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Updated sports anime maps! The first one is more of current popular sports animes and the second one has older sports ones too! I considered putting them all on the same map but that’d be way too messy on one picture ;((

Thanks to @mew318 for Haikyuu, @hetaliabunny for Diamond no Ace, @stephie-senpai for Oofuri, and @fencer-x for the Prince of Tennis help!!

***Edit: Saisei is from Kanagawa, not Tokyo

Japan prefecture map from wiki

Full size/clearer HERE

Omg I can’t deal with this nonsense seriously she doped herself, are we all going to pretend she just came back from an injury? She cheated, full stop. And all that talk with “oh we need strong women in tennis we really need her back” like please Serena won a grand slam while being pregnant are we going to ignore that?? After everything that happened she simply lost all my credibility in her game, and I used to think her as being one of the greatest tennis players ever. Everything has changed and people ought to see it this way, not as a veteran returning to the battle after an injury. “She didn’t know.” Right.