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Kate reveals her mum's secret tennis crush in tell-all documentary
By Mark Jefferies

The Duchess of Cambridge has said her mum has a crush on tennis ace Roger Federer.

Kate made the revelation while speaking of her love of the sport ahead of Wimbledon next week.

The 35-year-old, who became patron of the All England Tennis Club last year, said: “I have watched Wimbledon, that was very much part of my growing up.

“I was really taken by Agassi and Sampras, Ivanisevic and Steffi Graf. Those are my first memories. Roger [Federer] is my mother’s heartthrob. I don’t think she will mind me saying that! I think he probably knows that too.”

Kate also said she queued for hours to get into the tournament before joining the Royal Family, adding: “Being able to go into Wimbledon and be part of an amazing atmosphere is special.”

And recalling a Royal Box gaffe, she said: “My father is not going to appreciate this but we were walking past Tim Henman and had just seen Sampras play.

“My dad said ‘Hi Pete’. I was mortified.”

Kate, talking in a BBC documentary to mark 90 years of coverage, also said she wanted to be a tennis star.

She said: “It inspires young people including myself. Every time Wimbledon is on I am thinking ‘Yes, I could do the same’ and get out the racket. Sadly, not the same results.”

rikkaidai-fuzoku  asked:

Can I request Yukimura and Sanada fighting over a potential s/o who is actually into Niou or Marui? (Really random but just popped into my mind)

(i made it longer than i thought lol)

“You’re looking as lively as ever,” Yukimura smiled at his crush, who grinned back. “Even though it’s so early.”

“I love the morning! The sky is so beautiful when the sun rises, and it’s refreshing to start the day when it’s so quiet!” Yukimura smiled fondly as they began to ramble. He could never feel tired listening to them talk. 

The door slid open, and Sanada walked in, his bag slung over his shoulder. “Ah, you’re already here?” He asked. heir crush smiled. 

“Yes! I was just telling Yukimura-kun how much I love the morning!” 

“I’m rather fond of the morning myself,” Sanada said, ignoring the look Yukimura shoots him. They haven’t talked about it, but it was quite obvious to both of them how much they treasured their crush. 

“Really? That’s wonderful! I usually wake up at five; when the sun is already rising,” their crush smiled.

“Ah, if I don’t wake up earlier, it feels like I’ve lost part of the day already,” Sanada set his bag down, pulling out his seat. 

“Really? That’s amazing, I find it hard to wake up until after four-thirty. On the weekends I tend to stay up super early, but I still have chores to do in the morning, so I can’t sleep in. Oh, I’m babbling again, aren’t I?” They laughed sheepishly. 

“No, don’t worry about it. It’s wonderful to hear you talk,” Yukimura interjected smoothly, a gentle smile on his face. Their crush’s cheeks turned light pink, and they laughed again. 

“Speaking about the weekend, you’ve been practicing calligraphy, right? If you like, I can teach you.” Sanada said, reaching into his bag to take out his books. 

“Really? Is that okay with you?” They asked, eyes practically shimmering. Sanada looked away. 

“If it wasn’t I wouldn’t have suggested it,” he said. They grinned brightly. 

“Thank you, Sanada-kun!” 

“Before that,” Yukimura said, grabbing their attention. “Would you like to accompany me to the gardens after school Friday? They have a new set of plants I’ve been meaning to check out.”

“Really? That sounds like fun!” Their crush smiled, completely oblivious to the war raging between two of the Three Demons of Rikkai. “I’ll need to tell my parents, but after–oh?” Their pocket buzzed, “Oh, I’m sorry, excuse me,” they said. “Oh, I got a text from Bunta–” they began, “he says we have a date Saturday, and we need to buy lots of snacks Friday to get ready. I’m sorry, but is the weekend after okay?” They asked, face twisted apologetically. 

“A text from Bunta?” Yukimura asked, looking visibly shocked.

“A… date?” Sanada repeated. 

“Yes! We’ve been going out for a couple of weeks, now!” They smiled, cheeks pink. Sanada and Yukimura looked at each other, then back to their crush. 

“Yes, we can reschedule, but…” Yukimura pondered. 

“Eh? Is something wrong?” They asked. Sanada shook his head. 

“No. None at all,” the door slid open, and the teacher walked in, calling for everyone to sit down. 

Yanagi looked up from his book, a slight smile on his face. “Too bad, huh, Genichirou, Seiichi?”

“Renji, another word and you’ll be doing twice the amount of training.”


The lounge has a Wii U in it. Some of the students decide to play Wii Sports. It ends badly. Kirishima gets overexcited playing tennis and crushes his controller on the backhand. Bakugou insists that he doesn’t need to wear the wrist strap and ends up throwing the controller into the TV while they were playing bowling. Kaminari starts choking on his popcorn from laughter. Iida nearly has a heart attack when he finds the state the lounge is in. Not only has the TV been destroyed, but there’s also fragments of controllers on the floor, a couch has been overturned, and Izuku’s giving Kaminari the Heimlich while Bakugou angrily yells at the TV.


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