tennis fail

Watching Prince of Tennis: That’s the best sport, I’m going to play tennis now!
Watching Free!Iwatobi Swim Club: That’s the best sport, I’m going to learn swimming!
Watching Kuroko no Basuke: That’s the best sport, I’m going to do something.
Watching Haikyuu!!: That’s the best sport, I’m content just watching it.

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I have tried multiple sports but I can never keep doing them for a long time. I actually got my black belt in taekwondo but stopped, then tried tennis, and most recently failed at fencing.

I have a tv in my room but only because my parents decided they didn’t like how it looked in theirs.

Once I was reading a book while waiting for my mom in a doctor’s office and this little girl wanted to get my attention for some reason so she bit me.

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Just check this out

I went through and found celebrity couples at together at sporting events, specifically  tennis matches. Just look through them and look at body language

To start,Tom Hiddleston and his “friends with benefits/gf/whatever” Jane Arthy. At the time this pic was taken, it was said they had been seeing each other for a couple of weeks—same amount of time that supposedly BC and SH were seeing each other at the French Open.

Eddie Redmayne and his fiancee Hannah Bagshawe

Chris Hemsworth and his wife

Orlando Bloom and ? (I don’t think that’s Miranda Kerr)

Bradley Cooper and GF

Lack of emotion David Beckman and Victoria are showing some closeness

Jim Parsons and his BF Todd

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson

And now…..

Which one is not like the other?