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things i relate bts with
  • Jin:homemade dinners, waking up early on your own, latte art, old houses, rose bouquets, freshly baked pie, forest trails, acrylic nails, perfume, good morning kisses, coffee shops, bookstores, relieved sighs, flower beds, earthy tones
  • Suga:bass guitar, stretching out tired muscles, laying down after a long day, smell of mint, winter nights, midnight drives, hard work paying off, neck kisses, neon signs, comfortable silences, sweat pants, getting to sleep in
  • J-Hope:laughing about nothing, skipping, watching the sunrise at lake front, sunflowers, honey, gummy bears, spinning hugs, smiling at strangers, comforting a friend, polaroid pictures, taking in the moment, fresh air, honeysuckle, cheesy jokes
  • Rap Monster:late night conversations, soft sighs, back hugs, tennis shoes squeaking, overflowing bookshelves, red lipstick, oversized hoodies, shoulder rubs, road trips, confident smiles, percussive beats, city lights, overcoming a fear
  • Jimin:shy giggles, lavender, cheek kisses, large sweaters, finishing a good book, newborn puppies, cuddling under blankets, slow dancing, effervescent feelings, staring at the stars, innocent love, bubble gum machines, cotton candy
  • V:big dogs, children's laughter, long hugs, good morning texts, watermelon in the morning, dancing without music, anime marathons, couple costumes, cheeky smiles, making silly faces, beach days, baby animals, disney movies, lollipops, arcades
  • Jungkook:late night snack runs, takeout, beanies, high heels, shy glances, first dates, heavy bass, video games, tight hugs, bursts of energy, dancing like nobody is watching, morning runs, marvel movies, piggyback rides, couples clothing
Scars To Your Beautiful // Ashton Irwin

You stared in the mirror and sighed. You took off the dress you had just tried on and put it back in the bag so you could take it back to the store. You put on a pair of athletic shorts and a tank top. You pulled your hair into a high ponytail and but in a headband. You slipped on your tennis shoes and grabbed your phone and earbuds. You left the house and slipped in your earbuds. You hit shuffle on your music and started running. After awhile you felt like you couldn’t run anymore but you kept going. You had to be skinny. For Ashton. By the time you got home you could barely breath. You stumbled into the house and Ashton ran over you. “Baby, where have you been? I’ve been trying to get ahold of you since I got home.” You could barely hear him. Your eyes rolled back into your head and you collapsed. Ashton caught you and started to panic. “C'mon Y/N, wake up. Oh god baby.” -SOME TIME LATER- You woke up on the couch with a wet wash rag on your forehead. Your head was in Ashton’s lap and he held the rag in place and rubbed your arm soothingly. When he saw that you were awake his face broke into a smile. “Oh thank goodness you’re okay! I thought I lost you! Please don’t ever do that again!” He closed the space between the two of you and placed his lips on yours. “Why were you out for so long anyways?” He asked after he pulled away. “I was running.” “When did you leave the house?” “This morning.” You said sheepishly. Ashton’s eyes widened. “Please don’t tell me you were running the whole time.” You nodded and he had a look of pure concern on his face. “Baby, you can’t run for that long without a break or two, you could seriously hurt yourself. Why would run for that long?” He said holding you closer to him. “I was trying to lose weight.” He had a look of confusion on his face. “Why? You’re perfect just the way you are.” “Ashton, no I’m not. I’ve seen the models you’ve dated before me. They are so much skinner than me, and prettier. I just wonder why you don’t leave me and go to them. You deserve someone skinny and beautiful, someone better than me.” Ashton looked at you with shock, taking in everything you had just said. “Baby,” You avoided eye contact and looked away from Ashton. He tucked a finger under your chin and turned your head towards his. His expression broke your heart. He looked hurt that you felt that way. “How could you think that? Sure I’ve dated models in the past but they’re not you. They’re in the past for a reason. I realized I don’t need a model or someone as skinny as a stick. I need you. You’re different. You’re you. And–” You cut him off. “That’s the thing Ashton, I’m me. I’m not good enough for you. Those girls can give you things I can’t.” Ashton cradled your cheek with his hand and rubbed a thumb across your cheek. “But baby they can’t love me like you do. They don’t get my jokes like you do. They don’t have a sense of humor like yours. They don’t have that crazy adorable laugh like you do. They don’t look like you. You don’t have to eat only one meal a day to look beautiful, it just comes naturally. Sweetheart no one is like you. You are amazing! And you are it for me. I wouldn’t want to be with anyone else. I love you for you.” By now you were tearing up. “You don’t have to change a thing, baby, the world can change its heart.” You smiled through your tears and slowly sat up, with Ashton’s help of course. You held his face in your hands and said, “Thank you Ashton.” You leaned in and kissed him. You pulled away and Ashton smiled at you. “You’re welcome baby, if you ever feel like this again let me know. Please.” You nodded and cuddled into his chest. “Also what are you doing with that dress in the bag laying on the bed?” You thought about it for a second and smiled at Ashton. “I’m keeping it.”

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Description: You feel as if you have to change. Requested: No. This imagine was based off Scars To Your Beautiful by Allesia Cara! Just remember that you are beautiful the way you are, no one can tell you any different! Thank you for reading!

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Boarding school au, if only to envision Kurt and prim and proper standing shyly with his books close to his chest, always following the rules, next to Scott, who leaves his shirt untucked, several buttons undone, sweatervest askew, sleeves rolled up, tie loose, wearing tennis shoes and a Metallica shirt instead of a white undershirt, hair purposefully messy, easy and confident. They're polar opposites and they're holding hands.

“They’re polar opposites and they’re holding hands” yall if I could I would draw this so fucking fast

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