ob spoilers below

ok i was randomly watching the 60sec screencaps again (lol) and just about 1 sec before the teaser ends we get to see these caps

it seems to me that  this  scene is set just before the show ends…BEFORE we get to see how each clone moved on individually and what freedom means to them

it’s like a dinner party/ chill zone where they drink and eat in a comfy sofa/chairs

helena is there, felix,sarah and cos

they read something (a journal or a book idk) and seem tired but chilled

we don’t get to see 4 persons:


2.Mrs S



now we can assume Donnie is fine because we get to see him in the next screencaps wearing a tennis outfit..

he seems happy to me so i don’t think Alison is in danger

now Krystal? i can’t see her getting hurt either…i mean if they’re going to kill off a clone i don’t think they would choose krystal

mk is another story and sadly i can see her getting hurt :(

i worry about mrs S the most….maybe that’s her journal they are reading…. Sarah seems very emotional too the important stuff lol

let’s talk about the shoulder next to cosima in the screencap below

well it could be Alison/S/Krystal

but i trully believe this is Delphine’s’s the kind of cloth she would wear..and the posture/height etc i think it’s her..

and if IT IS her then it’s SO BIG you guys…Delphine was never accepted in the clone family…no one ever trusted her -not even cosima-…and now she gets to be there

cherishing the moment, their victory with her gf..cosima seems happy and finaly at ease…

fingers crossed that this is legit!

Photo of Janice Ott, one of two women murdered by Ted Bundy near Lake Sammamish State Park in Washington. Courtesy of Rob Dielenberg’s “A Visual Timeline.”

According to Ann Rule’s “The Stranger Beside Me,” Janice Ott held a position with the King County Youth Service Center as a probation case worker. The 23-year-old had been married to her husband, Jim, for a year and a half before her disappearance. Jim was studying to be a prosthetic designer in Riverside, California and had plans to reunite with Janice in September that year. 

On July 14, 1974, the 5-foot, 100-pound blonde bicycled from her home in Issaquah to Lake Sammamish State Park. Ott left a note for her roommates stating she would return later in the afternoon. Only minutes after arriving at the park, Janice was approached by a man who introduced himself as “Ted.” Witnesses described the man as good looking with a slight accent - sounding British or Canadian - and was dressed in a white tennis outfit with a sling on his right arm. After talking to Ted for a short while, the young woman agreed to help him load a sailboat onto his car. Janice Ott wasn’t seen again until her remains were recovered on September 6, 1974.