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I was trying on this cute pleated skirt. But Im not sure if it suits me? The size is one size bigger than what I normally wear but they only had either one size bigger than mine or two sizes smaller.. I haven’t bought it yet cuz my size wasn’t available, but should I once they do?? What do you guys think?

red velvet - russian roulette performance outfit compilation

because i did one of these for each of red velvet’s other comebacks (i dont know WHY. i love making lists i guess) i thought i should do one for this one! here are all of red velvet’s performances of russian roulette with short descriptions of their iconic oufits

comeback: red tops and white tennis skirts
comeback: green tops and black tennis skirts
comeback: blue mickey mouse print
comeback: pink+white print
pastel ruffle skirts
tablecloth plaid!
christmas version: red and pink block
white with red stripes
lots of cute stripes
blue and black
blue tops and white tennis skirts
lucky girl+pink and red
red+white+blue @ SAF
hot tennis mom outfits
red tops and white tennis skirts (again)
dad outfits (black shorts)
1970s gym uniforms basically
white tops+blue tennis skirts
they look like they belong to a country club (yeri absent)
omg they look like russian dolls
pink with yellow accents

bonus: lucky girl performances
denim and white shirts
incredible pink shiny tops

anonymous asked:

Hi can you give me some recommendations on cheap tennis skirts like the AA ones and how to style them?! Thank u sm

What are some tops that would go with American Apparel tennis skirts? Ty ty

since these questions are so similar i’ll combine the answer together here!



basically any graphic tee (one, two, three, four, five) goes well tucked into tennis skirts as long as the colors match (you can message me for color advice!) crop sweaters (one, two) also look really cute. one of my favorite looks is choker tops (one, two, three) being paired with tennis skirts. halter tops (one, two, three) also are one of my favs. and crop hoodies look really cute as well (like here). i really think tennis skirts are one of the most versatile clothing items that can have both a cute and grunge look and the immense popularity of them makes it really easy to explore different outfits you can have!