tenor drummer

So I was taking my senior pictures and I forgot how heavy my tenors were. So I grabbed them to pick them up and they slipped, and if they slip the bar stays in place but the drums swing around and will smack you in the face. So I tried to grab the drum to stop it and well, this is the look of fear.
Pure and absolute fear.
I knew I had fucked up.
I knew this was the end.


This is funny and dope all at the same time… how can I get this gif??? —

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Stereotyping marching band sections/instruments into houses


Trumpets. Definitely the trumpets. Trumpets typically play the melody and Gryffindors tend to be the center of attention. We both let that get to our heads and behave recklessly.


Clarinets. They’re pretty necessary to the overall sound of the band, but people tend to forget their importance. They don’t usually draw much attention to themselves and work hard to not mess up. They’re usually very for the band community. They often work on committees and such to promote happiness throughout the band.


French Horn. The instrument is a pretty technical instrument that takes a little more work to learn. Not a lot of individuals take it on unless they have a true admiration of the instrument. Ravenclaws don’t like to do things they aren’t truly devoted to. Occasionally they get the melody and are the focus, but generally they pride themselves on the quality of their work. Plus they typically have an odd skill for picking up other instruments. Basically they’re just good at things.


Drumline. They are the pulse of the band and thus carry a lot of power and control in the overall sound of the band. If they speed up, everyone speeds up, if they slow down, everyone slows down.It puts them in a comfortable position of power within the group.

Also, there is a distinctive ranking system to climb that is far more involved than regular chairs. With a wide variety of instruments, the newbies are usually on accessory instruments (like the triangle) but you can work your way up to doing crazy 4 mallet marimba work if you want to stay in the pit, or you can work your way through the marching line from cymbals up to snare or tenors.

Also, quite often, drummers become the drum major, which is basically the highest ranking in the band. Slytherins like having social constructs such as this as it gives them a sense of position and higher ranks to work towards, which appeals to their ambitions.


Blue Devils 2014 tenor line. So clean!