Mamo-chan and KENN doing the HYOTEI CHANT  ( ͡^ 3 ͡^)
Tenimyu || The Imperial Match Hyotei Gakuen  Backstage (2005)

And some years later, Mamo-chan is now voicing Echizen Ryoga in the Shin Prince of Tennis OVAs. So here’s hoping for KENN to get a character and officially be a part of the humongous cast of the Tenipuri anime! (▰˘◡˘▰)


Prince of Tennis Challenge // Five Favorite Characters :: [1/5] Sanada Genichirou

THE EMPEROR. Proud. Unyielding. Powerful. That is Sanada Genichirou. There were two reasons why I adore this man. First was how he, with the absence of his captain, Yukimura, during the early part of the series, strictly leads the champions, Rikkaidai, and upholding Yukimura’s principle: “Defeat is unforgivable.”. And just when you think he’s already way too strict with his members, you’ll learn that he’s even harder to himself. Asking his members to slap him when he lost to Ryoma, refusing to accept anything besides championship, sealing his techniques just so he could defeat Tezuka, helping Ryoma recover his memories so that the Seigaku rookie could properly have a match against Yukimura because he believes that is the way of the emperors…the list goes on. His ways could be considered to be too severe but such strong convictions at his age is something rare and should be admired. Also, he could be very hilarious…without even trying. 


“We can all be ourselves…We still share the same goal, after all…What goal?…Of course, it’s…Seishun Gakuen Tennis Club…becoming national champions! Number one in Japan! Becoming national champions? That’s everyone’s goal?


“We’ve been together for 10 years, so next 10 years, next 20 years, let’s stay together, ‘til the day where we can see forever.” — SEIGAKU Seiyuus, TENIPURI FESTA 2011 in commemoration of the Prince of Tennis anime 10th anniversary


“Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei!

The winner will be Hyotei! The winner will be Atobe! The winner will be Hyotei! The winner will be Atobe!  The winner will be…!”

When it was announced that Tezuka will be singing this year’s Valentine Kiss, I had two expectations. Either it will be straightforwardly serious (which is still really hilarious actually because man it’s Tezuka and Valentine Kiss!) or it will be a total crack of a version! I honestly preferred the latter. 

I wanted to hear a Sanada-esque ValeKiss from Tezzie… With Seigaku being all over the place and some cameo from Tezuka’s most prominent rivals. Yes, I wanted to hear Atobe or Sanada or Kite's TEZUKAAAAA in the background! 

We got the first one, though. Which is still really hilarious and cute and endearing. BUT I WANTED THAT CRACK VERSION SO BADLY TO BE VERY, VERY HONEST. WHHYYYY OKIIII!?!?!

I’ve heard it a million times already but Dear Prince will never fail to tug at my heartstrings. It’s one of those songs that instantly brings back so many memories… Great memories. Well, it was the ending song of the last arc of the original series, so that probably explains it… Ahhhh my heart will always belong to Tenipuri, that’s just it. :)

Go!~ Go!~ Let’s go!~ Get Ready!~

Okiayu Ryotaro (Tezuka Kunimitsu), Minagawa Junko (Echizen Ryoma), Konomi Takeshi, Miyano Mamoru (Echizen Ryoga) and Suwabe Junichi (Atobe Keigo) at the New Prince of Tennis Stage (backstage), JUMP FESTA 2015 (source: Konomo-sensei’s twitter)

There, it’s Mamo-chan's official first time on a Prince of Tennis anime stage! 

And speaking of Tenipuri stage… my Japanese is very limited but the official twitter account of Shin PoT and Sensei himself strongly hinted that THERE MIGHT BE A TENIPURI FESTA AGAIN NEXT YEAR! It’s still a vague information and Sensei said that we have to wait for the announcement from the Shin PoT official twitter! But if we look back at the past Tenifestas, you can see a pattern. Tenifestas were held on years 2009, 2011 and 2013. They do it every two years! So I really believe that there will be one next year, 2015! 

Now, imagine Mamo-chan on a TENIPURI FESTA stage! o(≧∇≦o) Please, announce it officially already! XD


Seigaku Seiyuus | | Backstage • TENIPURI FESTA 2013