tenor love

Do you tell ‘em that you love me, the way that I’ve been lovin’ you? 🎧🎨🌺


Excuses for not coming in on time
  • Trumpets: Am I playing first or second part??
  • Saxes: *Don't know how to count or aren't counted in right*
  • Clarinets: My reed is too dry!!
  • Oboe: Does anyone have a glass of water?
  • Tuba: (is the smallest player in the band with a tuba twice their size) *Falls over*
I adore your voice. At first I thought it didn’t fit you but know I have grown accustomed to it and yeah it fits you perfectly. High pitched but soothing. If you had been a singer, you would certainly been a tenor. And maybe, if that was the case, you had sung me serenades while smiling like you always do - with your mouth halfway crooked and your eyes shining. Yeah, I adore you. Especially that voice of yours. Oh, yes speak to me, with love.

anonymous asked:

Do you think you could ever do a headcanon of the Pokeani chracters and if they like singing and are good at it or not? (I really like your headcanons and I don't know if it's been asked before...)

Ash. Will sing loud and proud if the occasion calls for it. He’s not terrible, but he’s not great either. At least, his enthusiasm will carry him far.

Misty. Not bad. Her voice is nice but obviously untrained. She can easily be cast in an ensemble part in one of her sisters’ shows, but unless they hired her a voice instructor, she couldn’t be a lead singer.

Brock. He’s like Ash in that he’s not terrible but he’s not great either. He’s like an embarrassing dad. He writes a song about Office Jenny and Nurse Joy once, and it becomes infamous among Ash’s circle of friends; they might ask him to perform it, and he’ll grin and agree.

Gary. Squeak.

May. Talented, and she doesn’t know it. She comes up with a bunch of random, though surprisingly (and annoyingly) catchy tunes about trivial things, and they get stuck in Drew’s head for days, and he gets mad when he catches himself humming them.

Max. Probably tone deaf, let’s be real. It’s a wonder he and May are related. Has ruined family Christmas carols before.

Drew. Surprisingly good, but your chances of ever hearing him sing are slim. May does manage to get him on stage for karaoke once, and they do a great duet and get an enthused applause.

Dawn. Sings in the car a bunch. She’s pleasant to listen to. No friend will ever find themselves cringing if she starts on a tune; in fact, they might remark that she sounds nice.

Paul. No one knows. Has never hummed a melody or said anything in a remotely sing-song voice. Does he even listen to music??? Does he even know what music is??? It’s a mystery. Unconfirmed theory that he may spontaneously combust upon hearing popular dance anthems.

Zoey. Has a warm, husky quality to her voice. She’s hesitant to ever sing, though. But, she might join in if Dawn or Candice are singing along to something she enjoys.

Barry. Singing is akin to screaming. Avoid.

Kenny. You know how your voice is supposed to crack when you go through puberty? That never stopped.

Iris. A plain, but pretty enough voice. She knows a lot of traditional songs from her clan which she’ll sing to herself fine, but if asked to perform (usually by Cilan, who’s excited to hear them), she’ll get nervous and mumble them.

Cilan. A secret international popstar. A lovely tenor sound, probably took voice lessons along with all the other eclectic extra curricular classes he took as a 7-year-old child, including cooking, piano, criminal justice, trains, and ballet.

Burgundy. Will sing when she is drunk and crying.

Georgia. Records Burgundy singing while she is drunk and crying.

Trip. He doesn’t really sing; he speaks the words to songs. Kind of sounds like a car engine.

Serena. Has a very nice voice, but she has little confidence in it. She doesn’t think she sounds good, so she’ll usually stay quiet when others are singing along to things. If she ever does join in, someone might mention how nice she sounds, and it’s a healthy ego boost that encourages her to join in more often.

Clemont. He doesn’t sing himself, but he’s programmed autotuned music capabilities into Clembot (who can also, in fact, do The Robot).

Bonnie. Loves to sing and dance to stuff – and she’s not bad, either! She’s the one who usually encourages Serena to jump in with her.

Dex is an excellent singer, okay? Like- really, really good. He’s been in choirs since he was a kid. Church, elementary school play he was in the chorus, middle school choir, and in high school he went to all-state competitions and his mother was so proud. But Dex hates singing in front of people. Yes they say he’s good, but is he really? Are they trying to tell him he’s good at something so he stays out of fights or to keep his feelings from being hurt? The people who tell him he does a good job are his family, the people he goes to mass with, teachers who have known his parents since they were in school together. With every compliment comes crippling self- doubt. He’s sung “Silent Night” or “O Holy Night” or “Away in a Manger" at the town Christmas Tree Lighting nearly every year since he was five. It’s a small town, but Dex is GOOD at this- or at least that’s what people tell him- and they ask him every year. He’s only declined twice.

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Review: “I Saw the Light”

I was fortunate enough to see “I Saw the Light” at the Middleburg Film Festival in Virginia. The festival honored Dante Spinotti, the cinematographer. Director Marc Abraham was also there for a Q&A session. The events in Hank Williams’ life are part of music history, so it’s difficult to spoil the arc of the story. I wanted to mention some specific scenes, so I’m putting a warning here for minor spoilers. Review below the cut.

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Pairing: Ken/OC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: AU, penetrative sex, oral sex, mild Dom/sub overtones, mild spanking, mild bondage, adult language/themes, adultery, age difference.

Wordcount: 5125

Request: I’m somewhat tackling two with this one, Dom!Ken with bondage is one, the other was something similar to Alpha

Notes: So yeah as usual I disappear for a while and comeback with a Jaehwan story…seeing a pattern here? Idk…don’t mind me I hope y'all like this. Its mild on the bdsm front and nowhere near as violent as Alpha but those of you who liked Playing with Fire might like this as well. Enjoy!

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Fic: The Perfect Partner

Based off the post:  “So we’ve never met but our showers are on opposite sides of the same apartment wall so sometimes we’re showering at the same time and we sing duets.” AU and prompted by an anon.

~1200 words, unbelievably fluffy, G.

Kurt wasn’t sure why the genius who designed his apartment building had placed the bathrooms of neighboring apartments next to each other, but he knew that if he ever met the person, he’d probably end up in jail before the day’s end.

“Why would you do this?” he muttered to himself as he undressed. “The same pipe feeds both of our apartments, so I’m definitely going to run out of hot water since someone next door is already showering. Did no one think about this while they were designing the building?”

Still grumbling wordlessly, he hopped in the shower and cranked up the handle as warm as it would go, figuring that was the only way he’d get even lukewarm water at this point. In an attempt to cheer himself up, he decided to sing a Disney song as he lathered up his hair.

“All my life has been a series of doors in my face, and then suddenly I bump into you.”

Kurt almost dropped his conditioner bottle directly on his big toe when the person in the other shower jumped in with Hans’ part.

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omg this is adorable