Junichi Suwabe Appreciation Post


The man whose voice is legend…

Animes are already part of what Japan is and what the Japanese people could offer. With the pages of mangas being brought to life through animations, the world was captured and hooked. And the population of individuals worshiping serialized illustrations, can be seen in every part of the globe.

Many of these shows have become legends, leaving their marks on the hearts of most fans for all eternity. The era of Animes have long started but it does not mean it would stop any time soon, what with the continuous influx of works and serialized illustrations to the every growing following it has.

When sketches and illustrations come to life, it is more than just color. It is also more than just the transition from one frame to the other. Giving life to characters is more than just their actions. What really completes a character and gives justice to what they represent are the “voices”. It embodies everything about being an actual character.

Because of this, the voice acting industry in Japan is also flourishing. Voice acting schools are sprouting left and right, offering various courses to those aspiring individuals who wish to work in the field and make it in the industry.

The new generation of animes might require new voices. But there are a chosen few, whose voices are considered enduring. JUNICHI SUWABE is one person I can easily say is a celebrity in the VA field and is one of the seiyus that many look up to.

He provided the backbone for characters that really stayed. It is safe to say that it personified each character and make it real. And he is particularly prominent in sports animes. Below are some of the most notable characters he voiced.

Prince of Tennis- Keigo Atobe

(Source: SaikoPlus)

The first time Atobe was introduced in the series during the first run in the year 2001, he already made an impact. With attitude impossible to deal with and ego too big for the world to contain, the character was very easy to remember. But what makes Atobe a memorable and at the same time an infuriating character is the way he uses the condescending and matter-of-fact tones he has. The character required the voice to have something that holds authority but at the same time, it should and must be also be over-the-top. From the words “Ore-sama” alone, you could easily distinguish who he is. Although there are fans not particularly excited about his existence in the series (e.g. Me), he is a pivotal character that is necessary to the plot and story.

Black Butler- Undertaker


He is the beautiful and sassy funeral director cum informant for the Phantomhive family who enjoys a good laugh. In fact, this is a requirement if you ever want to extract information from him. It might seem easy, but personally, I would rather pay than make this man laugh. Fortunately, there are several characters who could effortlessly make him do so. His personality is eccentric as shown in the way he dresses himself. But the underlying enigma and mystery cannot be missed in the aura he is emitting. It was soon found out that he was a rogue Grim Reaper and was later taking the antagonistic role in the series when this little tidbit was revealed. The transition of the character from what seemed to be friendly next-door-neighbor in the persona of a funeral director to someone darker was captured with the slight shift in Suwabe’s voice.

Kuroko No Basket- Aomine Daiki


Personally one of my favorite voices in the entire Anime Kingdom. I usually prefer voices with a husky, sexy and manly tone to it with a hint of arrogance. So I never expected it to be Junichi Suwabe’s voice given that it is several timbres lower. But it perfect fits the person that Daiki is showing. His tan and his skills and abilities in basketball were pronounced with the husky tone he has. Sexy is word that best fit the tone.

Bleach- Grimmjow Jaegerjaques

(Source: rokoboto/

Grimmjow is a member of Espadas bearing the number 6 rank and is probably one of the most ‘well-loved’ villains in the history of the series. He is powerful and skilled in combat and was only stopped by Ichigo. His character is that of a rebellious punk who has no respect for authority. But Aizen seems to be an exception to that. He is also ambitious but has honor and dignity. This type of character depth was portrayed properly with the beast-like aura coupled with the arrogant-confidence that his voice h as especially during fights.

Yuri!!! On Ice- Viktor Nikiforov

It has been three weeks since Yuri!!! On Ice took the entire anime world by storm. Different elements at play became the key factor to the success it has, not to mention it was really properly advertise several weeks before it started. Viktor is one of the protagonists and is a world class five-time figure skating champion with the attitude to match. He is good and he knows it too. But he is currently looking for something that can stir things up and bring back the color to his somewhat lackluster (in his point of view) skating career. That’s when he decided to become a coach for Yuri Katsuki. Viktor is, for the lack of a better word, hot in all definitions and all senses. And he’s got the voice to match. But what makes the character even more perfect to the eyes of the fans, is that it does not lose the authenticity despite the constant transition from serious to super-duper cute. There might be arrogance but that is founded over his skills and achievements. However, there is also warmth which I really like about. His Russian and English words are also too cute.

Bungou Stray Dogs- Sakunosuke Oda

The character was introduced on the second season of the series and has almost the same release date with Yuri!!! On Ice. And this was termed as the “Dark Era” where it is shown how the protagonist, Osamu Dazai, switched sides. 'Odasaku’, as he is fondly called, has formed an unknowingly strong bond with Dazai. He, literally, was the reason why Dazai left Port Mafia and became the suicide-loving, too happy-go-lucky idiot we knew and loved during the first season. For someone who works in the field, Oda is kind and is a man of honor and understanding. He has dreams as well and is very perceptive. What amazed me was the worlds apart difference of this character’s voice when compared to Viktor Of YOI. Considering the close releases for each episode, you could see the skill and talent Suwabe has in maintaining character consistency for each one.

Special Mentions:

Yowamushi Pedal- Toji Kanzaki

Despite being a supporting character, he became remarkable because of his unwavering support for his previous team and his unyielding love for cycling. He is also experienced and knowledgeable. I’m willing to bet my money on the fact that he is skilled as well. There are many good points about the man but the best one is the handsome voice he has. After a little research, voila! I discovered that he was voiced by a certain Junichi Suwabe and it made me admire the character even more.

Prince of Stride: Alternative- Kyousuke Kuga


What can I say? His voice really fits the enigmatic-silent-loner type personality. But when he speaks, there is authority and a sense of leadership. The deep baritone timbre matches well with the calm persona. He also speaks with a sense of experience and assurance. Compared to the other characters in the above list, this is the calmest character he voiced in. Kuga is mellow and calm and is not arrogant as well. Most importantly, the voice matches the face exceptionally well.

(This list is based on the Animes I watched already…)

After carefully observing the characters he usually voices and with a little bit of research, I was able to see a pattern. Most of his characters are handsome (by animation standards), arrogant or confident but that’s okay since they have skills to back them up and can easily be distinguished among all characters. Is this intentional?

Junichi’s voice is what I would describe as handsome. It can be sexy and hot and it could be funny and arrogant, depending on the character. With a sterling two-decade career and a number of series and films under his belt, he is easily one of the most in demand and prominent talents the field has to offer.

3rd Season Seigaku vs Hyoutei Closing Comments Translations (Seigaku)

The official Tenimyu website posted final comments from the Seigaku vs Hyoutei cast today! They’re full of messages to fans, so I thought I’d translate them here. (Just Seigaku for now, Hyoutei and Yamabuki translations to come later this weekend.)

Furuta Kazuki (Echizen Ryoma)

The time finally came for us to graduate from Tenimyu.
I thought I’d get all “I’m so sad!!!”, but now that I’ve graduated, I feel surprisingly cheerful, and I’m really excited to see where I can go from here.
I think I brought everything I had to this stage.
Ah, but there were a lot of matches I wanted to play, so I am I little reluctant to leave.
Whether you’ve been supporting us since our debut, since this Hyoutei show, or anywhere in between, thank you so so much!

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