deluxe with ACUdraw.” Daryl finished for you. “Yeah, what you said.” You replied grinning at him, you didn’t know shit about crossbows. “It also has that thingy that holds five arrows, instead of the three yours only allowed.” You told him. “Thingy? Ya mean a quiver?” He asked, chuckling at you. “Uh, I guess.” You replied smirking.

“Do you like it?” You asked. “Yeah it’s great, thank you.” He said leaning forward and giving you a deep kiss. “There’s also something for you in your stocking.” You said giggling. Daryl walked to the fire place, stuck his hand in the stocking and pulled out the motorcycle parts. “Cant believe ya remembered this.” he said in surprise. Daryl never had anytime to do anything for himself, let alone find new items that he needed. He was always thinking of others. “It’ll be nice for you to finally use your bike again. I know how much you miss it.” You told him. “I missed it too. Going on rides together, it’s been a while.” You said smiling and he nodded.

“I got ya somethin’.” Daryl said and you raised your eyebrows. He went over to one of the drawers and pulled out a box wrapped in glittery gold wrapping paper. “Carol wrapped it.” He told you, walking back over to you. He laughed at your eagerness, when you took the box away from him and practically tore it open. “Oh my god, Daryl.. I can’t believe you got me a polaroid camera.” You said, turning it around in your hands to get a good look at it. “Hearin’ ya goin’ on ‘bout it was almost as bad as Mrs. Niedermeyer and her damn pasta maker.” He mentioned, grinning at you. “I love it!” You shouted and threw your arms around his neck and peppered kisses all over his face.


For most of the day you went around Alexandria taking pictures of your family (for all intents and purposes). You got a great one of Rick holding Judith, with Michonne standing next to him on thei front porch. Carl putting his hand in the way so you couldn’t get a clear picture of him. Glenn and Maggie, walking down the street with Santa hats on their heads. Eugene staring blankly at the camera. Rosita sitting on Abrahams lap. And Carol, who was working on cooking for tonight, with Sasha and some other members of the town. Last but certainly not least was Daryl, he was the one you were taking the most pictures of. One of your favorites was him putting on the new parts you had gotten for his bike, kneeling on one knee.

“Come on Daryl I just need one decent one.” You weren’t able to get one of his face because he would always dodge it. “Please, for me.” You looked up at him innocently, swaying back and forth. “Fine.” He sighed and stood next to you. “You have to smile though.” You instructed him. “I ain’t smilin’.” He sternly told you. You ended up telling him a dirty joke that he actually laughed at and snapped the camera with perfect timing, putting your head close to his. “Look at this! It came out so cute.” You said, showing him the picture. He couldn’t believe it, he actually looked happy. He cupped your face in one hand, kissing you softly and you took the opportunity to quickly take another picture of you two kissing. “Fuck, I’m never gonna be safe am I?” Daryl said and you shook your head laughing a little.


“Dance with me?” You asked Daryl. You were at the Christmas party and Daryl was being his usual antisocial self, leaning against the wall. “Nah, I don’t dance.” He said looking at you as if you had grown a second head. “Ok. I’ll admit I’m pushing my luck a little.” You said chuckling. “Rick will you dance with me?” You asked Rick who was standing next to you and Daryl, talking to a couple of people. “Sure.” He said smiling at you and followed you to where everyone was dancing. Daryl just stayed there and watched you laughing and having fun. He noticed you glancing over at him a few times. Daryl wanted to be able to do that kind of stuff with you, but for some reason he just couldn’t. You both were complete opposites of each other, however there was no denying that you belonged together.

“C’mon, stop bein’ such a pussy. Do this for (Y/N).” Daryl mentally scolded himself. He made his way through the crowd to you. “Mind if I cut in?” He asked Rick, who had a surprised look on his face and so did you. Rick bowed to you and you did a little curtsy, laughing at each other. When Rick left Daryl slid his arm around your waist and you placed your hand in his. “Yer gonna be the death of me, ya know that?” He asked you. “You’re actually good at this. Who would have thought?” You said wrapping your arms around his neck. He rolled his eyes and grunted.


When the party started to die down you and Daryl went back home. “So how was your Christmas?” You asked him, pulling him closer to you by his shirt collar. “Best I ever had.” He said leaning his head down for a kiss, but you slid out of his grasp. “Well it’s still technically Christmas and I have one more present for you.” You said winking at him, taking slow steps backwards. Then you hurriedly scrambled up the stairs laughing the whole time, with Daryl following closely behind you.

Hope you guys enjoyed! Have a fun and safe holiday everyone! Please comment, letting me know if you liked it and would like more stories like this in the future! Xoxo