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Learning Languages by Watching Sports

You like sports? Watch them in your target language! Look for videos of your favourite teams on YouTube or even on TV channels in your target language. That way you’ll be exposed to the language while watching something youre truly interested in (as opposed to cartoons for example). And if you want to practice your reading look up articles about your favourite team or player! That way you learn vocabulary that’s both relevant to you’re interests and useful, especially if you want to talk (or text!) about your interests with a fellow fan or even just when you meet someone and don’t know what to talk about! You might even learn new stuff about your favourite players (for example, there will be more info about Rafa Nadal or the Real Madrid in spanish as opposed to English)! :D

Sarcasm  -  Johnten ft. Doyoung  - LifeGuard!AU

Requested by: @mokuxyobi, I hope you enjoy this and aren’t too disappointed! <3

Word Count: 925

Trigger Warnings: None

Genre: LifeGuard!AU, Fluff

It was the last day of the week, and their shift was almost over.

Best friends since middle school, Johnny, Ten, and Doyoung decided it would be a fun idea to be lifeguards at their local pool during the summer they had left before college began.

Doyoung watched the kiddie area, keeping an eye on any children that might think going to the deep end of the pool was a smart idea when they could barely keep their heads over the water.

Ten and Johnny alternated between making sure nobody ran around the pool and that nobody got too excited and ended up hurting themselves or anybody around them.

They were the dynamic trio, but everybody could always spot Ten and Johnny together, even when Doyoung wasn’t around.

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