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David Tennant & Christian Brassington at the Wimbledon 2017 Men’s Final


Behind the scenes of The Lazarus Experiment (Part Three)

Excerpts from the DVD Commentary with David Tennant and Mark Gatiss:

Mark:  So, this is my Doctor Who that I’m in.
David:  Yeah!  That’s it!
Mark:  Having waited all my life.  Even before the program was on I wanted to be in it.
David:  You are one of… now there is a fact here isn’t there?  One of only 3 people to have written and appeared in Doctor Who.
<…and then Mark presents an argument that one of those gentlemen doesn’t count because it wasn’t a speaking part, making him only the 2nd writer to have also acted in an episode>

[Discussing the scene after Lazarus falls to his death on the floor of the cathedral]
Mark:  Now your shoe is about to come down just in time…
Mark and David: OOOHHHH!!!
David:  It’s only a naked man!
Mark:  Was that a first?
David:  Is it?  No, I think John Barrowman was the first naked man in Doctor Who, but I think you can only be the second.
Mark:  Oh, I’m sick of this!  Second.. or third… or not even that!  What’s going on?
David: <Squeaks with laughter> You’re the first writer who has also appeared in the show who is also naked.
Mark:  Brilliant!
David: That is definitely you

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For @madabouttennant- Whenever I am down and have a broken heart; it helps for me to see David Tennant smiling and laughing. Because I know that the pain and sadness I am feeling is only temporary, and that it will be gone in time. Plus it’s hard not to smile and feel better whenever you see him laughing and smiling himself. 


David Tennant catching that puppy on the set of Doctor Who (Partners in Crime)


Literally just spent two hours staring at him, we made eye contact twice, he looked super uncomfortable both times, it was a magical experience


David Tennant laughing with various cast & crew members on the set of Doctor Who

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Oh, oh, oh, sir, I cannot.
- What, my lord?
Make you a wholesome answer.

The bag goes in as the kettle’s boiling. So already I’m not in a pot and I don’t have fresh leaves, so already I’m probably alienating several members of the audience. Bag goes in as the kettle’s boiling, water goes on bag. Masting takes place- for that is the correct term- masting takes places until you have a not too thick brown colour. I don’t like spoon-standing-up-in-it strength. I like a very average strength of tea, I like a sort of dark beige, and then I will put in technically a splotch of milk, that’s how much I have, which is about a thumb, a thumb of milk. Circulate with a spoon. Remove bag before drinking it… Some people don’t! They leave the bag in? What is that about? Though you have to do that with a fruit tea…
—  How David Tennant makes tea