Male MC Mystic Messenger (Jumin x Male MC) Comfort Me, Please

male MCxJumin where MC is done with Jumin always being possessive (and or always spoiling him) and that Jumin thinks that money is the answer to anything (ex. MC is sad because their dog died, Jumin buys hims lots of presents but offers no emotional support?).. if you cant write this due to lack of inspiration, etc feel free to ignore this :D

*Smoke* *Thunder crashes* *coffin opens* Did someone call for angst? :)

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It had been quite a lovely day. The sun was shining, the world felt fresh and alive and the birds were singing. It was as if it was a mockery to what had entailed. Zack sat there on the side of the road lifeless as he stared at the dying animal in front of him. He had only looked away for one second. The leash had slipped from his hands and he turned to grab it and then…The tires had screeched and the yelp had been heard. He knew then, he didn’t have to look up and justify to himself what had happened. She was… dead. 

Her name was King. A stubborn name Zack had given her as a child when he learned she was a girl dog. She was a German Shepard and she was a good and loyal dog. Having been the runt of the litter, King was a bit smaller than most but that dog. She was smart. She knew when Zack was feeling anxious and afraid. She knew when he was stressed from the cruelty and pressures of the world and she was always there to comfort him. And now… she was gone. His best friend was gone. Silly to think a dog could be a best friend. But unlike people, animals seemed to know when to shut up and just listen. They knew to sit there and howl away at the demons keeping them from getting any closer to their friend. And now… 

His spiritual protector was gone. 
His best friend was gone. 

He stared at the husk that was his dog and couldn’t quite process what he was looking at. It had hit him, then it would leave and he would get closer. Maybe… maybe… she was okay. But no. The lifeless look in her eyes told him otherwise. He bit his lip and fell to his knees on the asphalt. He could feel the broken bits of rocks and pebbles dig into his jeans and press sharply into his skin. He mumbled her name hoping she would perk her head up and wag her tail like she always did. He said it a few more times and shook her body. Maybe she would awake from her slumber and stand up and stretch and yawn. 

But she didn’t. 

Time had passed and the cops and arrived in response to a crash. Zack looked at his dog as he managed to call Jumin. What else was he to do? He didn’t have a car so he couldn’t take her himself. The phone rang and eventually he picked up. 

“Zack? I thought we were having lunch an hour from now. Did I schedule wrong.” 

Zack opened his mouth only to find his throat was tight and dry. He just breathed out shakily as he stared at the ground. 

The seriousness in Jumin’s voice suddenly became stern. “Are you alright? Is someone hurting you!?” 

“King… she…” His voice wavered and he swallowed the growing sob of agony that threatening to break out. 

“…What happened?” 

“I o-only looked away… for a second… and the leash slipped out of m-my hands.” His voice shook and hitched as he tried to get the words out. “And the car was going too fast…” 

There was a pause. Maybe Jumin was waiting to let him talk or maybe he was just thinking of what to say. “Alright. I’ll have Driver Kim take you to a vet so you can…” He stopped there. 

Zack just breathed in hoarsely and nodded as if Jumin could see him. He managed to let out a low “Okay. We’re… at home.”  

He had said his goodbyes and managed not to cry. He wanted to just remember the fun and heartwarming times he had with her and to just cry out his pain, but he wouldn’t. He’d be strong. After the cremation he held her dog collar in his hands and walked down the street ignoring Driver Kim’s calls for him to get into the car. It hurt the most that the place where she died was right outside the building where he lived. 

     At the house he mindlessly petted Elizabeth’s head before going to the bed. It was so strange to think that, just like that, a part of the family was gone. He clenched the bed sheets under his hand and looked up at the wall to ceiling fish tank. He watched the exotic fish, so colorful and bright, swim around some rocks. King used to watched the tank for a good hour. Zack would find it funny the way she stared at them and would pounce the thick glass. 


Everything was reminding him of her. He rolled over to his side and closed his eyes. He just wanted to rest and make the day just end already. Tomorrow could be better. Hopefully. 

♥ ★ ~☆ ♥ ★ ~☆ ♥ ★ ~☆ ♥ ★ ~☆ ♥

Zack had fallen asleep at some point and when he opened his eyes he was staring at a stack of boxes. He blinked once then twice and read over the labels. Expensive clothes, expensive foods, expensive shoes, expensive everything. He slowly sat up and nearly choked. There were boxes upon boxes upon boxes! Each one surrounding him in the bed. He couldn’t even see over some of them. 


Zack pushed over one of the stacks and watched it topple over. Immediately afterwards the door opened and in walked the man he loved but simultaneously wanted to, lightly, slap across the face. 

“What happened?” He asked as he sat on the edge of the bed. 

“What. Is. All of this?” Zack motioned to the boxes. 

Jumin smiled slightly. “Ah, I was hoping you’d notice.” 

Zack rolled his eyes. 

“Anything you want just tell me.” He reached out to stroke Zack’s hair but he dodged just at the last second. “What’s wrong?” 

Zack looked away and gripped the bed sheets in his hand. He stared at one of the boxes, “I don’t want…” 

Jumin peered into his face. “What don’t you want? What can I get you?” 

  Zack huffed. “I don’t want anything! I don’t want all this shit. I want my damn dog back! That’s what I want!” He untangled himself from the covers and pushed past all the boxes nearly tripping over some. “Why do you always buy this crap!? I get a bad grade, I have a bad day, one thing goes wrong and you just throw all this shit at me! It’s fine when you try to be nice and make up for it for small things but I-” He felt a red heat of anger wash over him, he needed to get out before he’d say something he’d regret. “I don’t want this.” He motioned to all of the boxes. “I don’t want this. I don’t want the shoes or the clothes or the accessories. I just want my damn dog. I want her to be by my side. None of this will fill the void, it’s just boxes of shit I don’t want or need.” He headed to the front door. 

“Where are you going?” 


“No,” Jumin gripped his wrist, “you can’t go out there.” He didn’t wait for Zack to even question his actions before pulling him back to the bed. 

There was another flash of anger. He hated being handled this way, being grabbed and restricted. Well no more. “Let go.” He said in a warning tone. 

“No we’re goi-” 

“I said… LET GO!” Pent up anger rushed out of his system and pulled away hard enough for Jumin to slightly wince at the sound and the slight pain of Zack ripping his arm away so harshly. Zack turned around and pushed over a stack of boxes out of his way before grabbing his shoes and slamming the pent house door. He heard something fall and shatter but he couldn’t care less. Not right now anyways. He didn’t want to give Jumin any chance to chase after him and quickly headed for the emergency exit stairs. Taking it down two by two he reached the bottom slightly panting. He sat on the steps as he put on his shoes and thought back to the conversation.

  The emergency stairwell was quiet. The only sound had been the door closing behind him and the echoing of his steps down the metal, hollow, room. He sat there catching his breath and feeling pangs of guilt. It wasn’t Jumin’s fault, it really wasn’t anyones fault except for Zack’s. If he had just watched her more closely. He gritted his teeth and felt them grind against each other. He left the building and headed for a place to just think, alone. 

Though really he didn’t want to be alone. 

★ ~☆ ・。・ ★ ~☆ ・。・ ★ ~☆ ・。・ ★ ~☆

  It was a bit cold outside. There was a sound of cars driving by, people talking in groups, a political speech was being broadcast over a few radios and somewhere in the distance a police siren went off. He sat in the busy park, kids playing, people having dates, fishing, renting swan pedal boats, and playing with their pets. It wasn’t the silence he was really looking for but soon enough all of it became white noise and static. He stared at the couples riding a swan boat and watched as they worked to move to the middle of the man made lake. 

  Jumin had them try it once and Zack found it as more of an exercise machine than an enjoyable little boat ride. Still, with all of his complaining and irritated faces he had fun. If Zack had the tendency to get irritated over simple stuff and Jumin never complained then why couldn’t he just deal with Jumin’s excessive spending habits. He already knew the reason, that being that he was just too emotionally and mentally drained to put up with it. He heard a dog barking trying to get it’s master to throw the tennis ball. The fuzzy green ball flew in the air and landed at Zack’s feet. 

“Sorry about that!” The man who threw it said. 

  Zack looked up to see a golden lab run up to him. Zack slightly tensed thinking the dog was about to plow into him all for the tennis ball. Sure enough it did. The dog rammed its head into his arm and kicked up dirt and mud landing on Zack’s face. The dog picked up the tennis ball wagging its tail and smacking it into Zack’s face. 

“Sunny stop that.” The man laughed and ran up to Zack. “Sorry.” He said as the dog dropped the ball by his feet and barked for him to throw it. The man, not much older than Zack by the looks of it, bent down and threw it at a random direction without looking. 

“It’s fine.” He wiped the mud off of his shirt. 

“Aw man! Now I’m really sorry!” He extended a hand for Zack to take. 

  He took it and stood up. “It’s fine but uh-” Zack pointed to the dog nearly ready to tackle a woman with its muddy paws. She was holding the ball and throwing it frantically to get Sunny away. 

“Ah!” The man, still holding Zack’s, pulled him along to chase after the dog. 

“Uh! Wait!” This guy seemed to be a bit of an airhead. Finally they reached the dog. Zack managed to pull his hand away and bent over panting. “I… wasn’t expecting to run over a hill.” 

The man smiled, he seemed perfectly okay as if they had just walked across the street. He petted Sunny and gave her the ball to chew on. “Don’t run much?” 

“I try to avoid it.” Zack straightened up. 

“Even in an emergency?” 

Zack chuckled. “I’ll just briskly walk to their rescue.” 

The man laughed and sat down, Sunny stood and laid down over his lap as he chewed the tennis ball. “My name is Hyung.” 


They shook hands. “So were you waiting for your girlfriend? Or were you just enjoying the park.” 

Zack shrugged. “Just enjoying, I guess.” Zack sat down. “So her name is Sunny?” 

“Yeah, heh my girlfriend named her, as a pup she had this really bright golden fur color. I wanted to name her Bread but you know, kinda a silly name.” 

“I think it’s fun to give animals silly names.” He chuckled. “I don’t think they really care what their name is as long as they’re happy.” He raised his hand to her nose. She dropped the ball and sniffed before wagging her tail. He reached out and petted her head. “I have… had… nngh, ahem- I had a dog named King. It was a she and I loved her dearly.” He felt his heart squeeze. 

“Heh that’s cute.” Hyung leaned forward and peered into Zack’s face. “You okay?” 

“Yes.” He locked his hands under his knees. “Sunny sure is playful.” He forced a smile. 

“Oh I know.” Hyung looked exasperated. “She’s a ball of energy. She can sleep for three minutes and suddenly she’s ready to go.” He ruffled her fur. “But, like, I was able to get real fit cuz of that.” He laughed. 

“Heh, good for you.” Zack smiled. “I almost died running up that hill I should try and get my bo-… friends cat to get more active.” 

“You got a cat too?” 

“She’s not mine really but I live with my friend. Damn thing is the most princess of princesses I’ve ever seen.” 

“Haha! A cat lover for a friend?”  

“A cat worshipper. Specifically his cat.” Zack rolled his eyes. “But I love them.” He looked at the grass and smiled. “I… geez… I should go back soon.” He sat up. “It was uh, nice meeting you.” He smiled. 

“Yeah.” He smiled back. 

★ ~☆ ・。・ ★ ~☆ ・。・ ★ ~☆ ・。・ ★ ~☆

It took a few tries to get the guts to open the door to the penthouse. He was afraid that if he opened it Jumin would be drowning in more boxes, booze, or his own tendency to blame Zack’s anger on his whole being. Zack took a deep breath before opening the door. He peaked in to find the lights had been dimmed, the smell of firewood wafted into the air and he could see Elizabeth curled up on a fluffed up pillow on the floor in front of the fireplace warming her fur–not like she was ever cold to being with– and blinking as she looked at Zack. He stepped forward and looked around as he placed his keys on the ashtray. 

He could see that from his anger of slamming the door earlier he had broken an Egyptian cat statue. Something Jumin paid an arm and a leg for. He swallowed. No matter what, he was going to pay for that with a little “Let’s try this new role playing out”–something that Jumin was slightly getting more and more into. Just a bit. Zack stepped towards Elizabeth to pet her when suddenly a cloaked figure grabbed him from behind. 


“Shhh.”Jumin pressed his lips to his ears. “I didn’t mean to surprise you.” His deep voice said quietly. 

Zack let go of the breath he was holding in. “Ah, what are you doing sneaking around like that?” 

“Come here.” He pulled him to the couch and had Zack sit on his lap as Jumin wrapped the blanket around both their shoulders. “So… how are you?” 

“F-fine? Ummm wh-” 

“I thought about what you said. How I use gifts to try and make you happy, and I figured one of us had to be wrong. I went to the RFA and talked with Yoosung since he went through something similar and I asked him about it. Luciel was there and said to ‘wrap you in a burrito’ but I’ve no clue what he means.” 

Zack smiled and turned enough to look at Jumin in the eyes. He chuckled at Jumin’s puzzle face. “He means kinda like this.” He gripped the edges of the blanket and wrapped them up tightly. “See? Snug like a burrito.” He was now face to face with Jumin. 

“And? Do you feel better?” 

“Heh…” Zack looked up at the ceiling and sighed. “To be honest? No.” 

“Would you like to talk about… anything?” 

Zack felt his eyes tear up. He looked to the fire to make it look like the light and heat of it made him water eyed. Jumin was too quick for him though. He gripped his chin and slowly moved his hand up and behind Zack’s head bringing it to the crook of his neck and gently weaving his hands into the younger man’s black hair. He said nothing. He breathed in slowly and gently caressed his temple with his thumb. 

“I miss her.” He mumbled. 

Jumin’s voice came out soft and soothing. “I know. I do too.” 

“It’s not fair.” Zack’s voice quivered. 

“I know.” 

The younger man’s breath quivered and quietly he cried into Jumin’s shirt as he rested his head on his lovers shoulder. This is what he needed. Not gifts, not boxes of things he didn’t want. He just needed his boyfriends gentle touch, soft breathing, steady heartbeat, and his presence. It would take time. But tonight he felt like he was finally healing. 



A cura di Elvio Berga


1. Andy Murray & Kim Sears
Perché amiamo Andy, perché lei è bellissima e sembra proprio quel tipo di ragazza che ama follemente il suo fidanzato burbero perché sa che è tormentato e che sotto sotto ha un cuore d'oro.

“Che pirla che è. Ma quanto lo amo”

2. Ivan Lendl & Samantha Frankel
Perché amiamo Ivan, perché lei era bellissima e sembrava proprio quel tipo di ragazza che ama follemente il suo fidanzato burbero perché sa che è tormentato e che sotto sotto ha un cuore di ghiaccio intarsiato di spine.

Marika, una delle figlie di Ivan. So cosa stai pensando. Lo sa anche Ivan e infatti due agenti della Stasi sono già sotto casa tua.

3. Tomas Berdych & Ester Satorova
Perché lei è una figa atomica e lui alla fine è quasi simpatico (e perché così abbiamo una buona scusa per mettere una foto di Ester).


4. Roger Federer & Miroslava Vavrinec

Perché se non c'era Mirkona, magari Ruggero si presentava in campo ancora così:


5. Grigor Dimitrov & Maria Sharapova
Perché Maria è Maria e non si può non stimare uno che si schiaccia Maria e che è pure numero 11 del mondo. 

“Sì, sì, mi faccio proprio lei”


1. Rafael Nadal & Maria Francisca Perello
Perché davvero qualcuno crede che siano una coppia?

“Che schifo, una donna”

2. Lleyton Hewitt & Kim Clijsters
Perché non c'entravano un cazzo l'uno con l'altra e la dolce Kim si è presa un canestro di corna

“Ecco vedi, quella me la sono fatta ieri”

3. Bjorn Borg & Loredana Bertè

Perché non c'entravano un cazzo l'uno con l'altra e Bjorn per poco non si ammazzava.

Non so, non riesco neanche a commentare.

4. Radek Stepanek & Martina Hingis/Nicole Vaidisova/Petra Kvitova
Perché il suo segreto morirà con lui.

“Sono bello, che cazzo vuoi?”

5. Nick Kyrgios & Victoria Azarenka
Perché se succede non riusciamo davvero a concepire qualcosa di più zarro.

“Oh zia, mi strippi un casino cioè”