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Cr: Kouhaku 31.12.2016

Like, I don’t know, of course I want the White Team to win, but after Kohaku Utagassen ends and they’re like, “And to a good year ahead!” Once that ends, and they’re like, “Right, it’s over”… When I see Aiba-kun’s face then, I might just cry.
I might just cry. Which might mean I might not be able to look at his face.
I mean, when I see that look of accomplishment on his face, I might just cry. Like, “That’s wonderful!” Maybe at the last moment I should go away from him, conversely.

-Ohno Satoshi
/we got few days more but we got a proud papa here.
in 4 days.


Arashi’s medley started well enough.  And then…

There seems to be someone who keeps looking down or away from the camera.

It’s so clear he’s trying hard to hold it in…

And I start breaking a little when Riida goes to support him…

And his eyes are already red by now.

And it’s Sho-kun’s turn to reach out to our middle child…

And then Neens…

… and it’s Jun’s hand going towards Masaki in the right-hand corner.

Why are you crying Masaki~~~ Your members are rooting for you Masaki-kun, so take heart.  Even if the results didn’t turn out as hoped, we appreciate your efforts.

*stands and claps wildly even as tears drip down her face*

Cr: Kouhaku 31.12.2016

Nino saw Aiba cried and he laughed hehe

Then Ohno noticed too

Ohno patted Aiba (aww ;_;) and Nino seemed wanted to comfort Aiba too but there was Jun in between. But when he saw Ohno gave a pat, he took the chance to go as well.

Seeing that, Jun went closer too.

I bet watching that scene made the artist like Hoshino Gen, Kiritani Kenta and AAA felt touched. Look at their smiling faces watching Arashi’s bond hehe

And not to forgot Sho. Despite there was Ohno in between, it didn’t prevent him to give a pat on Aiba T_T

Aaa I love Arashi. I love their bond. Once again they make me falling harder ;_; I’m glad and proud to be their fan!