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Is he doing ‘That Face’ on purpose ?! Lmao ( ^∇^)

Sebastian Stan participates in Hublot’s Tennis Fusion Celebrity Challenge at Sutton East Tennis Club on December 7, 2009 in New York City.

Twirl - Bucky x Reader

‘Tennis Elbow’ - Sky Sailing
(Honestly this is such a beautiful song.)

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He took your hand, the cold metal soothing your warm hand. Smiling, he brought your fingers to his lips, kissing gently before moving his hands to your waist, rocking gently from side to side. Your arms snaked around his neck, gently resting on his shoulders. Your eyes locked, nothing else mattered.

To the sound of the music, your slight rocking developed into slow dancing, twirling the stress of the week away. Your head had been sore, a gentle ache knawing away at you all day but now, here with Bucky, it seemed to disappear. 

Nothing else mattered except you and him and the contact between you. The music was your catalyst, setting off the reaction between you.

Your eyes flickered shut as you relaxed and you felt Bucky twirl you gently, placing a kiss on each of your eyelids when you came back to face him. 

You smiled, opening your eyes to look up at him as he gently moved his lips to yours, pressed together, twirling and happy.

Let's Play Tennis

Prompt - Based off the movie Friends With Benefits, specifically the scene where Jamie and Dylan agree to “play tennis”

Characters - Bucky x Reader

Word Count - 1615

Warnings - Language, Adult Content?

A/N - This fic is part of @hunters-from-stark-tower’s Movie AU writing challenge! I’m a little late to the party but I made it. This was going to have actual smut in it but as I started writing that part, it just didn’t feel right, sorry! Please let me know what you think. Also, I don’t know if this will become a series but I have to admit that I highly doubt it.

Stretching out your legs on the semi-comfortable couch in your dimly lit living room, your feet found their way onto Bucky’s lap. He casually wrapped his long fingers around your ankle, eyes fixed on the TV while taking a long sip from the frosty beer in his hand. There was nothing sexual about the way he let the warmth of your bare skin mingle with the chilly bite of his fingertips. Nothing at all sexual about the way his fingers mindlessly drew patterns into the joint or the way it made your pulse quicken and caused you to lose focus. No, your relationship with Bucky Barnes was totally platonic. You zoned out into your favorite Rom-Com on the screen as you drifted back to how you ended up here.

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