South Regional Championship —> World Cup VII

This past weekend the Tennessee Tech University quidditch team, the Golden Hippogriffs, played in the South Regional Championship at Rock Hill, South Carolina. Tennessee Tech played five games and won three. 

  • TTU 150 - Rollins College 60*
  • TTU 80 - University of Southern Mississippi 50*
  • TTU 50 - University of Florida 100*
  • TTU 230* - Eastern Florida State College 50
  • TTU 110 - University of Florida 130*

The Golden Hippogriffs came in 3rd place and will be heading to the World Cup (again) in April! Go congratulate them on their Facebook page or Twitter if you have not already done so. They along with 6 Florida teams (University of Miami, University of Florida, University of South Florida, Florida’s Finest, Rollins College, and Eastern Florida State College) will be representing the South at the IQA World Cup VII.

IQA World Cup Website

IQA Quidditch World Cup Facebook Page

IQA World Cup VII Facebook Event Page

Quidditch World Cup Twitter 

man it’s kinda irritating that there’s more than one con named Omnicon u_u idk how long the con in Texas has been going on but Tennessee Tech University (in Cookeville, TN) has an Omnicon also and I’m just gonna shamelessly promote it a bit

a couple years ago we had Doug Walker- yes, the That Guy With The Glasses Doug Walker

Last year, we had Jason Charles Miller (country musician who’s done a couple videos with Felicia Day, and voice actor in a number of video games, including Guild Wars 2, Starcraft 2, Diablo III, WoW Cata… and several Batman cartoons and Avatar TLA too, he’s done a bit of everything) and Lauren Landa (Blazblue series, Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

And this year it looks like we MIGHT get James Portnow, game designer, adjunct faculty member of Digipen, frequent contributor to many big name video game websites, and the writer of Penny Arcade TV’s Extra Credits. I think I also heard mumblings of Aziz Ansari and Grant Imahara being communicated with. Nothing is set in stone yet!! but probably at least one of these three will be here.

We have really cool vendors and really cool people, and really cool panels too. We also see some pretty amazing cosplay! The Team Tardis cosplayers will be there! I’m close friends with a couple of them.

The con is March 15-17, at the campus’s University Center, and we’re currently having one of our planning meetings so I figured I’d put us out there- anybody interested? It would be a blast!

also I’m going to have an artist table and i’m trying to talk skdaffle into it also here’s my loot from last year

(also before anybody says anything, we legally had the omnicon name first but we as a group don’t have the money and lawyers to do anything about it– not trying to raise a ruckus I’m just putting it out there)